And now,

Biscoito is… a stapler!

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Video courtesy of Depiné.

37 thoughts on “And now,

  1. ha! that’s awesome.
    I used to do this at work when I didn’t have any customers and people thought I was nuts…

  2. I remember when I frst started hanging out with my friend Jeff. This kid who lived in the dorm across the hall, Josh, came over to introduce himself to us. Half way through his sentence, “Hi, my name’s…” Jeff just started slamming the stapler into his left arm, staring at Josh. The priceless look of horror on Josh’s face as he turned and walked away…

  3. I await the ”How can that be sterile” crowd…

    Meh, we have all done it…

    Still gotta be better than piercing with guns :P

  4. Look’s like he’s enjoying himself!

    Ahh, the memories of freaking out the boys in chem class!

  5. Ladies, he’s ready to meet your parents.

    He just needs to put that cigarette out on his wang and by gosh you’ve got yer self a keeper

  6. my last name is staples. Amazing i know. OWWW that would hurt soo bad, ive stapled my finger once and it was like… the worst pain ever.

  7. my last name is staples. Amazing i know. OWWW that would hurt soo bad, ive stapled my finger once and it was like… the worst pain ever.

  8. Surgical staples, no problem. But to me that just screams Staph! Then again I’m weird about stuff like that.

  9. Funny story about surgical staples – Mine were supposed to be removed after about a month or so, but for some reason they were left in place for over two months (and were infected with MRSA), by which point the skin had pretty much healed over them completely so they had to be scalpelled before the removal could continue. It was ouchie!

  10. haha, kick ass! i can usually amuse myself at school by sewing my fingers together (it’s weird, they get sweaty in between fingers) but this is new. i’m going to have to try this, and see how weirded out my friends get.

    also, i really hate the exploited… mostly for their horrible use of commas… punk’s not dead, NOT punks not dead.. or even better, punk isn’t dead! haha

  11. burning ring of fire was actually playing in the shop when courtney was getting the gunpowder lit in his cutting in one of the previous posts.

  12. theres something that weirdly hypnotises me into wanting to try this. do the staples actually close under your flesh though? i imagine them being murder to get out..

  13. my friend kevin from high school used to do that during class. freaked everyone out, and made me laugh. great stuff.

  14. shannon where is ur common sense posting such stupid irrsponable videos only encourages stupid irrrasponable actions

  15. 23 dont i look dumb now fuck and u look irresponsible so we r even sorry sshhaannonn

  16. and besides that i dont trust anybody who puts up pictures of rabid looking killers dogs on there page …

  17. rabid looking killer dogs? wait… are you being sarcastic? you are, aren’t you? i mean, you have to be. if you aren’t, you must be insane. what is on his page? two pictures of a puppy and some chihuahuas. you know, you’re right, that does seem pretty vicious. almost as terrifying as your grammer. apparently punctuation isn’t cool anymore…

  18. imnot insane im inane and puerile just ask Amber now im leaving here also because i dont like u people are people so why should it be… u all r not very nice 2 me and now comesinthe sythisized beetle chorus _+

  19. my older brother would chase me around the house and staple my shirt to my back…I’ve had friends walk up to me and slam a stapler into my arm also, it only hurts when you get slapped with one really hard

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  21. I’m especially worried for the guy who doesn’t even know the mechanics of how a stapler works…
    ‘do those close under the skin?’
    aye yi yi!

    please please please do not try this at home, lou.

  22. I once stapled my thumb…and it hurt like a motherf****r! One guy I went to elementary school with used to staple his fingers all the time to scare the other kids…he moved away in grade 5…I wonder what happened to him! I however, was one of those kids who were fascinated! ;-)

  23. As far as the mechanics of a stapler works.

    When you staple something, notice how you always need that metal&plastic plate at the bottom for it to work? When you staple something that plate of metal offers the resitance for the staples to close.

    I suspect this man’s arm isn’t nearly hardenough to cause the stapples to close, although they may bend since they’re not designed to puncture flesh.

    To make a long explanation much shorter, no, the stapples do not close under the skin.

  24. Tohnia, He must have moved to my elementary school. And started a fad. All kinds of boys at that school would staple randomly into their hands and arms. It was in Maryvale, Phoenix, Arizona.

    /was usually apalled, which made them do it all the more.

  25. a friend of a friend did this, apparently took 3 of them to take out the staples after and2 had to be removed by a doctor! but it still looks cool!!

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