Cartoon Loch Ness Monster Tattoo

This left-and-right foot crossing loch ness monster tattoo was done by Clayton James in Electric Oni in Petaluma, Calfornia… I could swear I recognize the drawing but I can’t place it, if someone wants to add that to the comments.

50 thoughts on “Cartoon Loch Ness Monster Tattoo

  1. Looks like one of The Family Ness to me, classic cartoon that in no way stereotyped the Scottish

  2. via google images


    Penny Crayon and Jimbo And The Jetset.

    *less than three* cartoons of my childhood…


    (penny crayon…can draw anything she wishes…from cats and dgs and motorbike and plates of chips and fishes…lalala I can’t remember the rest of the theme tune…)

  3. having some big tome nessy flash backs!!

    You can knock it,
    You can rock it,
    You can go to Timbuktu,
    But you’ll never find a Nessy in the zoo.
    You may see an Anaconda, or Giraffe and Kangaroo
    But you’ll never see a Nessy in a zoo…..

  4. british cartoons of the eighties themes sleeve, anyone?

    count duckula?
    penny crayon?
    family ness?
    superted? (incidently, I have this on dvd…and its nowhere near as good as I remember. although spotty and the bad-guy skeleton are probably responsible for me turning out so camp…)
    dangermouse? (penski = penfold…furry face and specs :/)

    *n (child of ’84!)

  5. And!!!

    I know someone with a Supergran tattoo.

    “stand back superman, iceman, spiderman, batman and robin too! you wanna cause a ruckus with B A Baracus? well I’ve got a match for you. she makes ‘em look like a bunch of fairies, *somethingsomethingsomething* every night and day! so hang about! look out! for supergraaaaaaan!*


  6. OestreBunny – It’s definitely inspired by The Family Ness, you can tell by the notes ‘dripping’ from the mouth.

    mmmaybebaby – They’re probably just tucked away.

  7. I’d never heard of Family Ness before (Hey, I’m from Texas :p) so I googled it…Eyewit Ness…Clever Ness…lol…It’s adorable!

  8. my nickname at school was penny crayon, coz i had glasses, the same hair and a strong northern england accent like sue pollard 🙁

    oh, great tatt BTW 😉

  9. PETALUMA SUX. LOL OMG I HATE PETALUMA LOL. nor eally, Clayton rocks. he does my tattoos good number one lucky go go awesome USA! and he rides my old bike! and i fixed his other bike! yay lucky okay american soldier!!

  10. Roo (#18) Those aren’t notes hanging from its mouth, that’s seaweed as far as I can tell.

    I think they used a character very similar to this on Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  11. as an avid family ness viewer as a kid i can definately say that is not family ness (or musical notes either) but where ever it came from it has a charm of its own 😛

  12. all the other 80s kids should go to retrojunk if they haven’t already! ulysses 31 was a particular favourite of mine. they used to show superted as gaeilge here in ireland and everything.
    one of the club nights i go to often plays the theme from captain planet 🙂

  13. blackberry – thanks for that 🙂

    I was trying to remember it from nearly 20 years ago :/ I did okay though…


  14. i love family ness, growing up in scotland I was spoon fed it.
    and this is not a family ness tattoo, they are all dragon shaped and kinda fat.

    awesome tattoo though – made me smile:)

  15. it’s not from family ness.
    and it’s bothering me now because i KNNNOOOOW i’ve seen it somewhere.

    to be honest, i think it was in a book & not on tv.

  16. “one of the club nights i go to often plays the theme from captain planet :)”

    haha, that is amazing, a group of my friends went as captain planet and all the “planeteers” for halloween last year!

  17. omg, thats so old skol! AMAZING!
    :O i cant believe id forgotten about Penny Crayon…beaut
    tht is def the loch ness from the kids programme, also AMAZING! lol
    love the tat

  18. I like the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ subheadings for this entry…

    «« And now,    “My cunt” »»


  19. I was so thinking about getting a ‘Count Duckula’ Tattoo… “Nannyyyy!!!!…”

  20. #43…”When I said come THROUGH the door, nanny, I didn’t mean… oh, never mind…”

  21. Family ness I haven’t thought about that program in years!!! I always wanted a thistle whistle!!! Cool Tat by the way! 🙂

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