Oh, yes it is…

Not just classy, but fucking classy… Not sure if it’s what I’d want on my ass for the rest of my life, but her grandkids are going to think she’s the coolest (or at least most hilarious) granny around one day. By Kris Maron at Ink Junkeez in White Plains, Maryland.

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28 thoughts on “Oh, yes it is…

  1. ass tattoo’s should strictly be reserved for humorous content in my opinion. A+

  2. Yeah, ass tattoos are pretty safe from questions from the grandkids. Unless there’s some unfortunate accident where your grandkids are going to see your wrinkly ass, then fuck yeah!

    Haha, that’s such a great tattoo though. I want to see one that says like “Holy fucking shit” on it. XD

  3. OMGZ I lived in MD for 18 years and Ive got to say that Ink Junkeez is not a great place to get worked on. Very trashy, but then agian, so was most of Southern Maryland.

  4. I gotta agree with #s 6 and 9–If my grandma ever showed me her ass, the tattoo would be the last thing I’d be commenting on. Good grief. Talk about nightmare-inducing.

  5. Girl, you’ve got such a nice ass! Love your tattoo but when I first saw it I was reminded of the Simpson’s episode when Cletus showed Brandine the shirt that said “Classy Lassy” and she says “Oh Cletus you know I got to wear the shirt what Dairy Queen gave me.”

  6. a) #6 it may happen, in my family there has been such an accident *shudders*
    b)it is now on the internet. im betting google is around and more powerful then ever when she has grandkids…

  7. Oh for fuck’s sake, is it really necessary to insult a stranger over the interweb? Does it make you feel really masculine and brave?

    2 “nice ass” comments, one insulting comment – the moral being, don’t listen to any comments about your body…

    If my grandma was too incapacitated to change her own underwear (which is the only reason I’d ever see her arse) a bum tattoo would be one humorous moment at a depressing time…

  8. Nice em throw ur Grandma under the incapacitated truck to make a point(LAME) this site is an extreme site which would include extreme viewpoints why do u find it nessasorry for you to read them. My suggestion if u cant take the good with the bad then maybe rent :Strawberry Shortcake ;The life tale of a good girl turned neighborhood ho!_!

  9. What, I’m not supposed to comment on the body part the tattoo is on? She submitted a photo of her bare ass, I’m sure she was prepared for people to say things about it. I wouldn’t insult anyone’s ink, mod, body, whatever but if I like something I’ll say I like it.

  10. Well, I tired to post a comment on it with my phone awhile back (hey, Ali Bong, that’s me!), So here.

    One, This is my FAVORITE tattoo. I don’t have many, but this is my one favorite.
    Two, Yes. Its from a shirt. I love it. Oddly enough, i don’t have the shirt.
    Three, yes. As a matter of fact, i AM fucking classy.


  11. It only figures Alison would refuse to show me a picture of this and then it turns up on modblog.


  12. i can’t imagine why the grandkids would be seeing this. that is actually really upsetting.

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