Virgin Mary Reindeer

Wow… Tattoo by Jason “Bunny Hoppel” at Sparky’s Tattoos in Newark, Ohio.

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24 thoughts on “Virgin Mary Reindeer

  1. Muchos a tatuado en sus cuerpos tatuajes en los cuales se incluyan animales pero un san reno es algo muy original, espero no tenga poderes!

  2. Whenever I see tattoos like this I think to myself–hilariously cool, but try to envision the conversation before the drawing: “I want a virgin Mary reindeer.”
    Do you just wake up one morning and get that idea?
    I’d love to hear the backstory…

  3. Awesome. This is reminiscent of an art series that I saw years ago while an undergrad that included pieces such as “The Crucifixion of Santa” and “The Nativity of the Easter Bunny.”

    Superb use of coloring too.

  4. wow id like to here the comments christians would make on this! a whole lot of satire!

  5. As a christian, I still think it’s funny. I’m not sure how a reindeer and mary are alike, but that’s ok. My only thought is that it would be out of season in the summer.

  6. #7 – Judging by the Christmas lights and the $ bling chain I am thinking it’s got something to do with the commercialism that is Christmas… That’s just my take on it’s connection with the Virgin Marry/Jesus.

  7. yay, the colors are exploding. my thing with sleeves is that they can get really involved and end up just looking like a generic tattoo. with more obvious creativity, tattoo sleeves look less generic and more interesting.

  8. uhhh I’m a Christian and I see that it’s about Christmas (it’s a reindeer holding Christmas light? uh duhhh) and I have to admit I agree that the ‘holiday’ doesn’t make much sense and is more about presents and money and stupid decorations than anything that could really be considered ‘holy’. The tattoo wouldn’t give the same message without the Mary reference, but I’m definitely not 100% comfortable with it.

    On the other hand as far as Christmas goes, people that otherwise wouldn’t care about the needy feel guilted into giving (or at least thinking about it), so that’s one pretty good thing.

  9. HAHAHAHAHA I loooooooooooove it! Not only do I love the concept and the satire but I love the colors! As well as the colors of the chestpiece. I’d love to know whose skin this is and I want to see that chest piece!

  10. In my head I see the strand of lights and dollar sign as a rosary.This tattoo is awesome and SO bright!

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