70 thoughts on “Mudra Tattoo

  1. Dude, the tattooist must have been cross-eyed after doing that!

    It does look fucking brilliant, though 🙂

  2. Totally amazing It has such a spiritual feel about the piece, I feel drawn to it.

  3. I are in love. That is a beautiful tattoo. And apparantly shes a cutter? Check out the blackwork on her right arm

  4. i take it, if xed has done it, its by hand poking, not that horrible machine work!

  5. If those are scars under her black work, I’m marrying her… by force if I have to. Terrific tatt as well.

  6. joining the chorus: both this person’s tattoo and this person’s hind side are superlative.

  7. The arm is fantastic- the scars under the blackwork look like they have an amazing texture.

    Oh yeah, nice mudra, too. 😛

  8. For a little while I couldn’t take my eyes off da butt long enough to see how awesome the tattoo is.

  9. it is absolutely beautiful. I want it… it expresses peace without being anything but a drawing… love it

  10. I’m so happy to see this here- I really believe it’s one of the most beautiful things (tattoo-wise and non-tattoo-wise) that I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  11. that is really beautiful work–i would kill for something like that. it flows so nicely with her body and it’s so detailed…it’s just perfect!

  12. Beautiful tat! Wonder how long that took?!
    Awesome pic too, I’m in total agreement with #13 🙂 and #20 and everyone who loved this work tbh!

  13. i love this 🙂
    i saw its process on livejournal, and it is definitely one of the most amazing tattoos i’ve seen 🙂

  14. I love the black work on the right arm… the cutting scars under it give it so much texture… wonder if she still cuts?

  15. Funny, my eyes went straight to the gorgeous tattoo work but, yes, Alice does have a nice ass. She’s a lovely woman.

  16. Wowee! A far cry from when i last saw in as an outline… Was she right in thinking that this is the biggest Mundra hand tattoo ever?? (Even if the body it’s on is lil’ hehe :P)

  17. Wow! the juxtaposition between the line quality on the wrist and fingers and the line quality on the palm of the mudra is beautiful. Altogether breathtaking!

  18. I saw your progress posts on LJ, I am happy you are on Modblog! It looks AMAZING!

  19. My my, it looks like she’s got quite a few incredible pieces there! I looooove the mudra tattoo, absolutely gorgeous. Simply fantastic work.

  20. what Mudra is that ? I thought that the finger and thumb are to be touching eachother?

  21. She has an amazing ass! Lol, and the tattoo is just stunning, really beautiful work.

  22. Bradly: it’s the mudra from white tara’s left hand, and there is usually a lotus stem between the fingers, but I didn’t fancy having a lotus tattooed across my entire boob. It is the mudra for giving refuge.

    Everyone else: thanks! I’m glad you all like my bum.
    It was done by machine, and took 10 hours total. I dread to think how long it would have taken by hand!
    And I don’t cut any more. I wrote an experience explaining why I am blacking out the scarred arm, it’s on my page.

    Thanks again, Xed is a genius.

  23. Xed’s work is amazing!! I recently went to Tas at Into you to have one of mine reworked! There’s some seriously talented people in that place!

  24. Wow, that’s really beautiful. Why revenge? I’d be interested in hearing the story of your scars, I’m a reforming cutter myself, but I’m not an iam member 🙁

  25. you know, looking back at the pictures, this one really is worth 1000 words, there are all of these little details that I didnt pick out before but I really want to know the story behind!

  26. Xed does the best pattern work anywhere. I remember discovering his work in old issues of Body Art, and thinking “this dude is coming from a whole new place.”

  27. God I love this tattoo. Back when it wasn’t filled in it was one of my fav’s ever posted and now it’s in my top three. Such an amazing esthetic and placement.

  28. amazing work, I’ve loved all of Xed’s pieces but this flows so beautifully with the body!

    I’d also like to know what the story behind blacking out the arm over old scars are, and I’m no longer an iam member. is it a BME experience?

  29. Amazing side job. It is truly a work of art. I think ppl are silly for assuming that you’re a cutter, it’s obviously frm bending your hand downward at a wierd angle. Beautiful piece.

  30. holy bajesus! Thats what I call harmony.

    One of the most amazing tattoos I’ve ever seen, that absolutely looks like it was meant to be there on that stunning body!

    *and that should mean something coming from a big mo like me :)*

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