"Momma’s Favorite Accident"

Um… Alright… iam:xxproudxx by Bret Turner in Maysville, Kentucky.

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36 thoughts on “"Momma’s Favorite Accident"

  1. What’s that thing inside the banner? I’ve been looking at it for a while and can’t see any more than a poorly done Popeye arm.

  2. I’m either naive or blind… what is that in the middle? I think I have an idea, but I can’t be sure. I don’t think it’s the best tattoo I’ve ever seen in my whole life…

  3. it looks like that tattoo was an accident. was someone (artist or otherwise) having a seizure while it was getting done?

  4. It’s a bent, presumably broken, condom with an enlarged “extra pleasure”-style area for the head.

  5. I love this tattoo im sorry haha.
    it was meant to be a condom it was done at 3 in the morning and it was one of bretts first tattoos.
    the design was what was shitty i just found it randomly and decided it was worth getting.
    go look at my other stuff before making fun of kentucky….wait…..bad example haha.

  6. I wish the condom was more spread out and more…prophalatic looking! I think this is a neat tattoo regardless though. (Maybe its because I’m from Indiana, lol.)

  7. Hmm, i also though it was a badly done popeye arm, and i always thought it was some piece of anatomy, i’d never have guessed a condom though.

    It’s pretty poorly done, and i’m really curious what his mother though of it.

  8. im from cincinnati and worked in a factory with rednecks when i was 16, what the fuck does being from kentucky have anything to do with this

  9. my mom thought it was pretty funny actualy haha.
    and funny enough im really not redneck.
    infact i dont really know many rednecks.
    considering im right on the edge of kentucky.
    i think the picture doesnt give it complete justice.
    go look at more of my mods.

  10. MAN, i love how people are actualy laughing and enjoying this tattoo as much as i do.
    for the people taht cant laugh for what it is..a joke….too bad haha.

  11. knock knock
    (say who’s there?)
    (say boo who?)

    Oops I am sorry to make you cry it was only a joke lol mother fuckers

  12. what a bad tattoo!! i thought the supposed condom was a weird foot!! ha ha!!

  13. hee hee hee…. i hate this tattoo… but its better than most of them you have… atleast it doesnt look like a pepper… and for those questioning your mother’s thoughts… she laughs… at all of them… im meaner about them than she is… LOVE YOU BABY! glad you made modblog!

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