The Black Savior

ShavenSquirrel‘s in progress tattoo by Renee at Lucky Lady in Richmond, KY.

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19 thoughts on “The Black Savior

  1. jesus didnt have a beard.
    everyone knows jesus shaves.

    but he did have an afro and regularly flip the bird. i like the odd take on the classic image. the comb is a great touch.

  2. since no ones mentioned it that black jesus figure flipping the bird is from the cover from the vinyl edition of mindless self indulgence’s release you’ll rebel to anything (as long as its not challenging)

  3. Zombie Jesus rocks hard. Only zombies come back from the dead.

    Although I dont really understand this tattoo so much.

  4. umm im no bibble expert (hell i almost spelt the word wrong thier) but wasnt jesus black?

  5. “jesus shaves” …. that’s too funny :). I also like this version of a classic image; if nothing else, it’ll make people look twice at the tattoo, wondering if they really saw what they thought they saw.

  6. the original is much better looking, this one is kind of wonky…funny as hell though

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