Josh’s Eyeball Tattoo Update

This photo is at about twenty four hours from the point of initial injection. This is on Josh, who is the person in the middle procedure in the entry below. The large blue spot below shows how far the ink has spread over the conjunctiva. It’s still spreading and I expect it to spread more over the next day. He’s having no discomfort other than a mild “it feels like there’s something in my eye” because of there still being a slight bulge.

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86 thoughts on “Josh’s Eyeball Tattoo Update

  1. Fucking sweet! I have to admit, I had my doubts, and still do, but this pic looks rather reassuring that it might actually work!

  2. wow, I’ve personally had pieces of steel taken out of my eye from an angle grinder incident which turned part of my eye the rusty brownish red that is normally associated with rust. It was removed but it was still interesting to look at for that time. I hope nothing terrible comes of the eye tattooing experiment. But if it all went well I think it would prove to be very interesting.

  3. I hope this can become a trivial procedure, love to be able to do this one day!

  4. wow.. This appeals to me more than the little eye implant things. Is this the first one performed or are there others?

    is it just a coinsidence that they chose blue or was it a dune thing?

  6. totally dune. don’t dig in your sandbox, there might be giant worms in it ;-)

  7. hmm… its gonna be pretty lame if thats how it stays and people have random blue spots on their eyes for the rest of there lives..

  8. In the picture, it’s just millimeters away from being over his iris… I’m very worried it will spread over his lens/pupil, permanently clouding his eyesight. Please go see a physician.

  9. #9 your so right!!

    stick needles anywhere you want and tattoo skin scar whatever but you don’t fuck with your eyes man

  10. Whereas I think that this is rather a silly thing for someone to do; this is basically a subconjunctival injection, which is a procedure I was taught to do in school. It is common for ophthalmologist to perform this procedure to place a depot of medication to be absorbed slowly. That being said, it being done by someone untrained in the proceure is dangerous and stupid.

    The likelyhood is that all the ink will be removed from this area by the body’s immune system. The eye is not really a place that is designed for tattooing.

    There is very little risk of the ink actually entering the globe of the eye and damaging vision.

    Again, although I feel that the likelyhood of permanent vision loss is low, this is a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

  11. PS The ink is spreading UNDER the conjunctiva not over it.

    Sorry, I have this problem with technical specifics.

  12. i’m all about mods but i can’t imagine risking blindness for something like that.

  13. If it spreads further over is pupil, what is the likely consequence? Cloudy vision, blue-tinted vision…? Some combination of the two?

  14. #27 because all the things that could possibly go wrong keep going through my head. i just hope nobody ends up blind or with damaged/poor eye sight.

    its a hell of a risk to take on, and i suppose that its good that somebody (somebodies) is trying it out, to see if it really does work. the large consequences that it potentially yields is all that worries me.

  15. #30 I’d guess cloudy, I doubt the eye could distinguish color from that close of a perspective. If you hold anything close enough to your eye the shadows, etc cast on it just make it black or grey.

  16. The pupil is a completely different part of the eye than the white or the iris, would it even be possible for the ink to “float” over the lens and cloud vision?

    I think it would be more likely that the ink would just be cleared out of the eye like #21 said. I don’t agree with most else of what he said though.

    They only did it on one eye anyway, you’ve got two! Who needs depth perception anyway?

    I love being able to follow the advancement of all these new and unusual procedures. Rock on.

  17. As a post-script, I’m all for the advancement of science but I’m confused as to how this is ground-breaking – according to the Wiki, this has been done for thousands of years? And why was there no ophthamalogist or other doctor present?

  18. wow that guy is hella brave to pioneer something so intense.
    if this takes off he is going to be legendary.

  19. wow….that has to be the worst idea I ever heard. The things people do today just to be cool…

    whatever happened to having a rare baseball card….

  20. #36 “And why was there no ophthamalogist or other doctor present?”

    If you were a doc or ophthamalogist would you oversea that?

    Knowing that there are possible complications a doc wouldnt ethically be able to let them do it …

    I cringe like hell at the idea of it – but if it works thats awesome :) Plus you’ve gotta try it somewhere, and I’m not much for animal testing … humans aside of course :)

  21. That’s ridiculous – he’s gambling with his vision.
    Accidents do happen.

  22. #41 There are plenty of mod-friendly doctors. Hell, a guy by the name of “moddoctor” used to post in the comments here and offer advice about possible complications to procedures, etc. It’s possible to be both a doctor and have tattoos, etc.

    It just seems incredibly ignorant to perform a procedure like this without one present.

  23. dude! if your eyes end up looking like the eyes the Fremen had in Dune im so coming to canada and having you do mine!

  24. why are so many people freaking out? telling them to goto a doctor? I assume you would make the same senseless remarks had you been whitness to the first nipple piercing, or PA wand. Fuck off, it’s not your body after all ya know. I LOVE the concept and I hope to all the gods above and below it works perfectly.

  25. Sorry, moddoctor, I hadn’t seen any comments by you lately.

    Kenoki, the remarks aren’t senseless. If you hadn’t noticed, even nipple piercings and PAs can require medical treatment – it depends on the experience level of the piercer as well as the education of the client, as well as just body reaction. And for new procedures such as this, where both tattooist and client are inexperienced and there is a risk of body reaction, I think it’s reasonable to suggest a doctor be present or at least monitor the results.

  26. Everyone thinks they have an MD these days.

    But, that’s crazy. I didn’t know you could do that. Not sure why you’d want to, but hell I’m all for it if you like it.

  27. well this is my eye its still doing good me and howie have plans to put more in in a little over a week hope you all enjoy

  28. AHHHH!!!!! I got cigarette ashes in my eyes when I was a kid. Ever since then I’ve been completely freaked out even by contacts.

  29. I can’t even figure out what it’s supose to look like? someone help me out? like just a random blue blob or..

  30. ohh we had to push the nipple thing off till next week so we might even get another mod blog posting dont i feel cool
    yes its just a blue blob for now we are going to put t hem all over and cover the whole white of my eye isn’t that exciteing

  31. what is it supposed to look like in the end? a blue…thing? or just an entire blue-reddish swollen eye? kickass! where can I get one?…

  32. I’m hoping you’ve already done this but if not…. Considering the risk involved it seems like you should go to a doctor just to make sure that there’s no infection, etc, and maybe get some medicine to help prevent one from occuring.


  34. Hmm. Bad Idea. This person got lucky if no harm was done. These are the kinds of things that fall in the category of “Quick! Get it now before I better!”

  35. UUmmm… WoW! Ok, so what exactly is it suppossed 2 be? I’m Very open 2 people expressing themselves.. But Come ON!!! And if this guy’s the gueniea pig, then I feel bad for him…
    .. And as far as which tattoo is worse, genital tattooing or this? Are u kidding me? Atleast “genital tattoos” is Flesh… And not our windows….. Man.

  36. ZOMG
    im sure it will look amazing when its done – but WHY

    and when i say amazing – thats to the people who know what it is, but when you walk down the street, half the people will just be thinking ‘jesus christ what the hell is up with his eye? is it infected, or was he born like that?!’

  37. for all you people out there saying that this si soo fucking stupid!! FUCKING READ THE SHIT before you say something dumb they are only seeing if it really works they didnt do it for fun they found out about it and say (hey i wounder if it works why not try it it see if it really does!)it was a fucking experiment and im sure they go to a MD everyday to see how they are doing there not stupid like you fucks!! any Q’s email me at [email protected] or on as Hated!

    hope all goes well with the eye man hope it really works!!


  38. 64 ur dumb .thats what animal testing is 4 ,,,unless ur a vegan then u can try stuff like that on tofu eyeBalls

  39. seems like a just another form of extremes or addiction to body modification manifesting–why all the hate? of course new things are dangerous, but people do risky things all the time for pleasure. seems to me those criticizing just don’t understand it. flying was pretty risky at one time but people were willing to take risks to make progress. this is just a bit different.

    i can guarantee you that as soon as enough eyes are tattooed and the rate of injury goes down, it’ll be big business. inking is addictive, and the eyes are very alluring. its just a race against the clock for the brave artists and their canvases.

    blue though, too Dune, too cliche’. i do hope the palatte extends.

  40. Josh has always been an oddball (no pun intended). I called him the Duran Duran reject in his younger years when he would wear black lipstick all the way up to his temples.

    It doesn’t surprise me that he was brave enough to do it. He’s one fearless motherfucker, I’ll tell ya that much.

  41. I once sneezed into powdered dye for clothes and the powder went into my eye. It looked exactly like this, it was even blue!! It lasted for a week and everyone who saw me asked me how i did it like it was on purpose. if this works i bet there willbe a lot of people who would want to do it.

  42. Seems cheezy to me…I’ll put that one with the glow-in-the-dark ink and lip tattoos. Novelties.

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  44. omg who is dis crazy like to do THAT does anyebody know how dangerous dis is u can get blind!!!!!

  45. WOOOOW
    guuuys, you’ve reinvented the word “original”
    best of luck to you guys!

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  47. so… josh (eyeball pictured above) appeared at my door this evening to stop by and say “SURPRISE!! IM HOME!!” and i have to say… for a split second, i honestly thought a zombie holocaust was about to ensue. and then i smiled. his eye is now COMPLETELY blue, no white, and it looks fantastic. beautiful, even color, and quite “eye catching”. no pun intended. :D

  48. Oooh… ouch. Well if it isn’t bothering you, I guess it’s ok. Your eye looks extremely bloodshot though.

    You guys are really brave for doing this jeez. Hope it turns out awesome :)


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  51. That looks badass.Ima tattoo artist and i just heard abut this and had to see it for myself. I cant waite to see the finished eye.keep it up

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  53. what are those complication that may appear?? is it hazardous??
    i think it may lead to blindness??
    but any way if every operation is successful i salute you guys!! this kind of invasive operation is too hard to believed and it is also hard to get the cooperation, trust and relieved anxiety of more client wishing to have.. :p

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  55. I really want to blast this as completely stupid – risking sight for vanity – but this is pretty awesome. Very Arrakis!

  56. I want my eyes completely black !!! the white of my eyes black !! is there a place in Houston for this procedures ??

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