Three blind mice

Warning: This entry documents a highly experimental procedure that should not be emulated. Follow-up entries will document healing and complications — which to be very clear for those considering this, can in theory include permanent blindness!

Yesterday, just after BMEfest and just before ModProm, we did the rather stress-inducing experiment of doing the first three “eyeball tattooing” experiments on sighted eyes. The procedures were done by Howie (, with photos by Lane Jensen (of Tattoo and Piercing Magazine). The first procedure was done on Pauly Unstoppable using a traditional hand-poked technique. The eye distorted significantly but it was difficult to get ink to hold. Probably about forty strikes in all were done but so far it seems like limited ink held.

Because the we had trouble getting the ink under the surface (and were able to “wash” it out of the small needle incisions), we tried the second procedure, on Josh using a 29ga needle and syringe, thinning down the ink very slightly with an antibiotic eyewash. Since the goal was simply to blanket the white of the eye in color, there wasn’t a need for fine detail. The first injection was shallow and appeared to dissipate on the surface, but the second injection was at the perfect level and formed a dark bubble of ink just over the sclera (in the third picture you can see some of the ink running back out of the injection hole).

Finally, we did my eye, using the injection method as well although this time with a 28ga needle. It is extremely difficult to precisely get the needle into the right layer. In my case the first one appears to be slightly shallow, with the second injection potentially entering the sclera itself (so basically there’s a bubble of ink in too deep a layer, although it appears to be surfacing).

The procedures themselves were effectively painless because there aren’t nerve endings in the surface of the eye, and we did additional control with lidocaine drops which numbed the lids. After pain is fairly minor, although we all have bruising and some discomfort. I have what appears to almost be blistering between the sclera and conjunctiva which is worrying me a little but so far I don’t have reason to believe this is abnormal. Aftercare, at least in my case, is antibiotic drops and a patch.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated!

I really have to emphasize again that the procedure was extensively researched and done by people who were aware of the risks and possible complications and that it should not be casually attempted. Now that this experiment has been started, please wait for us to either heal or go blind before trying it!

Edit: Since a few folks have asked “what are they supposed to be”, let me answer: they’re not supposed to look like anything. They’re experiments to see how to apply the ink and how it heals. In my case the goal is to eventually fully fill in the white of the eye with blue.

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  1. This procedure would be cool; I just don’t know how practical it will be. I think some sort of fault proof technology is required which will inject the right amount of ink under the right layer for this to be as widely available as tattoos. Anyhoo, interesting read. Hope all goes well.

  2. that shit is amazing. you know who could do this procedure with amazing skill and accuracy (provided ya’ll don’t go blind that is)? Opthamologists ad lasik surgeons.

    slightly less intense options for eye decoration:

    also maybe an injection of liquid to seperate the levels of the eye (as described in could help with finding a suitable depth for the ink injection.

  3. Interesting…I’ll be following this one intently.

    Let’s face it; you’re in the ideal position to have a cool replacement eye made if the worst happens…

    I’m thinking titanium with a flush-mounted 8mm red LED…



  4. Blue sclera is a sign of osteogenesis imperfecta. I hope nobody mistakes you for someone with glass bones!

  5. *watching* people put contact lenses in makes my eyes twitch and water. I had to stop reading about 3 times to rub my eyes.

    I can watch limbs being cut off – nails going through scrotums – but I couldn’t get through that!

  6. I’m with you, thatsenseofpar. I’m fine in the OR, during dissections, and dealing with amputations, but I can’t so much as watch my bf put his contact lenses in. I go into panic attacks when it comes to glaucoma tests. I had to have a lie down after reading this. Exposure is a good way to get rid of your phobias, though, right?

    Either way, very interesting experiment.

  7. auwtsj…you’re saying it isn’t all that painfull, but it still looks like it does though:p..brrr

  8. Was the aim to create blue dots, or actual images? Either way, it looks amazing! I’d be willing to be the green ink lab rat!

  9. Dang… You’re _not_ coming anywhere near my eyes! =)

    But a cool project 🙂

  10. Hahaha, oh my god, you crazy bastards.

    I like penski’s supervillain bionic eye idea.

  11. eyepatch eh? shannon the pirate. old captain blue-eye. man, i really want my eyeball tattooed now. all hail the eyeball pioneers…

  12. i was fine until i clicked on the enlargements of the photos…now my eyes are beginning to tear! still, great experiment…good luck!

  13. very brave to be the first! but having completely blue eyes would really be an awesome thing if it works……tried and proven i would definitely do it too

  14. I kept waiting for the ‘ha ha fooled you all!’ and it never came…

  15. You crazy kids. I wish you all much success and great healing. I will be looking forward to updates of this pioneering effort.

  16. AHHHHHHH poor eyes! my worse nightmare haha i cringe when someone told me about laser eye surgery EEK

  17. All three of you must have the largest sets of balls in the world.

    I really hope that this goes well for all three of you. I’ll be following this closely.

  18. Wow thats about all I can think to say. That is truely amasing, I’ll be watching and waiting intently for updates. I hope all goes well..

  19. Im wanting to see how it turns out.

    I personally believe you should of kept this till you had the compleate results, I hate to be the humoingoig party pooper but I can picture more than one dumb ass doing it, and doing it wrong just because they dont really have much idea, and havent gone into the subject as much as you.

    Other than that the idea is awsome… hope you aint feeling to blind

  20. I’m sitting here trying to think of everything that will come from this one entry.. How this event is going to shape everything else that comes down the pike in the future. Incredible.

  21. I have been waiting since you first mentioned eyeball tattooing for you to do it.

    Thanks all three of you for offering yourselves up as lab rats. 🙂

  22. intersting indeed..I hope Shannon won’t have troubles with that…in anyway I thank him a lot for making this “sacrifice” to document the community…However, if it turns out well…a whole new world of perspective will show up for the bod mod enthusiasts

  23. I know how to make eyes pink real quick.. Not much a fan of her with blue eyes though…

    On a serious tip, good work and admirable sized cojones.

  24. i’ve never felt this way before by looking at a modblog entry. i have a pet peeve about things [ANYTHING] to do with eyeballs.
    i feel ill. and scared. very, very scared :[

  25. Someone’s starting to live out a “Dune” fixation Shannon! 😉

  26. Now that is pure fucking insanity, I hope you dont lose your eyesight dude!

  27. Well…. I can at least academically grasp the concept of a person willingly and with intent emasculating themselves, or risking severe potential internal injury sticking large hunks of metal into their tummies, or burning themselves badly etc. All of those risks, while extreme, seem to me to be within the tolerable spectrum of trade off in desire vs. risk.

    But I simply can’t understand, on ANY level, the willingness to risk one’s SIGHT in order to get some blue splotches added to one’s eyes.

    Sorry. This is beyond what I can grasp. I do NOT see anyone having a deep seated “need” to have blue splotches in their eyes, let alone a need strong enough that they would risk their eyesight.

  28. All I can think of is fear! This is the most terrifying post I’ve ever seen here. How can ones appearance ever be more important then the ability to see?

    It’s very interesting though. Hope all goes well with them.

  29. 60/61…

    while the ‘need’ as ‘we’ so often define it…that urge to change your appearnce…is perhaps not as evident as seen elsewhere, this would indeed be a calculated risk. much as one faces risks with other modifications, one must reconcile these risks with the desire for the modification at hand.

    the only difference here is that the risk is very apparent and rather immediate should anything untoward happen.

    but when all is said and done, I am thankful that all involved have taken this risk for the advancement of the community as a whole and to raise the knowledgebase contained therein.

    *n (would volunteer…if only for the ‘excuse’ to get an interesting prosphetic eye…)

  30. This reminds me of the artemis fowl books and how the goblins in those books ( the most ignorant creature imaginable) would get eyeball tattoo’s to show how tough they were haha. Not saying the people who have this done are ignorant mind you, just that it reminded me. It will be interesting to see how this turns out and where it goes from here. Way to push the boundries. 🙂

  31. @ #60 molex:

    “Emasculating themselves”? That word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  32. I have a question…

    Was this born out of a desire to modify the eyes or more of a curiosity as to what would happen?

  33. Its going to be quite interesting to see how things unfold between the 3 people(Pauly, Shannon, Josh) over the next year or so.

    I just hope to god everyone reads the top portion of the entry, non-practioners as well as practioners. So that under no circumstances, somebody try to emulate/attempt this procedure again. At least until there’s enough proof that you guys won’t go blind.

    As I’m positive people are already scrambling to contact their “modification practitioners” to request this procedure be done. And as we all know theres some who are ethical and some that are not so much.

  34. I gotta say, I usually don’t comment, but seeing this I went “holy fucking shit!”

    I am mightily impressed that you are trying this, even know “knowing” you, I’m sure you’ve researched properly first..

    anyway, it’s very interesting, I’ll be checking modblog even more often to see how this works out! fingers crossed, it has the potential to be very very cool!

  35. Very cool indeed. I have to wonder if this is also a nice tribute to Dune??? Anyone?

  36. Remember the play piercings in someone’s toes you posted a few days (weeks?) ago? This is sooooo much worse for me. There aren’t many things that make me cringe on here, but the last shot of the needle and the eye. There’s something deep down in me that is completely freaking out. Who knew I even still had the ability to get squacked out by something like that.

  37. talk about being on the sharp end of modification, worst case scenerio you have a good story about “how I lost my eye and now wear a patch”, Ive always said that if I had a good excuse to wear a patch i’d do it.

  38. Oh.

    Been a while since I’ve been so shocked stoked.
    I’ve been dreaming of eye tattoos for years. I just assumed it was impossible, or too dangerous, or whatever. And it might still be.

    Thank you motherfuckers for doing this.

    I may be in line shortly.

  39. oh my god shannon. my “thing” with eye mods must match your thing with toe mods.

    though it does look pretty rad.

  40. Well if it works we know youd likely be a shoe-in for any future XMen movies ?

  41. wow….that has to be the worst idea I ever heard. The things people do today just to be cool…

    whatever happened to having a rare baseball card….

  42. To #89,

    Going blind to be cool? When things get to a certain level of surreality, you have to ask yourself if maybe they’re doing in isolation from everyone else: Maybe they just don’t care about the rebirth of the cool…

    That said, I don’t remember baseball ever being ‘cool’, so maybe I’m missing the irony.

  43. in response to the shit talkers

    our bodies are our own and we can do whatever we see fit with them

    we all no the risks and we all are fine with them

    if people could do this 100 or more years ago, there is no reason why it wont work today

    my eye is feeling fine and my dots seem to be holding just fine, and i will do it again, and again and again till i have a design i like

    if i go blind so be it, but to not take an oppritunity to try something i have thought about for a long time would be the worst idea ever

    i would rather look back at my life and regret doing something then look back and go fuck why didnt i do that when i had the chance

  44. Two topics here:

    First, #64 Jet… emasculating means exactly what I think it means: Primarily it means to castrate, which is exactly the procedure I was referring to.

    Notice in the definition below: 1. To castrate.

    e·mas·cu·late (ĭ-măs’kyə-lāt’) pronunciation
    tr.v., -lat·ed, -lat·ing, -lates.

    1. To castrate.
    2. To deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.

    Second, #94 Pauly…

    I’ve read a lot about you and your pursuits, and let me say that I really respect you and think quite highly of your commitment and intent. That said, please don’t assume that anyone who dares to voice a negative opinion about this procedure is a defacto “shit talker”, I certainly assume you’re smarter than that. Discussion on an open forum necessitates many points of view. I, for one, am in no way suggesting you SHOULDN’t do this or that it shouldn’t “be allowed” or any of that crap.

    What I was saying (and I speak only for myself here) is that I personally can’t come to terms with the risk/reward ratio involved in this procedure, and find it hard to believe that it’s being done out of a deep seated “need” as many other modifications are. This procedure seems, to me, to be one based on “can we do it?” rather than “I need to do this…”

    For me, personally, just because I *can* do something doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. And I, like you and like everyone else, am entitled to my opinion. And when procedures are opened up for public discussion, as they are here, I’m also quite within my bounds to air my opinions, even if they don’t mesh with everyone else’s. I would NEVER think to tell you what you can/can’t say about topics open for public discussion. Please afford me the same courtesy?

  45. Congrats shannon. I thought this was a very neat idea when you brought it to our attention and I’m amazed that you’ve done it so soon. here’s hoping that they best possible results come out.

  46. my comment was directed more towards the likes of max brand

    however you are guilty of what you are accusing me of

    i never said you couldnt disagree with such a procedure i realize its out of the grasp of thinking as alot of procedures are for others, however comments expression concern about risks are duelly noted but comments simply saying in more words “this is stupid” are not really contructive

    i never in my comments said anything about people expressing there opinions

    i was simply addressing there comments with my own

    people dont have to understand out drive to do things, shannons drive is much larger then my own so maybe i should leave him to explain his motives, though there is nothing saying he has to give anyone the curtosy

    the idea that every body mod someone gets has to be a big drive, that people have to really “need” a mod to be able to get it, is abit obsurb honestly

    body art is just that an art, if you look at a part of you and you think it needs something else, that is to plain, then why cant you fix that

    with all that said, the simpliest of reasons a person could express in this matter is enough to justify taking the risk, though there is little

    we knew we could do it and thats why we did it cause we wanted to

    people might think this is just a “lets shock the world” idea, but it couldnt be any farther from the truth, i dont do anything if i dont have a personal reason to do it and i know what i want to accomplish if my method acutally works

    and it has nothing to do with pushing the boundries

  47. I still think it’s nutty. but i say that a bit affectionately and a bit out of concern.

    Pauly did say something that made me nod my head and understand better:

    “body art is just that an art, if you look at a part of you and you think it needs something else, that is too plain, then why cant you fix that”

    With one caveat–accepting full responsibility should things not go as planned. I know that y’all will.

  48. I followed the link to Shannon’s site, where he talks about this procedure. In his explanation he said:

    “Every moment of my life is spent in extreme agony. Right now it feels like I have a large hobby knife jammed about an inch and a half into my shin, and every few minutes it gets dragged six inches through the flesh. Every moment. And being realistic, that’s quite possibly what I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

    What is he referring to? Does he have some kind of painful condition? I have something that I think is vaguely similar, but was not aware that Shannon had anything like this. Anyone know what he’s talking about and care to explain?

  49. First off–Love the site. Just pure entertainment.

    I have personally seen some of ludicrious things performed. I have seen them in person, on videotape, on the internet, or heard of them through friends. These include:

    * Self Mutiliation of the Penis/vagina

    *setting oneself on fire without any fire protection

    *backyard wrestling where people stab/cut each other with sharp objects

    *people that purposefully break their bones

    *”cutters”, aka those that cut/stab themselves for self satisfaction

    *A gentleman that gave himself severe trench foot by taping a ziplock bag around his foot for 1 month

    * pulling out of toenails/fingernails

    *Sticking oversized objects either up the urethra and/or rectum

    * putting nails through one’s own scrotum/testicles

    * Other utterly dangerous forms of body alteration.

    An eye tatoo would not have any appeal for most intelligent, non-autistic, hate-their-mommy violent types….and can technically be defined as a mental illness.
    A quick resource:

    Then of course, there are the common attention whores (a term used in some Emergency Departments around the US as Mega Coitus Douchebagginus). This eye tatoo scenario makes those gentlemen on Jackass the movies look like Rhodes Scholars.

    I work in the medical field. This is not the stupidest thing I have ever seen done. But it has got to be in the 3 of the stupidest things I have ever seen…at least for cases of self-imposed injury. I have sent this link to some ophthalmologists friends of mine. I have watched as they cringed first, then, despite their serious, calm and pussy-like exterior offered to beat the ever loving shit out of the fucking retard that TATOOED HIS EYE. One quote: “What a fucking moron.”

    Thank you for posting this. I hadnt realized they let mental patients get tatoos on their eyes nowadays. I might be able to get a journal article out of this pathetic display to keep some colleagues aware. Good to know. I might try to contact you for a quote in the journal of Ophthalmology

    I just think its hilarious that the post says “the procedure was extensively researched”. How might one go about “researching” an eye tatoo? I would like to know for my own resources. You see…the only resources I can think of are Optometry school, Medical school and/or Ophthalmology residencies in places of medical treatment. A 1922 copy of Gray’s Anatomy found at the bus station, a tattoo artist’s opinion and “hear say” from a MacDonald’s drive thru worker do not count as “research”. Just FYI–This might be a quick start:

    Please notice that the sclera, a sheer millimeter(s) thick, can easily be penetrated and result in infiltration to the vitreous humor. Not good. Unless you want to blind yourself. In that case just shove a stick in your eye. If it was an actually a clinican that performed this (the person with the blue gloves on)…they should have their state and federal licensure revoked.

    Good luck with that experiment dumbass. Unbelievable.

    Don’t misinterperet my preexisting statement: If you want to hurt yourself…go ahead…its you’re right as a human being. And you have HUGE balls in my opinion.

  50. It doesn’t gross me out or anything, I have no issues about eyes, but I’d prefer a scleral shell with a pupil/iris cutout, myself.

  51. #102:

    read back through zentastic.

    or just use for following string on google:



  52. Pauly, could you clarify this statement, with references?

    “however you are guilty of what you are accusing me of”

    I’m not sure what I accused you of, other than perhaps an overzealous (if understandable) reaction to “the shit talkers”… and I most certainly don’t know what it is that I am guilty of doing. I voiced my opinion here, in a public forum, and asked that my opinion of this procedure not automatically be labeled as “shit talking” simply because it’s negative. Your statement that “… you are guilty of what you are accusing me of” is confusing and imo misleading: I haven’t accused you of anything.

    Perhaps my statement of “Please afford me the same courtesy?” has been taking as suggesting that you were trying to censor my opinions? That’s the only thing I can think of.

    Anyways, I’m confused. I never meant to put you on the defensive, I was only trying to clarify that my opinion of this procedure is a valid one, whether or not it agrees with anyone else’s.

  53. gah, that is so disgusting!
    But putting my squeemishness aside, this looks really extreamly dangerous. The wrong move could potentialy blind you or cause an infection that could blind you; I dont know… I think its a stupid place to be tattooed. And stupid as in placement, not that the thought is stupid.

  54. Pauly…..I have no problem with the stuff you enjoy doing to yourself….

    But I’m bettin, if you go blind, after a while you’ll be askin yourself why you did it… you think you have it all figured out or not, you never stop learning and growing….

    Why would you ever assume your own opinion would NEVER change…..

  55. Did you only tattoo one eye each, or did you do both? 🙂

    This is amazing tbh, I’d love to be the first to do something, especially if I’d been wanting to for ages… whatever the risks.

    Hope it all goes well and everything, looks really good 🙂

  56. >>>This procedure seems, to me, to be one based on “can we do it?” rather than “I need to do this…”

    In the words of the great Jeff Goldblum “They were so busy thinking whether they COULD they didn’t stop to think whether they SHOULD”.

    Paully >>”if i go blind so be it”

    I think somewhere along the way you have actually lost a basic understandding of what body decoration is if that is your attitude.

  57. Alright. Firstly I am going to say this. I am an individual who suffers from several severe eye conditions one which is making me a prime candidate for early Macular Degeneration. Basically my eyes are oval and still growing back which is stretching my retina like a rubber band. The likelihood of my retina detaching and me losing my vision increases almost every year. Because of this I have to visit the eye doctor every six months to have things checked out and make sure I’m alright. At 22 my vision is just as bad if not worse than many of your grandparents. every single day I am threatened with the serious possibility that I could lose my vision. For the most part I am good about not letting it bother me but it’s always something I have in the back of my mind. And I have to keep it in the back of my mind so I don’t do something stupid or find myself in an accident where I hit my head too hard.

    The reason I writing this is because after seeing this I became incredibly offended and upset over the fact that someone would threaten the healthy vision they have to do something like experimenting what might happen if they want to change the white of their eye to another color. I would full fucking serious give my entire left leg if I knew I would be able to have perfect vision until I’m old in at least one eye. As I’m sure the millions of individuals worse off than me and the millions who are completely blind would do more to have vision as good as mine. This just saddens me to an exponential extent.

    Now I know these individuals meant no disrespect to those with sight problems. What I expressed above is a general one I have for anyone who attempts seriously dangerous actions on themselves which can result in something so life changing as causing them to go blind when they have two sets of perfect eyes that allow them to see everything beautiful in this world.

    The second reason this, and the following posts upset me is due to the fact that this procedure is so incredibly experimental. This should not have been presented to the public until it was completely healed and monitored for quite some time following the procedure for any later complications. I feel it was incredibly irresponsible of Shannon to publicly post something like this so early on. Had it been something posted on a more private site for individuals mature and educated enough to view and discuss everything I don’t feel I’d be as aroused over the subject matter. But posting it on a site that is become overly popular, where impressionable 12 year old kids view things and think they can do it with no problem is just asinine. Being a piercer I cannot even list how many occasions I’ve had someone come into the shop literally begging me for some insane piercing they saw on here that was taken out immediately after or took the serious time and effort of an individual who knows what they were doing to heal the thing. Or all the kids who see people with big lobes and think they are the end all of cool and stretch as fast as fucking possible. It’s these kids who are going to read this and despite the warnings are going to do it anyway by themselves with a fucking needle and pen ink.
    We don’t live in a world anymore where most people think before they do shit; especially kids. Parents couldn’t care less what their children are doing or looking at on the web. It’s posts like this that are going to get BME in trouble later down the road.

    I absolutely love Pauly. I message him now and again and he’s always been super positive about everything and writes me back quick with lengthly responses. I believe Howie does incredible work and have considered getting stuff done by him in the future. If it wasn’t for Shannon half us wouldn’t know each other or be able to have such an open forum to discuss different topics pertaining to the body modification industry. And I don’t know the other individual involved but I’m sure he’s a straight thinking and positive individual as well.
    Regardless of all of this I just can’t let myself accept what has been done here or promote it with anything less of distaste. I just can’t honestly understand why someone would jeopardize their sight of all things.

    And again, To Shannon, I really think publicizing this so early was a poor decision and quite irresponsible on your part. A post like this makes it seem as though you wanted to show off as fast as possible rather than thoughtfully present the experimental procedure to the appropriate people down the line from qualified professionals to the general public that frequent this page.

    It is stuff like this that make me feel like the envelope is pushed just to push it. And what promotes this feeling, again, is the fact that it was presented to the public so haphazardly.

    If it wasn’t for our sight none of us would be able to even fathom the immense beauty of body modification. It is a sense we have that is far stronger than taste, smell, or hearing. The idea of putting this sense in a position where it could be seriously damaged or lost is saddening. And the fact that it was presented in such a way that it could effect immature individuals who are too young or sheltered to understand the severity of the procedure is even more saddening.

    I sincerely wish those involved the best of luck in healing and making it through with no problems; both short term and long. And my strongest hope will constantly be sent out that those who shouldn’t see this page continue not to view it.

  58. with all due respect i have to disagree with the idea that i was threatening my vision by doing this

    this is NOT a new procedure at all

    and i never thought i would ruin my vision at all, seeing how this was done in worse conditions hundred years ago

    to say i shouldnt do something cause it jeoprodizes my health or a part of my body maybe someone doesnt have or has a problem with is ludicris

    its like saying i shouldnt get my arm tattooed cause some people dont have arms

    or i shouldnt get my tounge split cause some people lose there tongues in tragic accidents

    yeah it sucks they dont have an arm or a tongue but that doesnt mean we have to change our views or decisions to fit other peoples lives

    we are all differnt

    i would use amputation as another example but i know since this is modblog it would just get assinine responses

    i love sean cool as kid, still want to hang with him when i am in ohio

    but i am not going to apoligize for chosing to modify any part of me even if people are offended by it

    i think its important to document the progress of all things even if all risk arent know yet, just like magnetic implants and so forth, that how we learn through open discussion, thats how procedures are betterd

    this really isnt as dangerous as everyone likes to put out, it use to be a widely done practice, when modern medicine was still pretty crude

  59. to the “three blind mice”:
    wow. plain, simple wow. and huh(./?) If this is successful, I could see some of my fellow Star trek fans getting both eyes pale yellow (Data) or one eye bright glowing red(Borg). I won’t be joining them, though, seeing as I sleep with my eyes cracked, and wake with them in vaying amounts of ow, and don’t wanna aggravate this feeling.

    to Sean:
    I have a friend in a similar state of vision loss, and I can see her position being very similar. She is also 22, and has never been able to drive at night, (but thankfully still has the ok to drive in the daytime from her state) and has already learned how to use Braille.
    You said “Had it [this post] been something posted on a more private site for individuals mature and educated enough to view and discuss everything I don’t feel I’d be as aroused over the subject matter. But posting it on a site that is become overly popular, where impressionable 12 year old kids view things and think they can do it with no problem is just asinine.” Honestly, I must defend Shannon in his posting this material here. If there are any twelve year olds who view this site, at least on any semblance of regularity, they are mature enough to handle seeing images and reading accounts like this. If they weren’t, they would see one to two entries in this blog, and leave in their disturbance, or be prevented from viewing things like this by their parents. The internet is a useful tool for the free discussion of all ideas, by anyone mature enough to handle it. In a society (Stateside, not too sure how other nations handle this) where everything is censored just so kids don’t experience things they will merely learn about a few years later, at least the internet is a place where adults and responsible minors may participate in whatever kind of discussion they want. The same freedom that Shannon has to discuss experimental body modifications gives you the ability to disagree with his doing so. So please, don’t close this frontier of ideas.

  60. “It is stuff like this that make me feel like the envelope is pushed just to push it. ”

    This is precisely what I was getting at, that this procedure very strongly has the patina of being a “just because we can” procedure. Again (I’m getting tired of saying this, frankly) I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t “be allowed” to do this or even that they just shouldn’t do it. I’m only saying that I do think motives matter when it comes to body modification, particularly regarding something with so much potential for an unwanted result as awful as blindness.

    To ME “just because I can” seems like a pretty thin motivating factor for risking one’s eyesight, and so far I haven’t seen any other motivations offered. I guess that’s all I’m trying to say.

  61. Molex – It is very difficult trying to get an intellectual or academic opinion across on this list. People here have very bigotted ideals and are reluctanct to discuss them in any mature fashion.

    You have made some very good points but I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for a decent response.

  62. Thanks Giles. Like any online community I think modblog has a very vocal “group within the group” that displays a truly knee-jerk reaction to any negativity by saying (essentially) “It’s my body and I’ll do as I please, if you don’t like it too bad..”

    That reaction is defined as knee-jerk by the fact that very few of the comments on this topic have in any way suggested that the people doing this SHOULDN’t do it. So responding with “I’ll do as I please with my body” is tantamount to having completely misunderstood the negative reactions here; few, if any, have been aimed at stopping anyone from doing what they want with their bodies. The majority of them, some less eloquently than others, have questioned the motivations and purposes of this procedure.

    And what I have yet to see (at least in this specific thread) is anything even approaching a satisfactory explanation of what the motivation here is.

    I think Sean brings up a good point about publicizing a procedure like this before the final outcome is understood. Unlike most other severe bodyplay that has a serious potential risk (skewering, extreme genital torture etc), this eye-tattooing procedure has the potential to appeal to people who are not “serious” body mod people and who will not do the proper research and take the proper safety measures if they decide to emulate this procedure.

    Put another way: Damn few people are going to say “Hey, having burnt nuts looks kinda cool, I’ll try that out…” Furthermore, even if someone DID do that it’s highly unlikely they’d get far enough with it to severely injure themselves.

    However, I can certainly see some yokel saying “Hey, having blue eyes seems cool, I’ll try it out…” and it’s only a small slip of the needle between “cool blue eyes” and seriously injured eyes.

    Far fetched? Perhaps. But this procedure IMO blurs the line between aesthetic and extreme mods. This one is some of both, and if someone wants to achieve the aesthetic portion of it and doesn’t properly research the extreme part… they could end up BLIND. I don’t see how that possibility can be ignored.

  63. I tried to check the posts above, but it seemed that no one asked what I was interested.


    In what part of the eye is the ink is supposed stay? I have a laymans understanding on the basic biopsy of an eye, and as I understand the eye is basically a blob of viscous mass covered by a very very thin membrane?

    Will the ink migrate, cause colorization of vision if it intervenes with light traveling to retina?

    What is the composition of the ink used in this procedure?
    Basic, over the counter tattoo ink?

    Good luck and fast recoveries to everyone involved.

  64. Molex – There is an interesting interview with Fakir Musafar in Total Tattoo magazine (UK) in which he explains his despair at the current body modification scene which he finds lacking in spirituality with an emphasis on the extreme. He explains how many people today are following a trend of having very extreme permanent modifications simply because they can and have little to no explanation as to why.

  65. Certainly a voice in the wilderness there, albeit an important one.

    Perhaps my feeling that motivation is an important factor in extreme body modification stems from Fakir’s example. When I first became interested in body modification Fakir and Jim Ward were the only two widely recognized and published people to look to for information and example, and I probably learned from them the notion that there is (or ideally perhaps should be) a spiritual element to extreme body modification and play.

    But I certainly agree with Fakir now as well, that body mods have essentially become a “how far can I go” prospect for a lot of people, potentially sacrificing any deeper understanding of oneself for the much more immediate and gratifying rush of “look what I can do”. I think procedures like this one (at least as presented here) and others like so-called “guerrilla suspension” are mawkish in their extremity-for-extremetie’s-sake attitude.

    And again, I have yet to see any kind of explanation about what motivated this eye tattooing procedure outside the predictable “because I can do whatever I want”. It certainly isn’t presented as anything other than “look how extreme we are”. I appreciate Shannon’s warnings about the experimental nature of this procedure, but those warnings aside the whole thing is offered up in a very casual manner, replete with joke-y titles and Dune references.

    Perhaps body mods have really reached the point where anything approaching rational explanation is essentially irrelevant and considered to be unimportant. Maybe within the body mod community “because I can” has been accepted as a feasible and defensible position? In which case, body modification will probably suffer the same fate as punk and DIY… instead of being accepted as a valid statement of individuality it will be relegated (once again) to the fringes of societal acceptance.

    What a shame that would be. There was a time when a guy with a pierced ear was a defacto “faggot”. I’d hate to see that come around again.

  66. Molex – Shame you don’t have an IAM acct as I think there are a fair few of us who share similar beliefs and it would be productive to share ideas.

  67. This all just makes me happy that I’m so perfect the way I am….haha!

    (and I’m speaking about my head, cause I do have tattoos all over my arms and legs)

  68. The main point I was attempting to arouse was that Shannon was completely inappropriate in his decision to post the procedure so quickly. It’s just uncalled for to let it be known to the general public this short ahead. A lot of the flack the body modification community gets is from highly complicated procedures in the surgical realm that non-medical practitioners perform. I know I have not been in the industry long enough (only 5 years) nor do I indulge myself frequently in the subject matter of body modification industry persons who perform such surgical procedures and the legal jargon they face state to state and procedure to procedure. However, I do know that it is highly frowned upon and in some places will find the individual performing the procedure in quite a bit of serious trouble; even if the individual is highly experienced in the field and uses all appropriate and completely sterile equipment and procedures.

    Taking that into account it is our responsibility as a community who lives and in some cases survives off such a highly dangerous, highly scrutinized, and highly experimental field to do our best in making painstaking efforts to completely and thoroughly go through extensive research in all areas of a new procedure, testing, re-testing, documenting, following up, discussing, and so on before just doing a first run and posting first draft tests on a public forum – Even before the healing has complete!!!

    Freedom to do what you want to yourself aside, you are presenting something to this centuries civilization that has been done for the first time without knowing the results!! Maybe it has been done in the past but it hasn’t been down NOW. And none of you can tell me that someone isn’t going to see this and immediately want it done and do something like try it themselves. I have young boys and girls come into my shop more often then I’d like to see with crazy infected piercings because the child wanted it done, saw it done by a friend, on the internet, or on TV and figured they would have no problem doing it them self. How the hell is this any different?
    -and like someone else said, this isn’t someone puncturing their scrotum with play needles, or doing sounding, or cutting off their labia’s. This is something cool! What young individual wouldn’t want their eye blue or green or red!! I remember when I was young there were a bunch of kids getting horrible eye infections because they were using food dye to dye their contact lenses. And I shouldn’t even cut it off at an age, there are people on this board posting who say it looks cool and would probably get it done. However these individuals, I hope, are intelligent enough to understand that everything they see on here is not something they should maybe go out and do themselves or by a seemingly qualified practitioner.

    It all comes down to the fact that this procedure should not have been publicized until completely researched, tested, and retested. By posting it right away it is hard for a lot of us to not think “Wow, all Shannon wants from this is shock value.”
    -and I want to make it clear that the reason I specifically say Shannon and not anyone else is because it was him who chose to post this and make it public. Even if the other individuals may have given him the OK or begged and pleaded him to make it public it comes down to the fact that it is he who put it up and made the final decision.

    All we need is for some dumb person to try this on their own, them get seriously injured and for it to get public and then linked to this page and our community. That’s all it’s going to take. Then we are fucked. Even stiffer laws will be passed and all we will have to blame is ourselves. But will we blame ourselves? Probably not. It will just give another reason for the militant thinkers in the industry to say “the government is trying to shut us down!” well, do you blame them? Here is prime evidence to a first time onlooker of our community that we just might be as haphazard with our bodies and decisions as they thought.

  69. This has to be singularly THE most dangerous mod experiment I have ever seen. The eye is the most sensitive part of the body but you guys just stuck needles in them pumped ink into them.

    You guys are true pioneers & REALLY hope this works out, for the betterment of people in the mod community. Rock on & mod safe.


  70. Sean, I think your comments are dead on. This isn’t a question of what’s “allowable” it’s a question of a community being aware of itself and careful as to what it propagates and displays in a public arena.

    As much as we all may wish it were so, body modification is not a mainstream event. It’s not something that people generally understand or accept, and with this procedure there is a definite boundry line that I think has been crossed. Like I said before, lots of mods are so extreme that it’s unlikely that many people are going to see a pic of them and want them right away. But this procedure is definitely something that aesthetically could be very appealing to people… enough so that they might do it without proper care and research.

    And like you said… “And a shocking story tonight on Channel 11 news, after seeing pictures on a website a teenager in (insert generic city name here) blinded himself yesterday by attempting to get a tattoo… on his EYE. More after these messages.”

    That’s the kind of attention we all want, right? Isn’t it?

    But like someone in one of the other eye-tattooing threads posted, we have no responsibility as a community, we’re only here to live our lives.

    Yeah. Right.


  72. Molex, Giles:

    I don’t understand why anyone should require any impetus other than “I like the way it looks,” or “I like the way it feels,” for any modification they choose to make.

    Both these and “Because I can” are as much a valid reason for any modification as any psuedo-spiritualistic excuse proffered.

    Perhaps because I am very much a self-aware individual and one who is very much driven by aesthetic qualities alongside physical sensations but I find the ‘spiritual’ reasons for modification to simply be the product of those who can’t accept that their impulses are either base and animalistic (aesthetics or sensation) or formed around a basic desire to do something a bit different; one fears ridicule or segregation as a result of being honest about reasons so one constructs a cod spiritualistic framework which allows one to shelter within and use it as a catch-all excuse.

    I am torn between the wish to see this unfold in ‘real time’ and the thought that it should not have been posted until ‘complete’.


  73. you are retarded…it looks stupid and seems rather pointless…but good luck with it anyway

  74. Penski, I applaud and support your frank self-understanding, if purely aesthetic motivation is satisfactory for you then that’s as valid a reason as any to pursue a modification.

    But… (you knew there was a but in there, right?)

    Not everyone is as self-aware as you are, and it’s those people who concern me when exposed to a procedure that’s highly aesthetic *and* highly dangerous such as this. And I know, “It was done hundreds of years ago, it’s safe…” etc. etc. Well, I have yet to see a single verifiable reference to previous incarnations of this procedure, and any time you stick a needle in your EYE it’s dangerous, sorry common sense rules.

    Anyhow, one of the benefits of a verifiable REASON to do a procedure like this is that it just might give someone thinking of doing it themselves a moment’s pause to think “OK, so why am *I* doing this??” instead of just going and doing it because “it looks cool”. Introspection is always advisable before making a permanent change to one’s body. By posting this procedure without even a HINT of the causality behind it the concept that this is a purely aesthetic situation is furthered, and any potential self-awareness prior to action is minimized. A shame in my opinion.

  75. Sean, in my opinion, Shannon’s ‘publication’ of this makes no real difference. He’s stressed that it was “a highly experimental procedure that should not be emulated”, and I don’t know how much clearer he could be.

    If someone really wanted to do this, they would have done it themselves anyway.

    I understand your displeasure, and I can associate with it just a tiny bit – my father is blind, my mother works for a retinitis pigmentosa/macular degeneration supporting charity, and my girlfriend is slowly losing her vision – but I think it is illogical for you to express your unhappiness at this event through saying it will “let people think it’s OK/safe/clean/easy”, as Shannon stated twice that it is not OK to DIY this at this point in time.

    Thanks 🙂

  76. Again, and for the final time:

    The personal feelings I have for this procedure are my own and due to my own personal situation. I feel now that I probably shouldn’t have expressed them because, like the whole topic of “it’s my body I can do what I want” topic the main point gets sorta lost along the way. And that point is that despite the warnings after each post IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PUBLICIZED YET! Plain and simple.

    Go read my reasons again on my last post. I don’t have these feelings because I suffer from eyesight problems, I believe in them because they are more morally and ethically right and don’t put our community in a light we’ve been trying to get ourselves out of.

    I can put warning signs on every inch of the studio I work at telling people not to take out their jewelry, handle their piercing, or put in new jewelry after they buy it and they are still going to do it. I even have people place the jewelry they’ve taken out ON the warning sign sitting in front of them without thinking twice.

    I can tell every single one of the teenage girls tomorrow that I pierce not go swimming and not to go tanning in a tanning bed. I can show them the warning in the aftercare pamphlet we give them. I can make it the only thing I tell them over and over and over again while they are in the piercing room. I can even email them or leave comments on their myspace pages telling them not to go swimming or go tanning and I 100% guarantee that by the end of the week at least 4 of them will be in a pool or tanning in a tanning bed. And I can also guarantee that we get at least 2 people in a week who have severely irritated piercings because they didn’t listen to a fucking word we told them before, during, after their piercing or had the common sense to read the pamphlet when they got home like we suggest.

    Warnings mean nothing to people who want to do something I can tell you that right now.

  77. On second thoughts… I’ve always wanted a bullet hole in my head. One that goes clean through, from side to side.

    Sure, I might die in the process but what the hell *shrug* why not? It would look cool and impressive – talk about extreme body modification!

    “because I can” sounds like great logical reasoning. It’s my body, so what’s the problem? I mean, we only live once right?

    /sarcasm off

  78. proof that vain and gullible people will fall for anything.
    God Bless America, land of the stupid

  79. So…I suppose every mod has to begin somewhere. I hope this works out for the volunteer. It is entrancing to look at. Perhaps I am part of history to be viewing the first of its kind. I suppose if you’ve dedicated your life to body modification, it would be exciting to be a part of pioneering new inventions. Best of luck. Peace.

  80. I remember where I have seen the “blue” eye thing before,,, the movie Dune, too much spice,,,lol

  81. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye… why is nobody asking the question: How has it affected your vision? What does it look like from the inside, assuming you can still see? Consider it asked. At least one enquiring mind wants to know if everything will go blue.

  82. okay, people, if you want to talk trash about people, go talk to a mirror. what these three have in mind is an awesome idea, and if it proves to be as conclusive as i’m reading, I’d enjoy getting my eye’s like a cat’s…but seriously, Dont down other people fr pioneering something new. Tske a damn history class; everytime we’ve done that in the past, within 100 years later people looked back on them and said “damn we were dumbasses. what they did helped to get us where we are today.” fr an example, look up been franklin. people called him an idiot too, but its because of him we have electricity. I wish the three who participated here much luck, and hope all goes as planned ^^

  83. Maybe one day in the future this will be a safe procedure…but for now, hell no.

  84. This is something that I have been interested in for better than a decade. My influence probably comes from cyberpunk fiction, and the idea of replacing as much of my meat with machine as is possible. (Which is to say none, given the current functional level of cybernetics.) Personally, I love the idea of having eyes that are a solid, featureless black (…which would require black contacts, as tattooing the iris would certainly impair vision or cause outright blindness).

    About three years ago I asked my eye doctor about changing the color of my sclera. I had been thinking about a temporary dye that would pigment the surface, but would eventually be sloughed off. He suggested tattooing as a possibility, saying that it had certainly been done successfully before. This brings up two points. First, my desire to change the appearance of my eyes predated my knowledge that a permanent change of this type was possibile or feasible. My desire wasn’t to be the most extreme person around, but to feel happy and comfortable with my own appearance. Second, having my opthamologist suggest tattooing as even a possibility leads me to believe that, under carefully controlled circumstances, this is not necessarily a proceedure that is significantly more dangerous than other eye surgeries. (By carefully controlled, I mean allergy/bioreactivity tests on the inks, supervision by an opthamologist, fully sterile conditions, etc. ad infinatum, as you would find in an operating theater.)

    This, however, is where my threshold for personal risk lies. I do not believe that I would be willing to do it outside of a medical setting, provided that I had such an approach open to me. If such an option never becomes available, I would consider choosing as Pauly, Josh and Shannon. I would also like to hear of the long term results, like blowout, ink migration, fading, vision distortion/loss before making a decision like this.

    But in the end, you pays yer money and you takes per chances. Every day that I get on my bike to ride to school could be my last if a rush hour driver blows a red light. Personally, I say do what makes you happy as long as you aren’t causing harm to come to other people.

  85. Are you folks so insecure that you can’t be happy with the beautiful body that God gave you? Are you willing to risk your very eyesight in order to make some idiot statement? Do you plan someday to go to work and make a living? Will you need your eyes to do that? Or will someone else be supporting you for the rest of your lives? Some of your more sane friends are overseas trying to protect your freedom to do and say whatever you please, and this is all that you can contribute?

  86. I’ve seen this lady with a tattooed eyeball about three years ago. I was at my material supplier and this lady walked in to complain about some inks she bought there. After some talking we’ve all realized that there was nothing wrong with those inks. Turns out this lady was blind from one eye, the eye was almost completely white, and her plastic surgeon(aka butcher) told her that instead of wearing a color contact lens on that eye she should have it tattoed! And de “surgeon” did it himself. I wish I had a picture of the poor lady’s eye…Imagine a water color painting of an eye and then spilling some water over it. It looked like it was all smudged or cried out…on the inside! Can’t explain it by words. All of this to say that I think the ink will not last to long on the eye.

  87. If it works you will look like a SPICE junkie from DUNE!!!

    That might be cool.
    Good luck with the not going blind thing!

  88. Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are stupider than that.

    This is retarded. I hope you don’t go blind. I would assume that you probably masturbate alot, so going blind may not be too far away.

  89. I have no theoretical objections against this procedure, in fact it’s pretty fascinating.

    In “DUNE” constant use of the spice made one’s sclera and pupil blue, so the fremen, the pilots, and the rest of the people who used the spice for foretelling all had solid blue eyes. Remember the bad movie and the great books? It’s good to see at least one person (Ryan) does. But I’d rather do mine like a cat’s.

    Speaking of which, I have major nearsightedness and I’m not having anything done to my preceious eyes until it’s been done on thousands of others for 10 years and we know what the long-term effects and the possible side effects are. I’m still wearing glasses! And especially if it’s not medically necessary, my eyes will stay the green and mostly-white I was born with.

  90. Omg!!! this is nuts, I will deffinitly be following this one. I Just tried to poke my eye ball with my fingernail, and OWIE, I don’t see how a needle would be better. eek

  91. i definately want to get that done if everything goes well, i’ll be following up on the info to see how everything goes. thanx to everyone who has the balls to experiment on themselves and tell everyone about it.

  92. why the fuck would you risk your eye your sight… your regular life your… well being your everything on aaa blue spoldnge on your eye fucking dumb ass who ever you are that isnt being personal or being rebelious or original at all it is just being ignorant and not having any respect for your well being or health

  93. Holy cow!!!!
    A lot of risk, and so far, for rather lettle obtained effect. The staining result is obviously poor. Yes getting “Dune-colors” safely would be nice, so far I see extreme risk with little success. I hope you goys will succeed – and I hope really, nobody of you will pay these experiments by loosing his sight.
    I personally doubt that the risk / value calculation is on a good side.

    PS.: No. 172, “Frank”, you are one of the most funny guys at all. And believe me, you are an extermist, a really dangerous one. So go burning witches (or fighting for oil) and leave decent people alone.

  94. I’m really interested in getting my eyes tattooed. I just want to make my blue eyes bluer, is that possible? I know it’s painfull ya ya been there done that but seriously where do I go and how much does it cost?

  95. I am a surgical technician and I work in an big mid-western eye hospital. I see people everyday in surgery, many of whom are in a desperate struggle to maintain the small amount of eyesight they have remaining. It makes me cringe to see people doing something so reckless. I would like to know if any of the participants in this experiment consulted with an actual ophthalmologist before going ahead. After reading some of the comments, it is clear that many people don’t even have a basic understanding of eye anatomy, (examples: Can I tattoo my blue eyes so they are more blue? No you can’t because the colored part of the eye, the iris, is inside the anterior chamber behind your cornea. This means that you would have to enter the anterior chamber of your eye and somehow inject dye into the individual muscle fibers that make up your iris. / Getting “Dune colors” would be nice, but…this is unlikely to work well, especially on young people’s eyes because of the tenon layer. This is a connective tissue layer that lies just beneath the conjunctiva holding it to the white sclera. Young people have lots of tenons and they would prevent the dye from flowing freely under the conjunctiva. / The surface of the eye doesn’t have nerve endings…This is absolutely NOT true; everyone knows what it feels like to get sand or dust in their eye. The conjunctiva layer has lots of nerves as does the cornea. Anyone who has had a corneal abrasion can attest to this.)Okay, I’m starting to feel like a lecturing ass now and that was really not my intention. Eyesight is precious and very very complicated. Please be careful and fully informed. Wikepedia has some pretty good info.

  96. While Dune eyes would be quite startling nothing could ever persuade me to tattoo my eyes. I have retinitis pigmentosa so I’m already going blind. I find it hard to believe anyone would risk their vision for a visual effect. My condition means I can’t work or drive, I can’t see in the dark/night, I can’t see when it’s sunny unless I have 90% polarized sunglasses (and because of my problems with glare I can’t look at white webpages too long either). I’m always bruised and scabbed from tripping over things and walking into things. I can’t play sports or even go to the cinema because the widescreens means I can’t see everything that’s going on (RP sufferers have tunnel vision too). Vision plays a HUGE part of a person’s life and the more it deteriorates the smaller the world becomes.

    While I have a (grudging) admiration for these guys I want to say this: If the effect lasts and if the procedure becomes routine please, please don’t have it done without considering what you stand to lose.

  97. Well, Lol to you guys. Not being an ass, but you are doing something that happened to me naturally. While my eye isn’t blue, i do have a purple spiral around one eye. I have had this since birth but didn’t notice it until several years ago. This is caused by having a thin sclera, (or so I have been told), and I’ve always been kinda proud of it, making me different than most people. (Thin sclera’s are common, but only on very small scales, and usually only is a dot.) While I find the procedure cool and interesting, it does hurt a little inside that I might not be the only one for much longer. (seriously, you know spirals are going to be popular.) 🙁

  98. This is now more than 7 months old. I would hope the people who got everyone so interested in this story, would have be kind enough and decent enough, to post new pictures of the eye, and what he experienced over the last 6 months. If you were not going to follow up on this story, why start it. Or did he go blind…
    Would you please, after all this time, post new, updated pictures and tell us how everything went… that is, unless something went wrong and now your somehow embarrassed.

  99. Any updates? I want to get this done with UV ink!
    now that would be trippy. unseen in the real woeld but freak out under black light. Is anybody doing this? email me with info at [email protected]

  100. hi im a tattoo artist from scotland after seeing your experemant i thought f**k it and tryed it on my self using just a 8 coil wrap gun and a round 3 liner needle and i tattooed blood shot lines on the white of my eyes. the ink took ok to my eye’s and it took about 2 weeks to heal. all in all i didnt go blind and it looks awsome.

  101. что касается темы, то мне кажется актуальность будет известна только через некоторое время

  102. OMG that is beautiful!!!
    I plan on doing this *blue* and then getting a eye jewel *heart or music note* in the lower parts of my outer eye. It’s so pretty ^_^

  103. I’m so proud of you for being the experiment, that takes real guts ^_^
    Thanks so much

  104. why wouldent you try it with a cows eye first i mean schools get them for the science fair why cant you test it ? i just mean to try and find the pirfect depth and then maybe test a person?

  105. Very cool. It’s nice to see people pushing the boundaries of what can be done. I also really like picture of Shannon’s eye being stuck with the needle. That picture should be in an art galley somewhere.

  106. Dunno if this is already posted or if anyone will even read this so long after – but Congrats to Josh who made it onto a Japanese TV show with this tattoo xD

    I saw it on Youtube – the show is called ‘The Best House 123′ and its from April 15 2009

    They look AWESOME 😀

  107. Eyes are our most valuable organ….don’t let anybody do this do your eyes….in a year no one really knows what effect it could have….then getting it removed???? Give me a break.

  108. hmmm….i mean i’d be cool to get dune eyes but i’d have to say i’d only do it with a surgeon with proper tools and a sterilized hypothermic needles and other things. just wondering though hows the eye now and thanks for testing this out so maybe in 10 years we could do this under labratory conditions

  109. i have yellow eyes from birth due to sickel cell disease.
    I HATE IT especialy the yellow eyw part im always geting picked on and noticed. i was wondering if there was any way i could tattoo my eyes white….so i can be normal. does ny one know?

  110. First:
    I would like to respond to yellrfella. I would not recomend tattooing your eyes white if you have sickel cell. Your red blood cells are shaped in a manner that causes them to get stuck in your capillaries and there is always a risk of blood clotting issues when a surgical proceedure is done. Having a blood clot in your eye could lead to a cariovascular accident, or stroke in laymans terms.

    Please realize that this “expiriment” does not follow the rigorous guidlines that would be expected of any new surgical proceedure. Most Clinical experiments contain several hundered participants as a representative sample of the population and licensed medical doctors. The way one person’s body deals with the ink may not be the way other people’s bodies will respond. Think about the dangers of serious infection and hemorrhage that could lead to tissue death in and arround the brain. I would recomend waiting for more reliable studies to be done than what happens to a couple of individuals.

  111. Ok, several things here.

    Molex, Sean, and Giles, I completely agree with you guys. I can understand each person can modify their own body if they so choose, but the risks of such a thing? I mean, my vision is such that without glasses or anything, I can’t see past my own nose. I cannot imagine having to go blind.

    BT Makin Time-post #103 I believe- while you do have a few points, wikipedia is not the best resource, a medical journal or website would have been better, if you wanted to have a strong supporting resource.

    To those who want this procedure and those who did it: I confess, I do not understand. I know you seek beauty and your body is rightfully yours to paint, pierce, or decorate as you please, so don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal against you. However, Why would you risk your eyesight? For one, you won’t be able to look on and appreciate the art you have on your body or eyes and even appreciate any new additions, would that not defeat the purpose? and if for some reason you don’t want it or things go wrong, you can’t reverse it like full eye colored contacts.

    On a final note- i have no evidence or real ability to critiscize or judge but for AngelOfBetrayal- how old are you? I must ask, because, I could be totally wrong, and if so- I apologize, but you write and express your desire for eye modifications in such a manner that makes you seem not yet fully mature or old enough to understand the risks.

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