Black Toe Brotherhood

Anders has his toe blackened by Swirly at Dragon’s Lair Tattoo, Brisbane.

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Want to know why?


* – But you can click the image anyway..

38 thoughts on “Black Toe Brotherhood

  1. I cannot believe how much that would hurt.. I was physically cringing away from the screen while watching that. Super tough!!

  2. When I saw his face I thought they were doing the spot where the toenail was supposed to be. Like, he had it removed or something and then tattooed. But… it wasn’t… lol

  3. Haha, I like the Ram Jam version of Black Betty better. I really dig the whole Brotherhood of the Black Toe secret society thing…sometimes I sit around and imagine what goes on in there… It’s fun.

  4. I don’t like Roo’s posts. I think they’re stupid & pointless. I mean who gives a crap if someone holds a sparkler while they’re suspending, or gets their toe tattooed black. Lame..

  5. who gives a shit if anyone does anything, right mitch?
    what the fuck is the point of anyone actually doing something if it is not going to impress every single person who might eventually see it…
    you’re fucking lame…

    i love you roo, your posts, and my new brother in the black toe army

  6. i guess mitch doesn’t understand that if a toe video doesn’t make it on modblog, things will happen. things that shouldn’t be spoken of…

  7. CORPUS VILI – How can a toe tattooed entirely black suck? :)

    Should it have been the “Brotherhood of the Black with Flecks of Magenta and an Offset White Polkadot with Shading in and around the Extremities of the Toe?”

    Mitch – Sorry, I am rather rubbish. Send me a video!


    i think the order of the black toe is an iam thing, if one doesn’t have access to any forums at all then the whole mystery of the obt is lost. sorry mitch.

  9. Ghobian – I shouldn’t really tell you this but they spend their bi-monthly meetings trying to suck the ink from each others toes.

    The first “couple” to manage an entirely pink toe wins an hour of toe tattooing with Swirly, then the entire cycle continues.

    (I made that up, everything)

  10. Will that ink stay very well, being in such a high-movement area?

    Oh, also… BAM BA LAM

  11. I love seeing videos of big tough-looking guys getting tattooed and looking like they’re in complete agony. It makes me feel like less of a wimp! The tattoo on my foot hurt pretty badly; I can’t even imagine how badly it would hurt to have my whole toe tattooed! Plus, my feet are really tickly, so the buzzing of the tattoo machine would have me all confused between tickles and pain!

  12. First time I saw a toe tattooed black (on here, not in real life) it actually made my stomach turn. I kept thinking it looked like when I broke my toe a few years back. I wonder if they look at it and get squeamish? It’s probably just me……….. Cool idea though :)

  13. I was loving the music there. My dad used to sing that song all the time when I was little.

    And haha at the facial expressions. Feet tattoos are a blast.

  14. yeah i pretty much was making the same faces, except my experience also included a lot of heavy breathing!

    Good job to you bro and welcome to the BTA!

  15. Haha ! It was an awesome experience .
    Thanks Mate an honour to be onboard .

    Cheers To All !!!!

    Go D.L.C

  16. ANDERS!! Welcome to the BTA!! Watching your face man… brought me back to when I got my toe done… I’m going to be getting that toe done too soon.

    To anyone that thinks they can remain “tough” though getting a toe done… I laugh at you.

  17. Thanks Matey :)
    It was was a great feeling, particular inbetween the toe’s ;)

    Cheers !

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