This… is… SPARTA!

Sorry about my absence. I’m back, it seems, and there’s plenty of good stuff scheduled starting tomorrow morning, but until then, please enjoy an evening of tattoo shots from Russia. Now let’s begin…

Oh my god I love this backpiece of some insane snow-man war! It’s only one of a big pile of great photos of great tattoos taken by my old friend tan0k (and a big thank you for helping me get things started again here) at this year’s St. Petersburg Tattoo Convention (click that to see more of BME’s coverage, or visit the official site). I’ll be posting some more of my favorites over the evening but check the gallery for more (note: it’s uploading now, so it might not be there until morning).

28 thoughts on “This… is… SPARTA!

  1. omg I fucking love this so much it’s not even funny!!!!!!!!
    I haven’t been this excited about a tattoo in a long time.
    I love how one of the white snowmen is actually being impaled…and one has a nose that fell off…
    this tattoo has just rocked my world. super creative.
    Way to go! 🙂

  2. that’s rad! 😀

    Because its from St.Petersburg Russia it reminds me of that movie: “Nochnoy dozor” aka: “The Nightwatch”

  3. I absolutely love it. I wish I could think of something as original as this.

  4. Usually I don’t like back tattoo’s, well I mean I wouldn’t get one as I could never see it properly myself, but that is amazing, if not just a little obscure.

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