Cervical Piercing… Wow…

So I’m thinking to myself, ok, this eyeball tattooing stuff is the craziest stuff I’m going to post in a while. I wasn’t even going to post any more tonight, and then I see this piercing come across our desktops and I’m just blown away…


Definitely one of the wildest things I’ve seen quite in a while. All I can say right now is, wow, I’m really surprised to see this, and it takes a fair amount to surprise me! This was done, DIY, all by touch, by Ashley Crawford at Custom Art in Norwich, England, using a 2mm x 12mm (ie. 1/2″ 12ga) titanium curved barbell.

Click to zoom:

I’m guessing that the body’s pretty resilient to damage to the cervix and this will probably heal fairly quickly — hopefully Ashley will keep us updated on how it goes. Cervix piercing… Just when you think everything that can be pierced has already been pierced!

Edit/Update #1: From the comments, our resident doctor writes, “Technically difficult but fairly low risk. Probably healed crazy fast too. The cervix is remarkably resilient and can take a lot of abuse. Being very mucosa, it’s a fast healer.”

Edit/Update #2: Click here to read more about it on Ashley’s LJ page (here’s her original entry).

Edit/Update #3: Click here for a long interview on the subject of these piercings as well as the post-gender experience! Highly recommended reading.

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75 thoughts on “Cervical Piercing… Wow…

  1. Holy Christ on a stick. That must have hurt so much… I can feel my own cervix trying to crawl up into my fallopian tubes!

    But I still want one!

  2. WOW! That’s fucking CRAZY!

    I’ll show my gf tonight and see what SHE thinks!

  3. Technically difficult but fairly low risk. Probably healed crazy fast too. The cervix is remarkably resilient and can take a lot of abuse. Being very mucosa, it’s a fast healer. That night of crazy sex that resulted in bleeding is often completely healed 24 hours later.

  4. Curious the effect it might have on pregnancy? Anyone think it my be difficult for the cervix to seal itself off when pierced?

  5. Oh man, since my Christina piercing didn’t work out, I’ve been itching for something non-clitoral for a piercing . . . I doubt I can find anyone in my area to do it, but it’s a nice thought!

    I wonder how much it hurt, though. My own cervix can’t feel a thing; if you stick a finger in there, the actual cervix feels nothing. I know where it is and what it feels like, and the rest of that whole neighborhood is pretty darn sensitive, but that area? Not so much. More motivation to find someone to do it!

  6. My thought would be that the jewelry has to come out during pregnancy. I’m curious as to whether this makes one more less vulnerable to STDs since most of those have to travel through the cervical os (opening) to do their thing.

    As for pain, I suspect that this was not a party. When doing biopsies, cervices can be quite tender. Not feeling much but pressure is easy to explain as the membranes are intact. Penetrate those and things change pretty readily. Only the piercee can describe her experience for sure.

  7. Jesus Christ on a piece of toast.

    It looks quite lovely, in my opinion, but I think I’d be too nuch of a wuss. Kudos to her for doing this!

  8. Apenas es una pequeña muestra de lo que podremos hacer en el futuro con nuestros cuerpos.

    Suerte! Espero ver nuevas entradas para saber como fue el proceso y sus respectivos riesgos.

  9. wow! thats definitely a piercing thats never crossed my mind. what a unique idea.

  10. From the lj post, I think it’s safe to assume there is no chance of preganancy in his future… since people seem to be wondering.

  11. Ow ow ow!! I can barley take having the bf cock hit that but to have a needle? *shudders* very brave woman

  12. The amazing thing to me isn´t the place of the piercing. The amazing is that it´s DIY!!!

    Congratulations to the piercer!

  13. ive had cervical cancer and parts of my cervix removed, and to me i dont think it healed very quickly at all… but to each there own, but if u’ve got an intact cervix keep it that way

  14. 14/T-Bone: Obviously s/he did it for people like you, to wonder about it’s purpose and add to the meaning of your life. *grin*

    It’s a shame he lost it though; whether or not it had a “function” there’s always the thrill of reclaiming something you’re largely detached from.

  15. on lj ashley also wrote: “My cervix piercing had healed nicely and all I wanted was a change of jewellery- another piercer I know said she’d do this for me. She had a go today, and to cut a long story short she fucked up worse than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. I am pretty sure I will have to lose the piercing. I can probably re-do the piercing in future when the area heals, so there really isn’t any need for the anger and tearfulness I am feeling about it. She botched the job spectacularly, but don’t we all so that sometimes?”

  16. the cervix being nipped is definitely not a pleasant experience I’ll testify to that heh… most definitely kudos to her/him for the DIY !

  17. Regarding the healing- Removal of tumors result in big chunks of tissue being removed, not a poked hole. Even cervical conizations (a technique where a large mass of the cervix is removed) heals fairly quickly though they can bleed significantly for a few days. I will say that a piercing should heal pretty quickly.

    Regarding the pain- I can’t even imagine doing this as a DIY. Not only would the pain be intense but working inside the confined space would be nearly impossible without the right instrumentation, or at minimum really tiny and long fingers.

  18. Wow, I have enough trouble fiddling with screwing on balls on my regular piercings.

  19. I’m simply in amazement. To be the first to accomplish something is something to be proud of, especially with all of the twisted minds inside and around MODBLOG. It wont make a difference if you try it again or not. You already made the difference.

  20. #4, I doubt it would pose a problem during pregnancy itself since after your first birth the cervix rarely seals itself completely up anyway. Many second time mothers go through their entire pregnancy at 2cm.

    Now the birth, that is another question. I have no idea what would happen with the cervix trying to thin and dilate.

    I wonder when would be the best time during a menstrual cycle to do this sort of thing? I would guess toward the beginning of the cycle when it is firmer and lower, but I’m not sure.

  21. Ibet she wouldnt be able yo do this if she had a kid. When women give birth vaginally the cervix changes shape it goes flat, if the cervix was flattened by birth then it might have been impossible. Well I would think this is impossible, Kudos to her Pudos!

  22. next on the list…lower intestinal piercings…followed by the liver, kidneys and spleen

    Just keep reaching up until you feel your tonsils…looking for the next “unique” piercing to get so you can be modblogged…wooohoooo

  23. hey shannon,

    just a heads up– i see from ashley’s LJ userinfo that he is a transsexual man. i assume that he uses male pronouns despite his possessing a cervix.

  24. 37 – from what I gather Ashley does in fact have a son. Bio or not, I’m not sure.

    I love the reclamation aspect of it and intense respect for doing it oneself. But I’m sure as hell not trying it…

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  26. There seems to be a sadness surrounding Pheonixology that comes across in his LiveJournal entries but at least there is a strong level of understanding and context surrounding this mod which elevates it above most.

  27. if nothing else, points need to be given for the technical aspect of this. it’s not often that I even see or feel my cervix, nevermind getting up there with a needle!

  28. If she can pierce her own cervix, I’m kind of interested to see what else she can do!

  29. Wow was all I could think at first. Then I got to thinking the DIY aspect does make it harder but I could see with the right person doing the piercing that this wouldnt be that hard to do. Granted women with sensitive cervix probably wont do it. But the rest of us who have less sensitive cervix could probably handle this piercing pretty easily. And I can see that it would be one of those that heal crazy fast.
    Awesome idea and kudos to pulling it off.

  30. Ow ow ow ow ow. I can’t imagine doing this as DIY! I just had an IUD put in a couple months ago and the doctor gave me an injection in my cervix, did the procedure, and god I wanted to die. I have a high tolerance for pain, but not uterine pain at all. I went home and promptly threw up and spent the rest of the day on painkillers and curled up in bed with a heating pad.

    Props to Ashley for having the guts to do this. I’m sad so see that his piercing got screwed up by someone though :/

  31. Oh Lord. I dislike pap smears, much less a piercing! However, I must say the speculum is the worst part!! Kudos to her for doing it!

  32. I can just imagine an ob/gyn dropping a couple tools if they were caught offguard by that piercing. Talk about a surprise and a half.

  33. Amazing that it’s DIY. This person has my respect for attempting and making good on something so unusual.

  34. OMIGOD!!! that’s the coolest thing i’ve ever fucking seen.

    #21 – i love that feeling SO much… sex so good, that he actually hits it… getting your cervix pounded is love. hehe.
    just another reason why this piercing would be amazing.

  35. He’s the best. Being an m2f, I know a thing or two about reclaiming a body or a symbolised body part. Also, it’s fucking great to be able to write the phrase “he pierced his cervix”. way to go, Ashley.

  36. Oh wow. Completely blown away, kudos to her for taking charge of her own body in such a unique way.

    But like…ow…makes me cringe just thinking about it.

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  38. To all those people wondering about which pronoun to use — after having read the interview fully, and the blog, she states that she doesn’t really regard herself as being transgender. In actual fact she claims to be “post-gender”, which is an androgynous state between genders that serves as a rejection of cultural gender stereotypes. She did have a double masectomy, but she admits that it was largely in order to keep herself on the list for NHS testosterone prescriptions… “I didn’t hate my breasts, nor do I miss them.”

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  41. Amazing. I would never have the balls to pierce my own cervix! But then again, in order to pierce my cervix, I wouldn’t have balls, so that works out brilliantly!!

  42. omg! ive given birth twice and about to have my third any day now! and that hurts like hell…i hope you arent planning on having any kids! well there is c-section but damn! lol i would use the word brave as muc has more a bit stupidity…im not saying its dumb or w.e but i personally would NEVER do that! lol just a question…doesnt have to be answered…other than the pics here and who ever else you show ur cervix to in pictures who the hell is ever gonna see this? ne who good luck with it and hope it doesnt cause you any probs in the future! you deff got..balls of some sort there…lol

  43. I can’t believe this!!! It’s crazy and mother tells me I’m crzy for getting my ear pierced so many times. She’ll flip a lid when I tell her about this! ( I’ll NEVER get this piercing)

  44. And i thought my prince albert was crazy! (then again wtf am i lookin at this site for ehh? haha)

  45. ummmm ill say why would that be done????
    who can see it
    unless you go hey look at me i have my cervix pierced wooo -pulls down pants-
    thats crazy!!!
    can it get infected?

  46. How did she get up there to pierce it? Did she use clamps? I wish she made a video. Also, I want to know how the hell she screwed the ball on…hahaha…I can’t even screw the ball on my labret with out dropping it at least 3 times. :D

  47. I can’t even imagine how that felt or how long that took! LOL Biopsies alone are uncomfortable so that….DAMN! I give her props, but what does it really do for u, and who, other than ur gyno can u really show it off to? haha

  48. Ash is absolutely awesome for doing this on himself. Im not brave enough to do anything like it myself but Ive had my cervix dilated and a titanium gauge inserted to keep it open. Its just a temporary body mod and Im waiting to get my cervix pierced this summer. Super stoked and cant wait!

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