Geisha Leg Sleeve

I guess this is largely reflective of my lack of knowledge on stretchy-pants, but I had no idea that you could pull them up like this (or maybe they’ve been cut?). That’s the first thing I thought when I saw this photo of an in-progress geisha tattoo by Vasagho at his shop Ink-In Tattoo Crew in beautiful Marbella, Malaga, Spain…

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34 thoughts on “Geisha Leg Sleeve

  1. I think they are cut….I don’t think you could pull them up THAT high.

  2. I’m also guessing the stretchy-pants are cut. I have some that are so unstretchy I can’t even get them over my calf, let alone up to my waist.

    Regardless, the tattoo is gorgeous.

  3. Those aren’t pants, I believe those are panty hose that just happen to be particularly opaque.

  4. Really pretty and all, but question about terminology: is there a better term for this kind of tattoo coverage than “leg sleeve”? How about “trouser” or “pants”?

  5. #10,
    Don’t panty hose have feet though? I’m guessing those stretchy pants that were popular in the 80′s (and have recently made a comeback for who knows why!) There’s a particular name for them, though it escapes me at the moment.

  6. Looks like she’s wearing leggings with only one “leg” on. You can see it’s thicker in between, so, thats where the other leg hiding.

    Just simply stunning tatto!

  7. Yea, I wasn’t even thinking of the tattoo, I thought “Damn, how did she do that to her pants?!?!”. Pretty tattoo though, the finished product will probabaly be amazing.

  8. about the tattoo…
    now, i may be completely off on this, and if so, i apologize in advance, but it was my understanding that in tattooing in japan, the lower body area was for baser/dirty creatures (like ogres, demons, etc.) and that the upper body is for cleaner creatures/humans, as the lower body is (obviously) closer to the earth (hence it’s ickyness, especially when taken in a buddhist paradigm) and the upper body (house of the heart/mind) is closer to heaven.

    i mention this because, with the above in mind, it seems like a geisha tattoo surrounded by sakura should be on the upper body. especially if one is going for more of a “japanese” feel to things.

    am i way off here?

  9. I think that instead of calling large leg pieces “leg sleeves” they should be called “pants”. Like in the context “I have full pants.” or “I have half a pantleg.”

  10. Upper body or lower body, it doesnt matter. The tattoo looks pritty damn japanese to me.

  11. Ahh. Sick of hearing the ‘leg sleeve/pant’ debate everytime a tattoo like this is posted. It’s boring!

    Absolutely stunning tattoo. And is it shallow to think hot ass as well…

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