40 thoughts on “Dali Elephant Cutting

  1. Wow, that really is great. It’s one of the most creative uses of that long side-of-the-body space I think I’ve ever seen.

  2. *looks at the dent in his butt*

    HRm… what?

    the cutting is incredible though, I can’t wait to see it healed. I wonder if the finer details will disappear?

  3. Weirdly I’m just off to see the Dali exhibition at the Tate modern in London…Love Dali’s work and this piece just looks beautiful, can’t wait to see it healed!

  4. Very nice work!
    Hmm, looks like the “elephants” walking in one of Linkin parks Music video.. Dont remember the name of the song :/ But it looks a lot like this one..

  5. I’ve been contemplating the Dali elephant as a side tattoo for a few years now so it’s wicked to see how it could look all laid out. This is amazingly sweet.

  6. Sweet, except the Dali elephants are becoming way too overdone. He has so many other great pieces besides the Temptation of St. Anthony.

  7. Really phenomenal use of shape, even if it is “way too overdone”. I know that I can’t swing a cat without hitting one of those Dali elephants, They’re almost as big as skulls and flowers in body art these days. /end sarcasm>

  8. First of all I’m a HUGE fan of Dali, and by coincidence I bought a statue of the very same elephant on eBay not that long ago!
    And very beautiful done, ofcourse!

  9. Very nice…

    are those dots on the side of his rib cage previous surface piercings? they caught my attention.. sort of draws your eyes away from the elephant. But still.. i think healed it will look very elegant.

  10. Thank you all for all nice comments.
    In the ‘portfolio other’ at Christianes page
    there is a picture of the healed ink rubbing after one month.

  11. STUNNING! I bought a print of that painting a few years ago, but haven’t put it on my bedroom wall because it’s too scary!

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