19 thoughts on “Double Double

  1. thats nice, maybe its comparing equally hairless melons, i have no clue cool pics tho

  2. Um, it looks awesome! I have to say it reminded me of the Samshing Pumpkins… you know… the band… I’m an idiot, but I saw a pumpkin and a bald head and was like “BILLY CORGAN” before I even noticed the gorgeous piercings.

  3. It’s a Pumpkin Head you silly goose!

    (i don’t really know but that’s what popped into my head first)

    She is beautiful.

  4. That photo is one of the reasons I do NOT want to go to art school… artsy kids trying to make statements, but failing at it. I thought she was gorgeous until I saw the picture “Muncher” on her page. I will have nightmares for the next 5 years.

  5. hahaha holy crap you guys make me smile~ thanks so much!
    And yeah…I can’t explain the concept behind it for you…my artistic jargon hasn’t built up enough?

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