Bleeding Butterfly

Ladeebug_Riot sent me this photo of her butterfly tattoo (by Rob “Java” Lucey at Body Language in Storrs, CT) from when she recentlty had an IV put in at the hospital… My surgery has been moved to August 1st, and they’re going to give me a spinal rather than a general, so I’m hoping I can take a photo of the tumor being removed because they’re going to be cutting a giant incision next to one of my tattoos.

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  1. Ariel, they felt it. I’ve seen two schools of training on this. Those you score veins visually and those that do it just by touch. I’ve never hit a vein I couldn’t feed (central lines excepted), but I know plenty of docs and nurses that can’t hit a vein they can’t actually see.

  2. ulhg. they had to try three different times to get my IV in. then they just gave up and stuck the needle on top of my hand.
    but that tattoo looks really fresh. I wonder if having and IV in it will affect the healing

  3. i just had surgery last week and the anesthesiologist blew the shit outta my hand. hurt like a bitch afterward it was so bruised. I work at an animal ER and i get catheters in daily without seeing the vein. animals have fur. even though we shave sometimes you still can’t always see the vein when you do that!

  4. I’m an er nurse, and I can see three veins on there that I could hit without damaging someone’s tattoo. It’s a beautiful tattoo that will now have a little scar, and for no reason. Somebody was being a douchebag. Or just didn’t know what they were doing. Amatuers!

  5. Hell I see a few veins myself. I agree with Psy someone was just being a douche.

    Good luck on the surgery Shannon!

  6. Oh, wouldn’t it be beautiful if it was actually a butterfly cathatar as well!

    rori – I was a veterinary nurse for years and it amazes me how easily most vets/nurses can hit veins first time in a rabbit or other suitably tiny animal, yet most doctors can’t find them in an animal as big as me!!

  7. You know, this pic strangely reminds me of an electric guitar plug-in. weird how we make associations…

  8. I love that when I’m using firefox and keeping 4-5 tabs up, this tab says “ModBlog – Bleeding Butt…” 🙂

  9. I have a similarly colored tattoo in the same spot that I got to actually make it harder to find a vein, and I know a few other ex-junkies that have done the same thing.

  10. I can hit a vein on a rabbit’s ear without a problem, I have regularly done blood draws on newborn kittens, and I have done thousands of blood draws and injections into the vein without ever shaving or seeing the vein I’m injecting/drawing into. Yet those folks couldn’t not hit the tat?

    And I agree, how can I manage to hit veins I can’t see, that are thinner than a 25ga needle, yet when I’m at the doctor, they can’t find one single vein for a blood draw. I got so frustrated with my nurse once that I took the syringe from her and did it myself!

  11. haha, wow, now this is a very interetsing pic. i really love how the color off of the butterfly. really artistic, both the pic and the tattoo.

  12. My doctor avoids my tats like they are contagious. I try to tell him they are addictive not contagious lol. I would be pissed if he stuck an IV into one of my tats.

  13. i think every nurse and doctor should have to learn how to draw blood in a vet clinic. i worked for a vet and i currently work in a research lab and if i can hit a vein on a hairy golden retriever or a teeny, tiny mouse in one try, there’s no reason why a nurse has to keep stabbing me in the arm when i’ve got a tourniquet on and a vein bulging out.

  14. Uconn 🙂 I didn’t know they were actually good over there though. I just thought that they were the typical college area mediocre shop. After seeing this though it makes me wish that I stoppped in when I went there.

  15. First time I was conscious and got an IV a guy poked me for 20minutes and then called some other guy who did it in 3 trys…

  16. To those unfamiliar with Shannon’s tumor, it almost looks like it’s the butterfly-tattoo-wearer in the photograph that is having her tumor operation in August.

  17. i had spinal surgery and they had to remove bone from my hip for the fusion. i have a small lower back tattoo and i told my surgeon (jokingly) that if he cut my tattoo he was paying for the touchups. the scar on my hip goes within about three millimeters of my tattoo – he later told me he was very explicit to the other surgeons that the tattoo not be touched! i love doctors like that.

    all the best on your surgery, hon. it’s a scary thing but i’m sure you’ll pull through for the better. my thoughts are with you. *hugs*

  18. I read it three times and didn’t realize that the talk about the tumor was Shannon’s and not Ladeebug_Riot’s until I read the comments and then re-read the post.

  19. im from windham ct and google a tat shop found body language and have been trying to find Rob java, how can i contact him?

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