17 thoughts on “Hairline/Forehead Flesh Removal

  1. Those are awesome. bet he bled like a stuck pig though. Facial wounds are the worst for that kind of thing though.

    Still, awesome.

  2. Fucking hot shit dude, really original design. Love it.

    Funny thing is, 1st thing I noticed were the (~6g?) dual off-center labrets. Fuck they look hot.

  3. Outta curiosity…if you grow your hair, would they look like a fringe??
    Sorry, I had to ask!

  4. Looks like some one I know…
    Looking forward to seeing that all healed up.

  5. In the movie Apocalypto (Mel Gibson) one of the Mayan has the same flesh removal but across the whole hairline. Looks good.

  6. BJ lookin’ good! It won’t look like a “fringe” because The Chud is going bald!

  7. lets hope it scars inverted and not all puffy like…It’ll give nice area to fit five fingers, if ya get my drift! 😉

    just kiddin BJ its lookin pretty fuckin awesome man 😀

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