Bry’s Gag Tattoos

White Guy Bry swears that his “small” tattoo (done at Exo Graphix in Destin, FL) gets him laughs at the beach, although he doesn’t say whether they’re laughing at him or with him… Being a pun fan, I personally prefer the tattoo on the right (by Michelle at Mejestik in Tucson, AZ). If you don’t get it, it’s his nipple ring.

He also has STD’s on his ass — I’m sure you can guess that joke (and you can view more silliness on his new IAM page) — but the mirror writing on his chest is really, really sweet… it’s a note from his sister.

13 thoughts on “Bry’s Gag Tattoos

  1. lol..i love his sense of humor..

    what doees that mirror writing say though??

  2. OMG! I actually met this guy at winterfest2 back in December. He showed me that tattoo, and then asked if I wanted to see his ‘guns’, then he flexed his arms and has guns there as well.Hopefully its the same guy I’m thinking. I mean, how many guys that live in my area have that tattoo done? probably not that many. Haha..Silly military man!

  3. Umm…im noticing that the hair in your belly button is extruding out quite a bit. maybe wax that sucker..or you could maybe just be tanning just your belly button?

  4. Just a correction, I’m pretty sure it’s spelled “Majestik,” seeing the business card on my desk from when Ryan did my orbitals. 🙂

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