15 thoughts on “What do dinosaurs think of creationism?

  1. that’s a awesome tattoo! love it! Mata Mata is definately a good place to get work done, if you’re ever in the area

  2. LOL I LOVE it!! (I bet T-rexes had thumbs…how else would they hold forks…)

  3. T-Rexs have terrible table manners and wouldn’t know the difference between an entree fork and a dessert fork. I noticed this the other day during dinner at the Jurassic Park cafe.

    I certainly wouldn’t invite one to dinner at home.

  4. I won’t give anything away, but just wait until you see some of Chris’ other ridiculous tattoos. I’m sure we’ll see them soon enough. This is kind of the tip of the iceberg.

  5. You think T-Rex’s are bad.. I had a teradactyl over for dinner, It barely fit in my dining room then knocked over my china hutch! And didnt even say sorry!

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