Chuck Norris’s Tattoos

Nap Time!

Oh wait… they’re actually on James and were done by Noah Childs at Dollstar Tattoo in Maysville, KY — you can see how much side of hand tattoos fade (these actually held up relatively well in my opinion). I think Chuck has something more manly and patriotic like an eagle. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s only there to hide another fist.

7 thoughts on “Chuck Norris’s Tattoos

  1. hey looked perfect till the scabs came off in one day haha.
    when we tattoo the rest of my hands im gonna get them clean up again.
    i think they were definately the most aquard tattoos ive ever recieved.

  2. Chuck Norris lives in a floating castle and only eats Beef Jerky and whiskey, he has a picture of himself westling a bear and winning tattoed across his back.

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