Skinning it!

Is it real, or is it special effects? The truth of it will be revealed in future BME updates (where the full resolution photos are in the penectomy section)… All the interesting streets are one way streets, right? Warning: Very graphic photos.

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91 thoughts on “Skinning it!

  1. Um, wow and good, lord, why? I mean is he making a keychain or something? Whatever floats his boat, but, really. What’s the point?

  2. I`ll just pass this one up, I guess. No clickthrough for me, thanks.
    And @ #1&4, and all the others who invariably leave comments along these lines each and every time something like this gets featured here: The point is “to each there own” and nobody is forcing you to click through and see…

  3. First off, I don’t understand what is going on here? It looks as though he cut it off altogether in the last picture, but in the previous it looked like he was just skinning it like the tittle said. This is crazy dedication/perseverence if this shit is real, way to be.

  4. I dunno, but if you ask me, the skin that was removed looks like it was made out of play dough. Is this for real?

    Regardless it’s pretty cool. Not something I’d do, but then again, I don’t have a penis.

  5. Why is it that people inevitably go “OMFG WHY?” to things like this? It’s ironic, because their reactions seem all too similar to mainstream society’s “OMFG WHY” reaction to most piercings. As #6 said, “to each his/her own,” chill out and don’t click through, when it’s obviously blood and peen, folks.


    That’s actually really interesting. It looks like he skinned it, but I’d assume that there’d be a lot more blood from such vascular tissue?

  6. #8, have you ever seen detached skin, or skin that’s on a dead person? Like, not freshly dead in the casket, I mean cadavers. That’s basically it.

  7. he should’ve used those neat scissors that make a pattern when you cut with them.

  8. It’s fake. 1) no balls, 2) if you look where the penis is attached the skin is very taught and he’s obviously got a few pounds on him which means he tucked back his true junk lol.

    Am I a winrar?

  9. Special effects, definitely. The penis is too smooth and regular, it’s not quite the same tone as the gentleman’s body, and it doesn’t look like it’s been tied off tightly enough to prevent catastrophic blood loss.

  10. i´m bored of comments that try to tell me that i´m shoudn`t
    say “OMFG WHY?” when something is shown that i don´t understand.
    i know that everybody should do with his/her body what he/she
    thinks is right…but i´m also allowed in the same way to
    ask “why” oder to say “i wouldn´t have done it” without
    being accused of being “intolerant”…modeblog lives also
    from shocking pictures…so let the people being shockt
    without trying to regulate them for it…

    (bad english ? sorry…i´m much better in german …lol)

  11. I’m with you Mark. The genitals are a highly vascular structure. Anyone who has had a piercing down there know how much you bleed. Even most guys who might possibly caught themselves in a zipper or two know that. It seems to me it is fake. Not to mention skinning something is not very easy. There is a lot of tissue that connects. Scalpel anyone?

    But hey if it is real, good job with the tourniquet buddy.

  12. Morgan – There is a huge world of difference between someone decorating their body and someone removing a limb/penis etc for personal pleasure. Despite the fact that Shannon classes them both as modification they are actually very different.

    There is nothing wrong with someone questioning why somebody does something to themselves. It is more constructive to question “why?” than it is to simply accept without reason.

  13. Looks real to me. If it were special effects, he should have no trouble finding a cool job in Hollywood.

    My guess is that he wanted to have some fun with it before he cut it off.

    Interesting, but not for me.

  14. i think its fake. he tucked his balls back, and, having done that, the penis looks to be positioned abnormally high on his pelvis.

    But, as is bing discussed, I would like to join the group that wants a legitimate answer to a legitimate “why?” I have no problem with it, whatever, but I would just like to better understand what pushes people to these extremes. Is it sexual? Is it a self-image thing? Is it just a desire to be extreme? I wish Modblog would go past the “this is what was done” section and explore some more of the “this is why it was done” section. Every mod should have a story or a reason behind it, and I would like to know those stories.

  15. I have to agree with 18, being shocked is a natural response and people should be able to express it.
    It’s not like they are insulting anybody by saying what they feel.

  16. i think it’s fake also. The last picture looks a little bit like a cut and paste job.

    matt has a good point. i would like to know the story behind it and why it was done. it would be interesting to hear something from the person in the pictures if it turns out to be real.

    i’m also curious how it heals if someone completely removes their penis.

    there are so many questions…

  17. I dont know and I’ve yet to see a reason for me to try and wrap my head around it.

  18. I’m gonna cast my vote with the fake dept. , *looks at own junk* I see a few veins there ya know, precision depth cutting with scissors and what looks to be a steak knife…dunno. But hey if its real, go team go. I just hope you are ready for one tough bitch of a healing process. Man oh man, no wanking it for so long…

  19. what i’m wondering is how he got that detached skin back on after he went ahead and chopped the rest of the penis off. the second to last picture compared to the last picture has that layer less of skin, and it seems back on in the last one. and those scissors are tiny!

  20. i need to start reading first THEN clicking the picture. my curiosity gets the best of me.

  21. Two good points made above that I agree with:

    1) You don’t have to click through. It’s blurry for a reason. I love BME. I’m BME4LIFE, but I don’t love this kinda thing. Each to their own though.

    2) I believe there is a difference between adornment and nullification/removal. I’m into modifying whats already there, not nullifying a part of it. But again, each to their own.

    It’s all about personal preference really.

  22. I personally think this is PROBABLY a fake set, but the adding onto what original_sly said, I’m not sure that the line between adornment and nullification is that wide — it’s just a different path to a personal ideal body. You can build a sculpture by adding clay, or you can build a sculpture by chiseling away marble… You still end up with a sculpture.

  23. Whatever… I mean… I’m not on the wrong site – this is my kinda homepage, which I visit ten times/ a day, but… This has no meaning… Does this guy even doesn’t care about his sexual life? About being a real man? What the fuck, bro… Ok… You put piercings, tattoos and other shit in your little friend, but cutting it off… It’s just… It seems, that he didn’t have anything else to do, but to make his body cripple…

    I’m sorry, If I hurt Anyone’s feelings or thoughts about life’s meaning. It just doesn’t make sense to me… :/

  24. Ed “The Great” – Everyone has a different path to happiness, and sometimes radical changes to the body are included on that path. That’s what this site is about, in my opinion.

    As to being a “real man”, it’s not defined by your cock.

  25. Shannon, why don’t you simply include the reasoning/explanation of those depicted instead of just showing us a “shocking” photo and then calling people intolerant when they react badly to it?

  26. Luxuria.. my guess would be because he doesn’t personally know EVERYONE that sends in pictures and he doens’t personally know the reasoning behind peoples motivations for modifying themselves… if they don’t send in an explination how is he supposed to know it?

  27. i think pic 3 is fake, the blade of the knife is facing up(i see light glinting off it) and no gloves(infection risk)and, and the last pic, is it supposed to be skinned , amputated, then the skin put back on?wouldn’t it shrivel more in the end from blood loss, it looks too smooth. If it is real, can we say OWCH! Wouln’t you need a doctor to do this incase he goes into shock or something?(and a doctor would have gloves)

  28. Luxuria – Well, there are interviews and experiences on BME — I hope that people who are interested in learning more will choose to read them and inform themselves as to people’s motivations and goals. Also, I would hope that people realize that ModBlog isn’t here as a shock site.

    But in any case, I just reread my comments in this entry and I don’t see myself accusing anyone of being intolerant…?

  29. ed “the great” you may visit this site 10 times a day just to jack off if someone wants to castrate themselves more power to them its not in my plans to do but god dammit im still going to look at this and wonder whats he going to do with his now removed member
    by the way ed i hate ascii emoiticons

  30. if it was real then why would the last pic when he has it in his hand have a bellend?? you cant just pull your bellend off! faker

  31. THANK YOU Shannon for saying this: “As to being a “real man”, it’s not defined by your cock.” Otherwise my whole life would be one big waste of time! Because dammit, I AM a real man…despite my body showing differently.

    As far as the pictures, I’d say fake. If it IS real, then ouch, but more power to you. I hope you get what you wanted out of it, be it peace, fun, etc.

  32. A heavy proceedure is as interesting as speculating the thought process behind it. I find interviews with the person(s)extremely enlightening when there is one. Whether this is real or not…jury is still out.

    Even so, I wish I hdn’t clicked thru before I ate my sammich =(

  33. If you want to know more, as in an interview, here’s a good start: BME/Radio Archives – Click on the one called “Marcel/Nullo1″ and download the MP3 file.

    It’s not the same person, but it’s the same subject. You can also see him on season three of “Sin Cities”.

  34. you don’t do it in this thread but, you have said as much in previous threads.
    thank you for the interview link.

  35. If it’s for real,and not faked – the guy’s a fool.
    Why would any SANE person do that? Answer: he’s FUCKING CRAZY.

  36. well i love my penis but thats not the point
    some people dont need it to get off
    not every one can just have sex or masterbate and just cum
    and be happy some just need the idea to get off
    im just happy this person has the will power to do this
    cuz i dont this person is stronger then me in many ways
    and im happy for them……….

  37. ok is it just skined ? or skined and aputated ? cuz if its suposed to be just the removed skin in the last pic .. its deffinetly fake !

  38. WOW – its going through and through, the skinning is amazing and the full removing -if its true- much more!!!

  39. lets just hope that he had a urethral re-route already. it would be very complicated if he couldnt piss…

  40. #16, If he’s able to do this, what makes you think he hasnt been castrated?

  41. These still baffle me. Doesn’t he want to pleasure a partner. And yes I know that there are many ways to do that without your penis. But its such and intimate moment when you have intercorse with a partner. I don’t know… to each his own. I am just curious though.

  42. as to why there are several reasons as to why someone would choose to do this,i for one salute hi bravery for doing this,if indeed it is real and not a hoax

  43. does not look real. The blue tourniquet disappears in the subsequent photos. How does he get the severed organ off the foley catheter without further mutilating it? The skin reappears in the last shot.

  44. Honestly, I think we need photo sets like this one to expose an ugly undercurrent of intolerance and almost BIGOTRY thats as much a part of the mod subculture as it is in mainstream society.

    Read the past 72 comments. Most of them are “shock horror, i can’t put this logically into my own set of beliefs, therefore it must be wrong”. You’re like the pricks that invaded foreign lands, colonized the indigenous peoples, then set about destroying indigenous cultures because they didn’t fit the established paradigm.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a person skinning their dick and then removing it altogether, as long as he’s not harming anyone other than himself, AND he’s a sane and consenting individual. His body, his choice, he lives with the consequences, not any of you.

    Ease up. Once you start f**king with the fringes of society, you allow others to start marching inwards and messing with everything else. “You can’t cut off your dick, you can’t skin it, you can’t be circumcised, you can’t pierce it, you can’t shake it more than twice after taking a piss, you can’t look at it, you can’t mention the word ‘penis’”. One thing leads to another like that. You’ve got to support the right of each individual to modify themselves how they see fit. Otherwise what are you doing here?

  45. I’d love to get inside his head and see the train of thought that led to this decision. :)

  46. My own penis has been “skinned” – the medical term is “de-gloved”. A clean cut all the way around and the skin simply slides up or down. You DO realize that the skin on a penis will slide up or down, don’t you? If you don’t ding the dorsal vein or artery, you’re okay.

    I’m having my own penis and testicles cut off soon, them plastinated and put in a museum. It will all be documented and on TV. Mine isn’t so small as to be a throwaway – see Elmo at: Call me crazy if you like. Doesn’t matter. I have very valid reasons.

  47. Original Sly – You’ve got to support the right of each individual to modify themselves how they see fit.

    There are certain responsibilities that come with this though. The fact that this has been documented and placed on a public forum removes it from being a personal freedom and very much part of the public domain. As with Shannon’s eye-ball tattooing this story would probably be linked to every ‘freak’ site and ‘Bizarre’ page across the web. The likelihood of the wrong type of person (whether it be NeoCon tub-thumper or highly-influential minor) seeing it and reacting is very high. Modblog is know worldwide and mostly in the same way as Goatse was/is.
    With great personal freedom comes responsibility and a necessity to ensure that those freedoms are protected.
    The removal of the penis (amongst other acts) are (or should be) deeply personal procedures that more often than not are done to address psychological issues. They are not (mostly) spectator sports where everyone gets the chance to add their tuppence worth.

  48. The desire and lust for such cutting acts can only be understanded by sm-people and such with equal predispositions, to cut in cock or balls.

  49. Having never seen a real skinned penis before in my life I’m by no means an expert at all…but I can’t help but think it’s fake. There’s not enough blood – I understand taht it might not literally pour from the skinned penis, but since you have lots of fine blood vessels under your skin I would have though the distribution of the blood to be a little more even, especially in the second to last picture.

  50. kudos to shannon in regards to the “As to being a “real man”, it’s not defined by your cock.” comment…

    i’m a (straight) girl that fell madly in love with a (pre-op) transgender boy this past year. i guarantee he was more “man” than any other biological man i’ve ever been with in the past. his lack of male genetalia had nothing to do with his “manliness”.

  51. If it is a special effect, it’s a damn good one!

    And if it is real, oww to the scissors part. I’d prefer a quick *chop* than a *snippy snippy* that is if I had man genitalia and wanted out of the penis club…

  52. yes, its very exciting, a cockhead to get his skin pulled over: like pullover handling! Its amazing to imagine my ownes to be pulled over, wowh, to getting a trunk for blowing it up to a ballon!

  53. Bastian (#6 here) has it right. No one is forcing people to click, or to stop here and write a comment. I, for one, give this guy a lot of credit. What a tough decision – - and then to actually follow thru! Wow! I assume he was doing this himself. I’d be nervous about the bleeding, then nervous about doing something irreversible. I’d like to learn more about his experience. Not that I’d do the same thing – - but then again, I just might. That’s pretty cool, I’ve got a lot of respect. Love zion’s (#63) comment, too…Way to go, man!!!!

  54. crazy world huh, thats cool though. whatever floats your boats, but like i mentioned in another post i dont think its to much to ask for people into amputations to talk it over with a therapist first. but thats just my opinion so what do i know? ive just heard that people who go transgender have counseling before hand and all that, i think thats a good idea.

  55. Its right to think or to be nervous about doing something irreversible, yes, it have to be sure.
    But some bleeding isnt a problem for a health body: it cleans the wounds and forces our blood production!

  56. First, let me say I think the photos are fake, at least the last one.

    However, I am quite surprised by all the lack of support, and even horror, shown by so many here. I would think that if someone has an interest in, and support of, body mods, that we would all support any sort of mod any member of this group desires.

    There are certainly mods shown here that I would not desire for myself, however, I don’t think any less of those who do them. Matter of fact, I fully support their right to do them.

    Let me add, has anyone actually even done a full cock skinning? Seems to be a simple extension of circumcision, and therefore, certainly has crossed some guys’ minds.

  57. I came across this page by accident and found it very interesting especially since those array of photos are of me and posted by me. My was unaware that I caused some interest. If you have any questions, just ask.

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