Famous People’s Tattoos

Audacia — who you may know as the editor of $PREAD Magazine, her writins on Fleshbot, or her book, or her blog — got this “I Sing The Body Electric” tattoo done by Joy Rumore (TheMilkmaid.com) at 1228 Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. Wow this entry had a lot of links.

Let’s see… I wonder which Body Electric this refers to?

15 thoughts on “Famous People’s Tattoos

  1. the episode from the twilight zone was written by Ray Bradbury. So both of those can be attributed to him.

    I have a Bradbury tattoo, so I’m rootin’ for Bradbury.

  2. I know its a Whitman reference… But.. Every time i hear that phrase i think of ‘Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” by Tom Wolfe
    Maybe its just me.

  3. It’s not a Whitman reference, it’s a reference to the story written by Ray Bradbury. If you’d read it, you’d know the outline of the body surrounded by both circuits and vegetation gives it away. Bradbury took the title of the story from the line in Whitman’s poem, probably. (But, the poem was not originally titled as such, because Walt Whitman wrote it before the term “electric” was widely used. The first line and title were changed later on.) Bradbury’s story deals with what makes a body human, and whether a robot could be considered human.

    Read the story, Jesus. It’s worth it, even if all it gives you is some basic back story on the tattoo.

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