Penny Farthing Scar, Muttonchops and all!

Mide sent in this great photo of his fresh penny farthing cutting (Phil says: “did you notice he even has a great moustache?”) done by the always brilliant Wayde Dunn (

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28 thoughts on “Penny Farthing Scar, Muttonchops and all!

  1. awesome cutting! but as a sidenote, Mide is definitely a guy for those of you who arent going to follow the link to his IAM.

  2. useless information: his name is Arthur Farnsworth Higglebottom III. not mide, the gentleman on the bicycle.

  3. i saw this awhile back
    completely amazing
    but the middle of the tire might look weird when healed
    but hopefully not

  4. I think this is one of the best cuttings I have seen if only because of the excellent subject matter.

  5. that guy allways makes cuttings that will never heal nice , is to small and to light , to much detail , i think its silly , what a loser

  6. Elflove – I worried when I first saw this style of cutting that they wouldn’t survive, but time is proving me wrong. They’re healing much, much better than I’d ever expected and I’ve changed my opinion. Before you go publicly making this claim, check out the healed photos in the galleries. These can and do heal nicely, and Wayde is one of the best.

  7. ditto with the interest in seeing this one healed, I find most scars look great fresh and their glory fades with time.

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  9. Wow. Master carver. Forget the mustache, look how even-handed the whole thing is – two perfect circles with symmetrical, perfectly straight and even width spokes! Impressive.

  10. I know it’s probably not going to hold long term, and I’m fine with that. Wayde was guest spotting at the shop I work at and decided to get something to see how well I hold scarifications before I would plan anything major.

    I love bikes, and we decided on something that’d be fun to let me see how I felt ab out this form of body modification. It’s about a few weeks old and holding up pretty well so far. Pretty sure it’s going to raise so I’m stoked.

  11. The areas between the spokes will probably die due to a lack of blood, and there’ll be scarring all over the wheel, causing it to look like a disc.

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