Shoelace piercings

These “shoelace piercings” were done by Rick N. Toms at East Coast Tattoos in Thurmont, MD — I recently got this same thing as a photoshop job by Kell of Pugatch‘s feet, so the timing on the real ones was great!

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20 thoughts on “Shoelace piercings

  1. 1 – I took it to be play piercing. How would you go about your daily shoe-wearing life with something like this in a healing stage? Besides, most corset piercings have CBRs, this is a corset piercing on the foot, and very very few people want something like that to stay.

    Also, clever! I enjoyed this post.

  2. That doesn’t look like it was done in a tattoo studio (though I guess he may have gone home with them in).

    What does his shirt say?

  3. surely he could wear flip flops/thongs while they heal/until they reject?

  4. I love piercings.. but feet in general are gross. Good fun; I do like the “poor man’s shoes” comment, very funny. However, I wish I could go back in time 2 minutes and unsee this… feet are gross.

  5. I think mayhaps the shirt says ‘Fast Times Attached’ but that last word is a bit vague.. I’m hoping his feet are swollen so they arnt naturally that way inclined.

  6. That’s wild. And it looks pretty cool. Ironicly enough, I live about 20 minutes from thurmont.

  7. well, as long as it’s temporary–neat! :)
    and i like the bicycle tattoo on the leg of the guy from the photoshopped pic

  8. GAAHH. that musta hurt like a sonofabitch. People seem to be quite tortured with simple blood test and I.V. insertions on feet, I can’t image have those done. Yeeouch.

    Looks really cool though! I’d love to see the the whole knee-high boot lacing look too!

  9. I just found this when searching the web. I never realized that this got posted on here. It was in fact done at a shop, I did them on myself near the end of the day. I however realized that I left my camera at home and wanted to show my wife. So I left them in for the short drive home and took the pictures when I got home. However it was not possible to get a good picture due to the fact that by standing, these piercings had a lot of stress on them and got alot of redness and bleeding during the short drive home. As soon as these pictures were taken the CBRs were removed because I understood they were only temporary. My shirt does indeed say Fast Times Attached. Its the title of a song by the band The Heart Attacks.

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