Reconstructive Lobe Surgery

Nerpy decided to have her 5/8″ lobes closed up and took picture of the process along the way. From left to right, what you see is:

  1. 5/8″ lobes after having them for five years
  2. 28 stitches after reconstructive surgery to reverse ear stretching
  3. One month after stitch removal
  4. Six months after surgery

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45 thoughts on “Reconstructive Lobe Surgery

  1. im getting mine reversed next month from 5/8. they were at one time up to an inch. im just over them in a way. ill never be over my tattoos.

  2. I know some people will be all butthurt over “omg mods r 4 LYFE”, but the fact is, people change. Regardless of if this was something she did because she wanted to be cool or different, or if it was something she really believed it, people DO just get over things.

  3. Agree #3. I think it’s peachy keen that people can choose to modify themselves one way, and then modify themselves right back if they choose to do that.

    What a nice job, especially compared to that poor girl who was the last person featured (IIRC) with a lobe reconstruction.

  4. Ariel, you can’t generalize any group of people like that, even though there are some people who regret their modifications later in life. Some things are ‘encoded’ into a person’s personality/self-concept.

  5. #7, i agree with you– ive never seen reconstructed lobes look so natural. especially the smoothness and roundness of the lobe. a lot of the time, it seems like theres about 1/3 as much lobe as there should be after the procedure compared with what the lobe looked like before stretching.

  6. I’d like to see a better shot of them now. In that last photo it looks like either it has opened up or she has had her ear re-pierced or something? Maybe it’s just pink scar tissue.

  7. I’m always sad to see lobe reversals and become afraid that in a few years I might opt for the same procedure.

    However, I’m glad to see that it has healed nicely and very cleanly.

  8. I’ve been seeing a lot more of these lately, and doing quite a few more too. There are pictures on my page of a guys 1 1/4″ lobes I closed a few days ago.

  9. I been reading her iam page.
    she had to gave them up because she is going to army :(
    Army force dont allow big lobes.

  10. 11: definately hard to tell if she’s got them re-pierced or not at a smaller gauge size. As the photo is not that detailed and close up in the last frame, same with any on her page.

    Definately wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more closer up shot of the last image, no photoshopping,etc. Just to see how well the scar tissue held up,etc. But in the final picture it certainly LOOKS to be healed well and nice.

    Lobe reconstruction has definately been on the rise lately. For various reasons on behalf of the clients,etc.

  11. I do feel a little sad when I see people reverse mod’s like this but she obviously has her reasons and I have to say her lobes do look really natural, I actually don’t think I’ve seen a reconstructed lobe look so nicely healed and natural.

  12. wow–that last picture looks so natural, it took me a sec to realize it was the same girl. It must be fun to wear normal earrings again, haha!

    19–my guy friend who’s in Iraq right now (Army) has tattoos on his upper arms/side, and has gotten work done since joining up. Of course his stuff is covered by wearing a normal tshirt so I can’t help you if you’ve got full sleeves or anything. :P

  13. It makes me a bit sad to see this lobe reversal, and even sader to know that she did it to enter the army….

  14. I got them done to join the air force, but that also changed as I am going to finish school first and then see what life brings fourth.
    I got them closed up by a plastic surgeon, it costed me $900 and only took an hour to do so.

  15. I believe military policy is tattoos are acceptable provided they’re covered by uniform and are not “offensive”. Might be some variation from branch to branch, but I’m fairly certain that’s the general policy.

  16. Like everyone else, I’m a little sad to see all that hard work reversed… but on the other hand, it’s nice to see someone so dedicated to joining the armed forces.

    Whatever life brings you, I hope it’s good. :)

  17. I had 00 ears for a few years, but I got sick of having stank-ass ears after a while. So I let them grow in, they didn’t grow all the way in, but close enough that I don’t have to get surgery, which is nice!

  18. why does almost no one consider that this is just a different level of modification for her? we all just assume that this is a decision based on regret and backtracking–but what if it’s not?

  19. it makes me sad to see she is doing this for the army… they try to force everyone to fit in the same hole…the physical restrictions are only part of it. Good luck to her, I hope she maintains her sense of self, it can be difficult to do.

  20. I’m curious (not to be nosey or obnoxious) how much such a nice job like that cost. For the sake of wondering comparatively how much it costs to stretch them vs. “unstretch” them. :-)

  21. I just assumed that it’s a saftey hazard if you have loops on the side of your face that can get caught and torn on things.

  22. They’ve healed really well, too sad that she had to do the procedure in the first place :/..
    I’ve thought about doing conscription (not sure, if that’s the right word), but I’ll choose keeping my streched lobes over military service any time.

  23. i think it’s pretty obvious that people with streched lobes can do a variety of sports/ occupations without them getting torn…the military uses ‘safety reasons’ for a lot of conformist reasons, like they say that short hair is neccesary for “hygene”.

  24. im at inch and have been debating to get them removed
    yours look realy good did it hurt/

  25. 32- Yes the military it very strict, but the reason why they wont allow large holes in your ears is the same reason why guys can’t have hair and why if your a woman your hair has to be slicked back…If your in hand to hand combat its on else thing to enemy can grab on to. And i’m glad that she took a step into a life that is worth taking risks for. Stay strong. And your ears look great!

  26. Mine are almost at 2″ and I already know I will need surgery to fix them. Although I stretched slowly over 9 years, I as well want my ears back to a smaller size. I don’t want them completely closed, just to about a half inch.

  27. I just got mine stitched a few days ago I look like the second picture of nerpy. My procedure only cost 700 and 10 stitches on each ear. I was at 7/8 of a inch and I had them out for 6 months before the procedure. I am really nervous about developing keloids. Nerpys almost looks to good to be true don’t get me wrong i’m happy for her. But its comforting their are people out there who understand and I’ll tell you that she has a lot of balls showing everyone. I have been really self conscious so much I don’t really go out anymore. But I hope My ears will be as beautiful as hers

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