Real Rat vs. Tattoo Robot Rat

Nedzumi and her pet rat crawling on her great tattoo of a biomechanical rat done by Astrarium in Moscow, Russia.

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55 thoughts on “Real Rat vs. Tattoo Robot Rat

  1. Aww, I love rats. =D
    And I had dreads in the same colours recently. o_o Only the transitions went the other way around.

  2. Little error – photo mabe by Doralba :)
    Tattoo made by Astrarium – that’s his name.
    And yes, the rat is pierced.

  3. Awwww, what a precious rattie! I’d love to see a better picture of the tattoo, it looks amazing!

  4. The tattoo is beautiful but I just know that in the area I live in if I had it I would constantly be correcting people who would ask if it was a lizard.

    Yay for rats!

  5. i just saw the bottom of the tattoo and thought it was a biomech CRAB. rats are still cool but a crab would rock.

  6. There is a mechanism in tatoo, but I don’t see bio. Why it’s “biomechanical rat”?

  7. Ah I see. So how does it sit in there? Is it like a microdermal or is there another exit point that isn’t visible in the photos?

  8. I think she’s a lucky rat to have a good home. A great number of white rats end up in labs or in the stomachs of pet snakes.

  9. Жаль, что рисунок с крысой спиздели((( Причём, как мне показалось, в оригинале у Зуми он крупнее… Про цвета даже не говорю, у этих Инк Броз – хуже, однозначно…

  10. I really like ure tattoo and i even nicked the pic, but when i realised u had ure rat pierced i decided i didnt like u. One of my rats died yesterday from an infection and a lump. Piercing ure rat will probably result in an infection, no matter how long it’s been there. It’s spineless, cruel and the only one benifiting from it is you, not ure rat. GET A FUKIN LIFE AND STICK TO PIERCIN URESELF U FUCKER, Oh, and did ure rat tell u it doen’t bother her. I think u need medical help.

  11. The tattoo is nice, but piercing the rat is just sick. Why? It has nothing with the rats wellbeing to do. Just becuse you think it´s cool you put your animal through pain and a possibility for infection. People like you should get a doll and not a pet. I would never do that to my rats because I have a responsibility to make there life as good as I can.

  12. Love the Tattoo, but hate the fact that you pierced your rat. I’ve had 5 rat boys and they were “cool” just as they were – they didn’t need any accessories!!

  13. poor ratty!!! I have a white rat too, and i’m sure she wouldn’t like something sticking out of her skin.

  14. im all for piercing and tattoos…but rats are animals and not bloody accessories! pierce yourself all you like, leave the poor rat alone. im sure given the choice (something you didnt consider) the rat would have chosen to NOT have that. And as people said you put her in risk of infection

  15. it makes me feel sick to see somebody being as insensitive and irrisponsible enought to pierce the poor rat. Somebody that clueless about animals shouldnt even be aloud pets. Get a clue.

  16. omg what now.. piercing animals..DISGUSTING!! how could you? that poor animal, all for your self gratification..TUT TUT

  17. That is absolutly sick that you should peirce your rat!!!!! you are fukin disgusting!!! I have tattoos, peircings and rats. I would never harm my animals. To do what you have done means you don’t care about your rat/s one bit!! you are selfish and sick!

  18. You sick Sick Bastard i have reported you to the RSPCA

    i cant even imagine how much pain that poor rat went through when you got her pierced

    what next will you have your face tattooed on her?????

    i’m disgusted i bet that rat will have a better life when she’s dead

    poor little thing

  19. “As Slaine said someone already ripped off the idea :/ It sucks cause this tat means a lot to me and was created specially for me. I saw one rip off made by so-called Ink Brothers:
    posted by;Nedzumi on July 31st, 2007 at 4:32 pm
    Yeah whatever ur lame .welcome to the real world . and ur lame ass words make an otherwise cOOl rat look lame and stupid to .

  20. Well done to Anon for reporting this heartless, image obsessed BITCH to the RSPCA! Dyeing your rat blue and piercing it is CRUEL. That rat didnt asked to be pierced! I hope the next piercing needle you decide to stick through your body results in a nasty infection as karma kicks you up your ass for being so cruel to your pet. If I ever saw you in the street id punch your lights out for being the animal abuser you so obviously are!


  22. Did you pierce your rat to make yourseld feel ‘cooler’? or some other dumb ass reason!?
    Do what ever you like to yourself. But rats/animals dont exactly have any say in the matter do they?!

    This is very very wrong

  23. You talk about having the animal pierced like its something to be proud of, you imbecile! I bet the poor creature is forced to accompany you on all sorts of outings to show everyone how ‘wild and wacky’ you are with your pierced rat! Fool.

  24. I hope someday someone shoves a 3 foot stainless steel loop through your fucking spine without warning you too.

    You do stuff like this to a human without consent it’s called assault or torture or rape. You do it to an animal it’s the same fucking thing. It is not “cute” it is not “quirky” it is asolutely revolting.

  25. What agression.
    It’s not MY rat, idiots.
    It’s a rat of my acquaintance. He putted on my spine to take a pic of two rats – live one and tattooed.
    Think before bitching about someone.

  26. “Was much surprised when saw again that post about me on modblog.
    So many people was bitching so much without knowing anything.
    Okay, the rat on my neck is pierced.
    Soo…? It’s not me who pierced it, it wasn’t my idea and it doesn’t belong to me.
    I saw him couple of minutes in my life and it was rat of my acquaintance, who putted it on my spine to make a photo of my tattoed rat and his live rat.
    My rat is healthy and feeling great. i won’t ever dye his fur or do some modifications with it.
    I just got kinda dissapointed that people on bme/modblog who i kinda believed was quite understanding ones, started to behave like complete idiots. Sad”

  27. So, promoting the fact you are obviously ok with your friend piercing their rat by having a picture taken with the poor thing doesn’t make you an idiot then Nedzumi????? Fucking prat.

  28. Well, in defense fancy rats can inherit that blue tint naturally, and people put hooks through fish’s mouths and rings in bull’s noses and it’s not that big of a deal. True, I wouldn’t recommend it because of the whole consent thing and through the spine might not’ve been the best of places… I’m guessing the guy who did it gets alot of flack in public, but there are worse fates for rats.
    That being said, I admire this shot for its angle and creativity, though it comes across as a bit odd…

  29. You dumb asses, not understanding, not even having an idea what more horrible things happen to rats, people. Why don’t you just shut up and face the facts!
    I’m sure most you don’t even like rats and would prefer killing one if its in your house and even feed them to your pet snakes! And after all of that you are calling her a bad person!
    It doesn’t even take a professional to pierce skin, I don’t have a studio and I am not even wearing any rings but all my friends did and I made their piercings for them!
    YES THAT’S RIGHT with a simple syringe needle(cleaned with alcohol) and a new ring (also cleaned with alcohol).
    The most dangerous place for a piercing is an eyebrow and even then 99% of people don’t have a problem. In fact those that I know having problems is because they FAILED to keep clean their newly made piecing in order for it not to get infected!!!
    Once again with a ring or not that rat is at least happy and is not gonna get eaten or stuck to a flypaper or killed by a big metal piece snapping their neck.

    So please shove those lame comments of yours up your asses, duck tape it and SHUT THE HELL UP!

  30. Guys calm the fuck down.
    First off, it’s not their pet. chill the fuck out and stop accusing her of all this bullshit.
    Second, a majority of people are not dumb enough to use dyes that harm an animal. Most likely the dye was animal friendly and DID NOT HURT THE RAT.
    As for the piercing, I agree it’s kinda dumb and pointless but if the rat isn’t showing any signs of being in pain and is happy then why make a big fuss over it? Also has anyone here seen a cow with a tag on its ear? Why don’t you go bitch about that since it’s the SAME EXACT THING.

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