19 thoughts on “Forehead Scarification Design

  1. wow!!!
    definitely need to see a healed version of this. hopefully somehow that message gets to shannon since he’s outtie for a while

  2. Holy crap that is fucking fantastic. Tattooing just became legal over in Norfolk (finally) after a long ban. Fuzion Ink hasn’t even been open that long. I MUST go there! 🙂

  3. Oh! Nice Work there…im working up for my First Scaring…not on my head mind you but that is Beautiful!

  4. Josh is a body modification extraordinaire – definitely one of the best artists in the Hampton Roads area. And now he can add ‘fabulous daddy’ to his long lists of talents!

  5. Absolutely fantastic. Would love to find an artist locally who can create THAT kind of quality work. The eyelid looks like a tattoo to me.

  6. Just happened to roll across this image while searching the web. This happens to be my best friend and his eyelids say “WHAT THE” You would have to know him to understand the meaning. The scar healed up light because of the skin on the forehead and the healing process. But its PHAT! To say the least. He now has a piece on the back of his head. Its awesome!!!

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