67 thoughts on “Damn!

  1. It would be nicer without the chesthair.
    Also he seems to look a lot like Tom Cruise, which is an instant turn-off.

    (Ah, who am I kidding, that guy is sexy!)

  2. Yeah, I was enjoying that until I realized he looked like Tom Cruise. Instant turn-off. 😐

  3. I don’t mind the chest-hair, I just hate the “I’ll pour some water over my chest and open my zipper and I’ll appear twice as sexy” trick… (-:

  4. niiice. except something about his face is a little off. the teeth perhaps? im a fan of big gleaming white smiles.

    also, his left nipple piercing (on the right side of the picture) seems like its migrated unfortunately downward, compared to the other nipple piercing.

  5. Count me among those who thought that was hot until he loked like Tom Cruise. Blech.

  6. HOT – but he doesnt look like tom to me, i SERIOUSLY thought it was nick carter b4 i saw the piercings

  7. Yes, I was definately hoping for a more X-rated click through.. and I have to agree that his left piercing looks way lower than the right. It looks like it’s seriously migrating south.

  8. that is phenomenal to me 😀 i agree with everyone else on the subject of a more risque photo, but i’m content!
    and glad to hear it shannon, working your way out of that closet for a bit :-D!!!

  9. Am I missing something? It says this pic is filed under tattoos. Where’s the tattoo?

  10. His face (from what i can see) looks like the guy who won the Starburst entry into Big Brother Australia this year! But I don’t think his body was quite that buff!

  11. How does he look like Tom Cruise… is there a photo that includes his face that I just can’t see?

  12. yum! was disappointed with the click through though, was hoping to see some other man parts.

  13. He has an awesome body… disappointed on the click through though haha.. normally don’t like guy nipple piercings and chest hair but I could make an exception for him…

  14. This guy is actually a porn star… he does solo homosexual porn and couple heterosexual porn… I can’t remember his name though….

    Where did Shannon find this? Hahahaa.

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