He took the white pill

I’d say SuperMichael‘s tongue piercing is one of the biggest around at one inch… Either that or I’m misinterpreting the photo and he has half a marshmallow glued to his tongue.

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70 thoughts on “He took the white pill

  1. I noticed the bridge first, it’s not very appealing..
    Neither is the tongue piercing in my opinion, how does that not get annoying? I like the surface of my tongue, and tasting my food without having to try.
    to each his own.. gotta give it to him though, that takes some effort.

  2. that would look really cool without jewelry too. i imagine youd have to learn how to eat all over again? maybe?

  3. After recently stretching my septum up to 00 gauge (woohoo!) I have gained a new respect for guys (and girls) like this guy and Pauly Unstoppable. While the larger gauges may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the dedication and determination to go through that much stretching has to be admired.

  4. I want to know what he sounds like when he talks. And I wonder if the plug rubs on the bottom of his mouth…it just doesn’t seem comfortable. It still looks cool though.

  5. My bridge sucks at healing and it’s scarred from accidentally knocking it. As for my tongue, I do lisp occasionally but I can control it most of the time.

  6. Wow, I bet his girlfriend (or boyfriend) hate him. I would imagine receiving oral from him would not be a very pleasurable experience.

  7. i likes it ! looks better then a standard tounge pircing in a guy hahaha but hey thats just me props!

  8. I can’t imagine that it’s very comfortable, I could be wrong. Personally I wouldn’t want this but I certianly admire the dedication it takes to achive something like this.

  9. He’s pretty hot, heh.. :)
    Massive gauge piercings aren’t really my thing, as in I wouldn’t get them myself (I really don’t have the dedication to do it) but I have alot of respect for people who put up with them. They look pretty awesome.

  10. yes he’s quite the cutie.
    and making out with him isnt the least bit difficult.

  11. It seems to me like a more rounded plug shape would be more comfortable? I had my tongue pierced at 8 gauge and only kept it for a week… it felt HUGE in my mouth. I can’t even fathom this. Either way… pretty amazing.

  12. Hey Mike…

    I always wanted to ask you if you were stretching your tongue for the sake of a possible split?

    If you did end up going that route, I think you’d have one of the easiest/painless/quickest splits ever performed :)

  13. Nope. No split, I attempted it. You can see a minor split at the tip, but I changed my mind. I’m aiming for 1″ and 1/4″ (32mm)

  14. to #14 Jen033
    it doesnt just look like hes about to accept the sacrament, it looks as if hes already recieved about 5 eucharist wafers.. thats a quintuple dose of christ in one go. who can handle that? i know i can’t! this guy must be hardcore.

  15. thats no marshmellow. I was talking to him yesterday on msn[I miss our webcam chats!] I had to see it….it’s so damn sexy…;] his labret is so much bigger now as well. :] And he’s still soooo young! :]

  16. Well done on the modblog Mikey…

    You have the respect of alot of people, and 99% of BJS :)

  17. Hey Mikey.
    I think this is just amazing, I can’t imagine how long this must have taken!
    I think it looks amazing, you should have a picture without the plug too. :D
    Everyone on BJS is in awe of you!
    Hope the bridge heals well.

  18. I have certain negative opinions on certain aspects of doing this at such a young age, some of which I have already mentioned over at BJS.

    However, this is somewhat a celebration of your achievment, so I congradulate you. This must have taken some real dedication :) I can always admire dedication to something like this where you must take so much time and care, as well as altering certain everyday activities in life to suit the piercing. My favorite example of that sort of thing HAS to be G.C.’s lip, its amazing.

    So yeah, kudos :)

  19. OK, looks cool.. hiper-cool actually, but.. just a question: is your speech not affected by it? (i’m really intrested)

  20. Nice one, looks really amazing, you dont see many like that about. Although, I am curious about how you taste???
    BJS love here too!

  21. Yay you ModBlogged it! More BJS love over here!

    Keep us all posted on your next move (here and BJS)and remember ice cream is your friend!

  22. Looks brilliant.

    I’m really interested in whether it affects taste, I assume it doesn’t as you still have all the same parts of your tongue, but in a different place.

    I think all your piercings suit you very well.

    from another of the 99%. :D

  23. About time you got modblogged Mikey :). My tongue’s stuck at 0g, it just doesn’t seem to want to stretch any more. Well done with that! You have to have a lot of commitment to get that big, especially hard as your tongue is constantly in use- much less than your lobes (well…the only ‘use’ mine get is me messing with them :)). I would be interested to know how it affects your speech but, as it looks like you’ve stretched up pretty gradually you’ve probably adapted pretty well right?

  24. wow, now thats very interesting, really love the way it looks.
    but wow, i would suspect it to be hard to talk.
    well keep it up Mikey, looks amazing!

  25. just so you all know, michael is my best friend, and i think hes done really well getting to this point. hes the nicest guy, and his lisp is occasionally amusing ;)
    for everyone that says his mods arnt appealing, there still pretty incredible, and an inspiration for others.

  26. I’m curious on the choice of material on this one. PTFE? Also, I’d really love to hear a sound clip of Mikey here talking.

    Great stretching!

  27. Tehee, gosh mike hun, i knew you’d get modblogg with that pretty awesome mod. hehe also your getting alot more nice comments than i did last month! haha.

    Well done my son ^_^ lawl.

    Kaydee-Plastik x

  28. I’ve met Mikey and Spoken to him, and his tongue really doesn’t cause that much of a lisp :) and it looks a lot more impressive in real life :)
    He’s a really nice guy too.
    Kudos to him for having the patience to do this :)


  29. Omg, as if

    i actually know this guy!

    it took him forever to get this!

    Tongue stretching isnt quite my thing though

    but his septum is a work of art!

  30. he took the white pill?
    …you mean birth control?

    lol. jokes. i like. but it’s gotta be at least inconvenient.

  31. hi , am actuially< planning to get a big hole in my tongue aswell and am up to 10 mm now my problem is that i dont find bigger diameter plugs to insert and continue the stretching. does someone have advize for me ? thank you

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