38 thoughts on “Microdermal Love

  1. just makes me think of random internet slang. lolz roflcopters AFK-47.

  2. awww thats so cute. i love that tattoo as well. im planning on getting something like that.

  3. Haha, for a second I thought he had a magnifying glass in his lobe, but then I realized that that was just the size of his tattoo.

  4. I’m not entirely sure he [i]doesn’t[/i] have a magnifying glass in there, but maybe that’s just me.

  5. #18, me too!
    #26, i’m not entirely sure either

    Wow, what awesome mods cory has. I’m loving the lobe, but really really loving the microdermal + tattoo. It’s just awesome.

  6. That’s got to be the actual size of the tattoo, or at least very close to it, because if it’s magnified that’s one really really tiny microdermal!

    Also, I think it’s awesome 🙂

  7. since everyone keeps bringing up the magnifying glass…

    that IS the actually size of the tattoo. And for all you fellow nerds, I do believe it’s 72 pt font. =)

  8. Smaller than three, that’s actually how my friend’s father read it, when he saw like “aivi

  9. nice. i’m not really a fan of stretched lobes (as a black person i think the cultural implications are far reaching) but i secretly like the placement of the tattoo and micro playing off the lobe 🙂

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