Aerodynamic ridges for deeper diving

Or maybe faster bike riding? Either way I like Silicun‘s forehead ridges and how they follow the shape of his head, done by Howie ( I assume that the bruising is residual from the procedure.

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19 thoughts on “Aerodynamic ridges for deeper diving

  1. has this been on here before? im not complaining, this looks awesome! but i could have sworn ive seen this exact picture on ModBlog before.

  2. emily – I don’t think so… It’s definitely been on BME and IAM, because those sites get the content first, but I don’t see it anywhere here after a quick check in the search engine.

  3. They’re so subtle (for implants) and natural-looking. I bet people do doubletakes.

  4. i always thought it was really odd that you can get bruising so far away from the actual implant area.

  5. wow, i swear that is so amazing everyithing that howie does is just so ART, or artfag, whatever but realy just awsome love this one!

  6. Hydrodynamic? (looks it up) I guess it does exist. I got made fun of in 6th grade for answering hydrodynamic when my teacher asked for the water – equivalent of aerodynamic. She said the word was “streamlined”. After 15 years of self doubt, I feel much better now.

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