"Capture Everything"

Ali got her Canon camera permanently enshrined on her body by Carson at White Lotus in Mission Viejo, CA.

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50 thoughts on “"Capture Everything"

  1. i like how the camera looks, but the shading around the lettering to me seems like its out of place.

  2. I’m with everyone else, the camera looks amazing and the lettering is just all over the place. And who says things like “sweet boob”, anyway? Bloody bogans!

  3. I love this so much. I’m a photographer and i can’t wait to get my camera tattoo, so it’s always nice to come across rad photography related tattoos.

  4. for some reasone the shadeing about the lettering lookin shopped or something….looks a little fake but a great tat non the less if it isnt….

  5. Love the tattoo of the camera…not so hot on the lettering but each to us own. Ha side boob! Awsome!

  6. Canon A-1!

    Amazing camera, mine is still working to this day!

    Incidentally, i still shoot canon now!

    Next up, i wanna see a 1Ds MkIII tattoo!

  7. as soon as the 1Ds MkIII is out and I own one then I’ll get a tattoo of it. Unless you were talking about the 1D MkIII, then the same rules apply cause it’s pretty awesome.

  8. I got my camera tattoos at black lotus on arizona! how bizzare. beautiful tattoo, otherwise.

  9. Damn, that’s nice. I don’t like the lettering, but the camera is fantastic. I have one of those lying around. I think my dad is selling it though.

  10. You know it’s an amazing tatt because I didn’t even notice the boob ’till i read the comments!

  11. Oh wow, that shop is like 1 mile from my house, and I’ve been wanting to get tattooed by Carson ever since he worked in Costa Mesa. Awesome camera.

  12. the camera made me “wow” out loud. it’s sooo 3D!
    and i actually like the lettering.

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