23 thoughts on “Tate Modern Picnic

  1. I’M NOT A HIPPY! :p

    But yay for newly-acquired internet quasi-fame! Though we have now been superceded by tits. I’m not bitter, tits are great.

    To those who may worry, I haven’t let fame change me.

    Just leave the hookers in the trailer round back like the old days, and I’ll get my shovel.

  2. WOOT for teh Hippies. Not that I would classify either of them as hippies. But oh well. Look at you both go! 😀

  3. HIPPY BOYS HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAH! I still love you both… but hahah, your interwebs reputation is fuckin ruined now… =P

  4. Hippy? Fucking Hippy? Me?
    Ohhhh sweet Jesus, I am not a hippy.
    I’ve just bought the most environmentally unfriendly car ever. I can’t be a hippy.
    Never forget we did it for the LULZ!!!!1111

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