Puzzle Time!

The wearer of this tattoo writes,

“This is my pussy. This is my tattoo. I wonder if anyone can decipher it? Hint: it has three words in it. See you on the flip / flop…”

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60 thoughts on “Puzzle Time!

  1. well since im first..im lost..i dont know where to start hahha, good luck to the rest of you and i hope to get the answer throough the smarter people below.

  2. hellonightmare, the scleras in cats’ eyes reflect light.

    otherwise.. I have no idea what the puzzle is.

  3. Crookshanks? lol. Cute kitty (maybe a bit of kneazle in there too?). I have no idea about the tattoo, though, sorry.

  4. I think each block is some-sort of word, could be 3 or 6 blocks… Hope that helps. And yes the pussy rules.

  5. Nice tat ^_^

    If you turn it upside down the left blocks look like a person, The right blocks look like a pussy cat. So im assuming the middle blocks mean something along the line of love/like etc.

    Im sure the left and right are correct but im not so sure about the middle.

    Oh well we will some find out if im proved wrong teehee :]


  6. It’s Faith/ Hope/ and Love.
    It’s all over-laid in 3 blocks. Then some parts are filled w/ black…to make it have more depth.

  7. hellonightmare – You probably knew this but..

    “Cats have an inner, third eyelid, called a nictating membrane, which serves to protect the eye from dryness and/or damage. When a cat is sick, the third eyelid will partially close, which is a signal to get him to the vet immediately if other symptoms present. Curiously enough, a very happy cat will also show that nictating membrane.”

    That and he’s looking upwards.

  8. Ohh that is neat.
    I wouldn’t've gotten it had the answer not been given, but I’m proud of myself for seeing it then because I’m terrible when it comes to things like this.

  9. Wow. I think it’s still pretty indecipherable after being told what it’s supposed to be (as in, there isn’t a “system” as to how the letters are arranged), but nice conversation piece. 13:13?


    im going crazy over here cause of it!! c’mon!

  11. you can see the letterforms in the shapes once you know what letters to look for, i don’t think i’d ever figure it out on my own though

  12. haha i totally still dont see that faith hope love thing.. the first one looks like a road, the 2nd one looks like ’2′ (with the two dots) and the 3rd square looks like a crotch. matched with the cat i was convinced it meant ‘road to pussy’.

  13. so where’s the love and hate? cuz if i try to spell a word from all the lines i can come up with quite a few words…

  14. RooRaaah- I thought that the third eyelid of cats was a different direction. Like it goes from corner to corner instead of top to bottom which this cat appears to have.

  15. 39, if you look at the eye thats reflecting light, you can see a tiny bit of third eyelid in the inner corner. On the other eye it’s just the whites of the cats eye.

  16. that’s the third eyelid.. that’s what I’ve heard from any vet.
    RooRaaah- do you not find it odd that the one on the right side looks nothing like the one of the left?

  17. gwennn- that’s what I was referring to. I thought that Roo was suggesting the white of the cats eye was the third lid, but I think I just misunderstood him.

  18. Wow I feel dumb. I didn’t even get it until I looked at the picture someone posted giving it away. lol. That’s a neat idea though!

  19. third eyelids come up for a number of reasons on cats and dogs
    it’s a semi voluntary type thing like our eyelids
    they can go up from irritation
    or if you’re petting your kitty and it’s happy many times the eyelids will go up because they are relaxed, like when about to fall asleep
    i think its just the position the cats head is in is making it come up
    if you push on the outter upper part of their eyeball the 3rd lid pops up invountarily

    oh and thanks for the diagram jessica
    that made it much easier to see
    i would have never figured out what the hell was going on

  20. I thought it was like pictogram-speak for “Highway To Hell”.

    The first picture looks like a highway, then the two eyed side of a dice and then an upside down figure of death. I’m probably reaching.

  21. Ohhh, thanks Jessica. Now that I see it, I totally love it, lol. Cool idea, though if it was mine I’m fairly sure I’d get sick of explaining it.

  22. i think if you put yourself in the place of the wearer and look at it, the top left box looks like a sumo wrestler. the top middle box reminds me of the japanese flag. i don’t know about the top right, bottom left, or bottom middle… but the bottom right box looks like an exclamation mark.

  23. “the top left box looks like a sumo wrestler.”

    I can’t say I see a sumo wrestler anywhere in there, but I do kind of see what you mean about the flag.

  24. He’s a real freak…and he’s my son…the photo is cute and I adore the cat! [you too son!]

  25. the third eyelid thing is opened permanently on my cat because he had an old, abusive owner before we got him and his eye was punctured. He can’t see out of it anymore :[ but he’s a sweetie.

    Maybe the same happened to this cat sort of?

  26. I Think It Says ‘ I Am Mod’
    The Top Three Boxes Say ‘I Am’
    And the Bottom 3 Say ‘Mod’
    If You Look Well Enough, You Can Kinda See It.

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