That’s some bright work!

This piece is on Ben Pass and was done by Watson Atkinson at 13 Roses Tattoo Parlor in Atlanta, Georgia… Not a guy I’m going to hang out with next time I’m on acid… Or at least I’m going to ask him to keep his shirt on.

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46 thoughts on “That’s some bright work!

  1. i really hope thats not photoshoppingly enhanced. if its not, WOW. if it is, still.. WOW.

  2. damn! not the biggest fan of the design but the color work is remarkable, very very skilled artist behind this piece

  3. sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but this is definetly photoshopped. u can tell by the difference between the brightness of the forearm and the chest. regardless its some good work!

  4. I really, really like this. The bright colours and the clear lines are so well done.

    I’d love to see pics of the rest as well.

  5. wow thats AMAZING,i thought it was a shirt @ first! i wonder if the color is that bright in person tho

  6. That’s incredible. I really love it; it’s totally my style. It seems to me that his nipple is really close to his armpit. But I don’t care, I love his tattoo!

  7. Ok that tattoo basically looks fake. So you know its a good tattoo because it seriously looks like you can just start pealing it off at any minute.

  8. are you kidding me? if i was on acid i’d spend hours staring at his tattoos! so awesome!

  9. Did you bump up the saturation too, or just the brightness/contrast? Either way it looks great, just curious.

  10. I know Watson and Ben, and I can assure you this is not Photoshopped. The chest is brighter because it was just completed and healed at the time of the photo. It really is that amazing! (And those asking about seeing the whole piece should know…that is the whole piece.) Ben has his other arm sleeved, though it’s not attached to this.) Fun!

  11. #26, yes! It blends in so well.
    And if you squint just a bit, it really does look like a shirt. It’s so vibrant – I love it!

  12. this is like a huge mishmash of different tattoo themes
    an eye spy of tattoos
    i see some film, a crankshaft, a dragon, a hand coming out of a an engine, a key on some rope, a zombie woman

  13. Ooh! How long has he had the sleeve and how well will the color hold up over time?

  14. you wouldn’t want to take acid with this guy? why on earth not? he looks like the perfect companion to me! i’d love to take some then stare at this chest for hours!

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  16. No photoshop! just a clean shave and some lotion. I see this thing every day and it is as bright now as it was back then. My arm was done 3 years before my chest that is why there is a difference in the color. Watson is known for his bright ass tattoos and crazy subject matter….. go to his website and see for yourself http://WWW.WATSONATKINSON.COM if you want to see more pictures go to my myspace page

  17. that’s not fake.. i hang out with this guy all the time. it’s as bright in person as it is on here.

  18. to #36, if you think his nip is photoshopped you should look a little harder or possibly get your eyes checked, also this is the whole piece, his other arm is a vegan sleeve that is on here as well. don’t be a hater.

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