Heavy Breast Skewer Play

Birgit from Paris, France, is into very heavy play! Remember kids, just like smoking pot leads to smoking crack, play piercing leads to S&M. Well, even if the first is false, I’m sure there’s truth to the latter…

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107 thoughts on “Heavy Breast Skewer Play

  1. omg ouch!! i mean, to each their own.. but.. *gently cradles boobies* i couldn’t do that.

  2. I… um… I thought I liked it rough, but, uh, that…

    *whimper* what’s the safety word to get out of that?

  3. Could you elaborate Giles?

    I could understand if this photo, or the actions depicted within were taken against the persons will, but it’s a consensual act, No different than looking at porn, or anything else on this website… No?

  4. It will be illegal for those in the UK to view images such as these and those on BMEHard if section 6 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill goes through.

    The grey area of the bill would make it a punishable offence to view internet sites where extreme sexual images were present where there is harm (real or not) involved.

    The wording of the act says that

    “(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of an extreme pornographic image.

    (6) An “extreme image” is an image of any of the following ~

    (a) an act which threatens or appears to threaten a person’s life,

    (b) an act which results in or appears to result (or be likely to result) in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals”

    This is a SERIOUS threat to certains areas of BME and I would like all BME and MODBLOG contributors (and the entire body modification community) to oppose this bill however they can.

  5. You know how when guys see footage of another guy getting canned really hard and they grab their balls and crouch over and go “Oooooooogh” in sympathy?
    I’m doing that with my boobs right now. That would be absolutely excrutiating. Wow…

  6. Shannon – The grey area applies to scenes of pornography which as you know aren’t specific to those of a sexual nature.

    Although I often have enthusiastic discussines with regard to certain areas of Body Modification I fully support BME, ModBlog and Shannon and intend to fight 100% for the right for us all as adults to make our own decisions over what we choose to see and read about in the UK and across the world.

    (I ain’t too hot on China at the moment either)

  7. #22, rofl. But OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!!!! My boobs hurt just looking at it! Eek. Good on her, though, she’s doing what she likes, however painful the rest of us picture it.

  8. First thought ”That can’t be safe”, but I must say that I’m very fascinated (in a none sexual way).

    To bad about the laws in GB.

  9. and Shannon, how is play piercing not *already* SM?


    Or are you saying that people who do play piercing for non-SM reasons will eventually come to do it for sexual ones?

  10. Goodness. Could you please censor this kind of stuff (and the amputation) so we don’t have to see it unless we click on it?

    I mean, I love this site, don’t get me wrong, but there are some things I just never want to see. This is one of them.

    OUCH! My girls could NOT take this!

  11. Giles I completely agree with you – it’s a ridiculous proposition, backed by small minded politicians. It’s paternalism gone mad. If it does go through, anyone who does look at such images will probably be forced to sign the sex offenders register? Absolute madness.

  12. >>47
    You mean not counting the metal? :D

    There’s a blog I read, if the author sees this, is gonna be jealous…

  13. *grabs precious sweet lil girls in hands* congrats to her if it gets her what she needs/wants, now i do like it rough in bed but this, this would make me wanna pass out for good. ooooouuuuchiieeeeee

  14. This is the first time in a LONG time that my jaw dropped. That is AMAZING! The crazy things us homo sapiens do, huh?

  15. ASdljasdjahsaksjdheuih

    I covered my mouth and started whimpering as soon as I saw this.

  16. I’m really liking that contraction thingie around her breasts with the screws… I wonder where one could get that…

  17. I’m really jealous. In spite of surpassing a lot of my earlier limits pain-wise, I know I could NEVER, ever hit this point. More power to her. Again, dammit: jealousy. Argh.

  18. this is a little off topic.. but we should give her our nations secrets because she’d probably enjoy the toture thereby keep said secrets safe.

    (because canada has such an abundance of secrets…)

  19. I do not understand how she was able to bear the pain of this…
    I’m seriously open-minded and fairly brave in the face of causing pain to myself…but damn.

  20. Oh dear. I’m used to ModBlog. But this… this scares me. If my girls could hide…

    Glad she enjoyed it, though.

  21. It kind of terrifies me how much of body modification goes into the realm of this kind of extreme fetishes………
    I just like tattoos, piercings and stetched lobes!

    I really wish this had been behind a cut of some kind..

  22. Hmmm….whatever arouses your trousers….but feck. Imagine if she got scars of,like,holes through her boobs (i know it wouldn’t happen,but it would be kind of cool if it did :P)

  23. couldn’t this do some severe damage to the breasts? like if she planned on breast-feeding a baby later on? and i agree with #6, it doesn’t look like the breasts are attached to the body.

  24. I really like this, alot. It’s such a turn on. One day I hope I can attempt something like this, I love the boobie pain XD!


  25. Somewhere in this world there’s a lonely
    guy just looking for some beautiful breasts
    to play with….

  26. ouch ._. *grabs boobs*. My boobs are so sensitive sometimes that even poking them hurts, so this…. *weeping*

    #71- I agree, I mean breasts are made mostly of fat tissue but that’s meant to protect the mammary glands…

  27. It would have been funnier if she put some red pepper chunks and a mushroom on the end.

  28. I love to see how long sombody is willing to go.
    Dose Birgit have a web-side . I will love to see a video from this session

  29. Christ on a bike, that’s intense!

    Giles & co, that sucks ass (and not in the good way).
    I’ve always wanted to join the police (because I want to try to change it from the inside out (instead of just calling the police facists and racists) and never let the Spanner case happen again in this country, among other things) but the idea of having to enforce something so anti-liberty (on the border of thought-crime) really makes me want to reconsider.

    So, would I have to physically download the pic for me to be comitting a crime? Or would I just have to view it like I just did?

    THIS is why having a majority of middle class/white/privately educated men in House Of Commons & House Of Lords is BAD BAD BAD people, if the politicians don’t represent the polulation, you won’t get what’s right/what you need. Same goes for judges and magistrates.

    If you live in the UK please write to your MP! (http://www.backlash-uk.org.uk/oppose.html is helpful)


    Errm. Back to the point. Good one Birgit!
    Hugs *touches boobs to check still there and not spiked with spikes*

  30. Brigit, you’re amazing (and from Paris, France, yay !!)

    And judging by the comment, it seems that some modblog readers still can be shocked ;) didn’t think it was possible (Shannon, you’ve done a very good job turning us into fearless mod freaks)

    For those who like it skewered, I think there used to be website called Torture Galaxy with loads of similar content. But it’s been down for ages. I think it moved to videobizarre.com now.
    It is possible that Brigit was a model for one or both of those sites. Anyone know if she’s active in the parisian SM scene ?

  31. wait…what happens when you take them out?
    does it gush blood?
    i guess not since they’re all cinched up.

  32. I have to say, that I am quite a fan of breast skewering. After having mine done tonight, and loving every minuite of it, I would quite enjoy having my breasts run through, just like it was done in that picture.

    It is enough to get a masochist wet.

  33. Well she gets major points for bravery there.
    #47 … like popping water-balloons? hahaha
    #62 Agreed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my girls and I have to go hide.

  34. gawd ! hawt! I SOOOO want to DO this!
    Done nipple piercings, clamps, hard tit bondage, suction..
    – any volunteers? willing victims?

  35. gawd ! hawt! I SOOOO want to DO this!
    Done nipple piercings, clamps, hard tit bondage, suction..
    – any volunteers? willing victims? Maryland.

  36. gawd ! hawt! I SOOOO want to DO this!
    Done nipple piercings, clamps, hard tit bondage, suction..
    - any volunteers? willing victims?


  37. My goodness, that is … I don’t even know what to say, my jaw just dropped down on my chest! But the strangest part about it is that I absolutely love it! In a very weird and out-of-this-world kind of way it looks very erotic and sexy.

  38. Hey there i lie my body art thats extreem its amazing how did she put up withthat did she have pain killers or some think lol thats crazy she must been in so much pain and she did all that for some pics yer well ithink its rally crazy like i have my sides done and i think thats crazy in its own way but im soon to take them ot i think lol and that is gunna hert lol but she has guts congrads chicky hope it was fun how did the healing go :D

  39. gawd ! hawt! I SOOOO want to DO this!
    Done nipple piercings, clamps, hard tit bondage, suction..
    - any volunteers? y-ah BDSMinMd – willing victims?

  40. I grabbed my breasts and screamed in pain when I saw this…hahaha…I guess I’m not has hard core as I thought.

  41. it is the main reason why I beg to have breaST . I had my nipples skewered and it had been one of the most impressive event in my life. Now I am in the search of the most inner part of my nipples, using thin steel wire t explore the milkways in my male nipples

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