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  1. Im all for it as long as they dont end up having a kid.. Thats just gonna mess the poor little blighter right up. Same sex couples and kids do not mix.

    But on a lighter note cute tats, hope you two last 🙂

  2. Rick James… please stop that.. I was raise by gay parents and believe me I had a great life and i’m a well balance adult now… I was raised in love, respect and with diversity, i’m open minded and was always supported in my life choices…

  3. to #5… its not like “gay” is contagious… Same sex couples are just as capable at rasing children as hetrosexual couples! Love is love and children (unlike some adults) are lucky enough to see that…

  4. Rick James- Same sex couples are just as good as heterosexual couples when it comes to raising children. If anything, children of SSC turn out more understanding BECAUSE they have 2 moms or 2 dads.

    CUTE picture. Glad that more pride and SSC pictures or mentionings are happening. Means a lot to those who are part of the “alternative” culture. 😀

  5. Im all for it as long as they dont end up having a kid.. Thats just gonna mess the poor little blighter right up. Tattooed persons and kids do not mix.

    But on a lighter note cute couple, hope you two last 🙂

  6. Oh then I don’t protest and am way too tired to be taking up arms today.

    I’m so happy these gorgeous brides live in my city! 🙂

  7. Please, folks, do not feed the troll.

    Congrats to the two lovely ladies though. I wish them the best of luck. And great tattoos! =D

  8. Awww, congratulations to both of them! That’s great. Best of luck. Great tattoos too!
    #5…way to be open-minded! *note sarcasm* jerk.

  9. Yeah, I’m glad someone posted that they looked a little alike! A lot of married couples could be mistaken for siblings – maybe they just mirror each other’s expressions etc.?

    Anyway, they look so happy… *cheered up*

  10. Gay people – Marrying each other so we don’t have to!

    I kid, I kid. I’m all for people – anyone – being allowed to marry their loved ones, and I find plenty of straight people unattractive too.
    Myself for one.
    But I’m willing to bet that if I did make a comment about not finding them attractive, which admittdely was my first instinct, cause I’m shallow about appearance like that, it would attract a lot more backlash than if I said it about an entry where lesbianism wasn’t the issue. Cause people here are touchy.

    So I didn’t. Aren’t you lucky people?

  11. Something about the tattoos just doesn’t do it for me – at all. If I we’re to get matching tattoos on my wedding day I think I would have to make it something more than just flash. However, to each his/her own in such things.

    Congratulations on the wedding, regardless. I wish them all the best.

  12. Aww, I’m a sucker for wedding photos!
    Looks like a gret day for the two of them!

  13. “A lot of married couples could be mistaken for siblings – maybe they just mirror each other’s expressions etc.?”

    Actually, I’ve found that to be true as well. My best friend and her boyfriend got mistaken for brother and sister a lot. I thought it was hilarious.

  14. It’s a lovely thought (the tattoos, I mean)

    I love how you can see how happy they are together =]

    Congrats, and best of luck for the future!

  15. Adorable couple, nice tattoos, I’d love to see them with a child. Same sex marriage should have been legalized long before it was. They look so happy and their eyes say so much, I hope they live a great life together forever.

  16. Thanks for the warm wishes and good words, everyone!! The wedding was beautiful and the tattoos were just the icing on the cake. The tattoo was designed for us by the artist, and I don’t consider the design of the actual maple leaf on the Canadian flag “flash”. “True Love” is actually a play on her last name, which I intend on taking as soon as the courts will let me do so. Otherwise I would never get a phrase like that tattooed on me. The numbers underneath are indeed the date we got married, and I let him do it the way they most commonly do it in St. Boniface. When in Rome and all that… Yes, we do look a lot alike, I’ll admit, and we’ve been asked a lot if we’re sisters. We had to swear that we’re not related by blood when we got married and for those that wonder, we definitely aren’t. And to #5-too late! I have two children from a previous marriage whom she is as much of a mother to as I am. Bridget-do you live in Winnipeg? We live in Iowa, but fully intend on making Winnipeg our home in the future if at all possible.

  17. Congrats to them! They look so happy and I think they make a cute couple! May they have a wonderful lifetime together =). If they do decide to have kids, I think the children will be thrilled to have two parents who are happy.

  18. Aww, cute. I like the tattoos! Too bad America is behind in the times. I just keep reminding myself 50 years ago I wouldn’t have been allowed to marry a white man, and I love my white men so I am so for Gay marriage.
    And if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get one. It makes sense.
    And yes, stop feeding the fucken trolls people.

  19. Aww way to go!
    They look so happy,
    ModBlog is getting more smiles from Monster today.

  20. WOOOT first of all becasue I live in Winnipeg! shout out to us.
    And second of all on points on ssc having chirldren, one of my best friends grew up with 2 moms, although it was really hard for her in schoool, kids can be cruel. She had some true great friends and defintatly grew up more understanding and accepting of others differences.

  21. RE:#48

    “The tattoo was designed for us by the artist, and I don’t consider the design of the actual maple leaf on the Canadian flag “flash”.”

    If you’re insulted, I am somewhat sorry. However, I stick to what I said. I, myself, would have opted for something different to commemorate my wedding day other than a design I’ve seen on multiple people inside one Canadian Gay Ghetto or another. Perhaps “flash” was the wrong word. I simply meant it was a common design and NOT that you walked in and picked it off the wall without thinking. I don’t/didn’t mean any offence. The pieces are well done and I wish you all the best in your married life.

    Again, Congratulations.

  22. i love this picture because i was just talking with my co-worker about how if i were attracted to females and decided to get married i would want us both to wear dresses. hurray for two wedding dresses.

  23. This is so cute! My gf and I are thinking of some kind of pride/wedding tattoo as well, even if we’re never married, we’ll be getting pride/commitment tattoos. Congrats on your marriage 🙂

  24. i think they are awesome. I am gay and my partner and I have two amazing kids. One day we will get married, when it is legal in Australia. We will never having matching tattoos though cause she doesnt like tattoos… alas. I will have one for her…. the tattoos are for them it doesnt matter what we think….

  25. Does anyone else find it a little odd that when its a straight couple there are lots of people bringing up the tattoo “curse” but no one has mentioned it here?

  26. Heh…Angel, I thought about that too. I was surprised I didn’t see it either. I believe in the tattoo curse myself and wouldn’t have tempted the gods by doing this if I wasn’t absolutely, 100% positive our relationship was going to last forever. Duck-I wasn’t aware that design was so popular. Doesn’t bother me a bit, though. Read my experience on this tattoo when it’s posted and you’ll find out why we ended up with this instead of something more original. Snaps-I was absolutely going to wear a dress (even though I normally hate dresses and skirts) but I didn’t care what my wife wore. She said if I was going to suffer in the dress she would too. 😛

  27. aw, that’s awesome. too bad america sucks so hard. i like the idea, but maybe a more personal tattoo would’ve been nicer… all i can see from their tattoos are that they are gay and live in (or like) canada.

  28. Thank you both for letting marry you in Canada. Rita and I also think it is a priviledge to have wonderful couples from the U.S and all over come and trust us in their special day.
    Your tats are gorgeous and are exactly you two….keep loving and keep living.
    Curses are for sissies!!lol

  29. Paula and Rita!! You found your way over here. *hugs* Thanks so much. We’re all ready talking about our trip up there next year with the boys. Screw Disney world, eh? LOL

  30. yay for gay weddings/families!
    now if it were only possible in other parts of the world, too!
    seriously, i’ve been to (toronto) canada once (for gay pride, coincidentally) and i can say that it was hands down my favorite place to be. so welcoming.
    congrats, you two!

  31. I’m happy finally see this. Great tats, great ladies. I wish the best of luck to you.
    The enlightened ones on this page know that being gay doesn’t = bad parents. It’s nice to see all the back up for our community here on bme.
    Best wishes.

  32. Wow, I love how all you “open minded” people jump all over #5. Apparently it is a beautiful thing to have preferences and opinions as long as they agree with yours. You open minded believe you are free to call him stupid, asshole, (un)enlightened etc. Scary. And #10, yeah, I thought they were twins until I read the description.

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