40 thoughts on “Looking for Love

  1. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on modblog, but that guys face scares the crap out of me. Its goign to give me nightmares.

  2. Aww, well maybe he’s just *attempts bad pun* Looking for love in the all the wrong places…

  3. #s 2,3,4: With a name like Tiff, you think you’d use some common sense. Anywho, I think she’s cute. If she wasn’t strictly into girls (and I wasn’t married), I’d be her penpal.

  4. Are 2, 3 and 4 completely blind?? How many guys do you know who look that much like a woman??

  5. tiff pretty soon you’re going to have to decide what to do with all these scene points 😉

  6. Hey i know her. Last time i saw her she stuck a needle through my ear. my top left helix i believe.
    Whoohoo! Sheffield!

  7. She’s not blatantly anything. I know a guy named Tiff (literally, that’s how HE spells HIS name), we all know a guy named Shannon, I know a gay male mechanic named Kelly (odd, ha?). I thought it was a guy at first. Short hair, short fingernails… I guess I’m an idiot, right?

  8. Very random question….Tiff-were you in Orlando, Florida a few months ago? I met a British girl named Tiff that looks just like you.

  9. see this is why it pays to check out thier IAM pages as well – no confusion. I love her septum !!

  10. Sweet.
    I think Tiff looks gorgeous, but wasn’t sure whether she was male or female either. Fortunately, I stopped caring about that long ago and, as turns out in most cases, she’s the gender I prefer after all. Sadly, she wouldn’t say the same, so despite my living nearby we’ll for now remain one less again than three than either might prefer.
    Tiff, lovely tat; good luck with that.
    Labelle, so judgemental; you’re the idiot.

  11. This is all a bit embarrassing! *blush*

    #16 I’ve never been to the States – it must be my doppelganger!

    #15 Gender identity and sexuality run a little deeper than jusrt short hair and fingernails!! I can assure you, I am very much female and very happy with being so.

  12. #31 stupid me – I forgot! Short hair and short fingernails = masculine! Someone please remind me exactly which era we are living in?!

  13. For godness sake…. what are we looking here, the tattoo or Tiff. yes Tiff is a girl…. Yes she is beautiful. No. 2 hahaha definately like Keith Flint (i said that when I first met her). The Tattoo that made Modblog, is good ya!!

  14. Lol I thought she was a cute guy at first glance myself which isnt so farfetched. Its not just her nails she has very “handsome” hands(more so then gerneral) which are covering up apart of her already slighty Androgynous features.
    Could it possibly be that the people that made the mistake are just slighty more opened minded enough for that error to be made to begin with.. or maybe we are all just blind- know it alls, give us a break. 🙂

  15. I figured her breasts would give her gender away, they’re pretty evident in the photo.
    After I stopped being dense and realized what the 3 was about, I love this tattoo! 🙂

  16. The duh… finally kicked in for me when I noticed the breast which is generally the last thing I notice in woman(im usually into men). The hand, face, sleve which grabbed my attention most is what I based my oriinal judgement. My bad. I think shes hot anyway.

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