23 thoughts on “Palm Tattoo in Nepal

  1. haha, that is the same tattoo, but I have to say, it looks much better here. It’s darker, and seems like it’s better quality.

  2. is this guy a for-real sadhu?

    probably not… he’s probably a western-wannabe-sadhu though. which is pretty cool in itself. unless he’s just a washed-up hippy who just took too much acid. hm. i’m too judgmental. i’ll just say the beard is badass. bad props bro’.

  3. i’d pay for a sadhu to get tattooed. it wouldn’t be an ohm symbol though…. maybe a georgia o’keefe flower. purty.

  4. I guess the skulls are there in order to worship Shiva, lord of destruction.
    ps: Shiva is the most popular DEIDAD(I don´t know the english for that,jeje)between the sadhus.

    om namah shivaya!

  5. That’s awesome – I have an Aum on my back, and I love when people ask what it means, because it gives me an excuse to share my peace-loving views.

  6. This is the tattoo I want! Another kind of Aum and just the outlines, and, in a brown kind of color.
    But I’ve heard hand palm tattoos don’t really last? Or does it depend on the way it’s tattooed?

    Anyway, love the tattoo
    (in case you dindn’t already get that message)

  7. I think this is a picture of Kapal Nath a.k.a. Gary Stevenson–the subject of “American Cannibal”…
    google his name and you’ll see what I’m talking about…
    Same guy, right??
    He supposedly lives in Nepal now, mooching off tourists.
    He was convicted of murder many years ago, lived in India for many years as part of the Aghori, an extreme sect of Hinduism where the devotees eat dead human flesh, have sex with dead animals…they basically worship God by being as deviant as possible..,trying to reach the sacred by being profane…
    he also drinks whiskey out of a human skullcap.
    I’m not making any of this up.

  8. That is not Kapalnath, Being he I should well know. Let the boy Kevin understand that I do not need to “Moch off tourist” being a millionaire. As far as tats go, I have Buddha’s eye’s on the backside of my head, and Thai “Sak”magic Yan called in Sanskrit called Kawach.I got my throat tattooed at ‘China Sea’, by Mike Malone. Kapalnath

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