Ronnie at Art With A Pulse in Glen Burnie did this “choose your poison”-slash-”can’t we all get along” menu of religions tattoo on Xabeo. If it’s not obvious from the title, look again to see the writing.

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85 thoughts on “"Co-exist"

  1. I LOVE this…saw something similar on a bumper sticker once and almost peeled it off the car I loved it so much…

  2. My brother just got this same thing down his arm about a month ago. Such a positive statement to make.

  3. I JUST got a shirt with this on it, but the first O is a peace sign, though I like it with the pentacle a lot better, the E is different too, it’s the symbol for man and woman interconnected. Maybe this person decided to personalize it? Really really cool! =]

  4. just about every pseudo-hippie at my university has this exact design in bumper sticker form on their jeeps and hybrids.

  5. Uh, rationalism/science (I assume that’s what the e=mc2 is meant to symbolize) is not a faith or religion.

  6. #11 – it’s not a faith or religion, but for me its part of the reason I gave up Christianity. I think that its a big enough thing that I’m glad that it could be included in the design.

  7. Very nice. I’ve seen something similar with the person using the Hindu “Om” for the E, but I like the E=mc2, science part…

  8. I know that the E=MC2 isn’t a religion. It’s about everyone coexisting, different religions AND people who aren’t religious

  9. aww, this reminds me of my unitarian universalist friend who just left for school across the country…he would have approved :)

  10. If i’m not mistaken, the ‘i’ is a Dharmacakra from Buddhist origins. At least, the dot for the i is.
    If the name wasn’t clear, lol, it represents Dharma.

  11. This is also the logo of a comedy tour out in California that features an atheist, a jew, a muslim, a christian, and a hindu.

  12. The crescent and star for Islam; the pentagram for Wicca; the relativity formula for science; the star of David for Judaism; the Karma Wheel dotting the i for Buddhism; the Tao symbol for Taoism; the cross for Chrisitianity.

  13. that is just beautiful :)
    i’ve been wanting something symbolizing islam, judaism, and christianity … but yea. this is awesome.


  14. it’s a nice message, but i’m glad it’s on her body. i’d have issues getting a bumper sticker tattooed on me.

  15. Just because an image is on a bumper sticker doesn’t mean that’s the only thing it’s on.

    I;m sure cherry blossoms are on someone’s bumper =)

  16. The wheel dotting the i is meant to represent the Eightfold Path which encompasses the entire Buddhist teaching..Sometimes prefixed with right or correct they are…View, Intention, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration. Each spoke on the wheel represents a quailty or level of integrity to cultivate to unbind from the wheel of Samsara ie the conditioned world we live in. Buddhism is quite pragmatic and full of lists! A wheel was a common way in ancient Nepal and India to incorporate all the teachings someone would give into a tight cohesive unit for the sake of easy memory/recall. Hence the wheel isn’t a Buddhist symbol necessarily just something Buddhist’s adopted and due to popularity became viewed as “there’s” which is a bit of a conuumdrum for religious folks of all shades.

    I like blackwork tattoo’s but would have loved to seen this in full color/newschool and possibly as a chestpiece. Love

  17. The Yin Yang is actually a Taoist symbol (the concepts of Yin and Yang are pretty essential to Taoism). I’ve seen several different representations of the Yin Yang, but not this one. If it’s supposed to be a different Taoist symbol I’d love it if someone could enlighten me as to which one (or which variation of the Yin Yang, if I’m correct). My curiosity is now piqued.

    I do like the tattoo, though.

  18. # 33: Check out the South Korean flag. The symbol there is called Taegeuk. But it’s just yin-yang.

  19. I think that the E=mc² thing isn’t meant to symbolize science as a religion, but rather atheism, since atheists tend to rely on logic and facts rather than a faith. This is also important because it’s not like athiests weren’t persecuted as well. They also need to be included in the “coexist” circle.

  20. I’ve been considering this for quite a while – I just can’t decide where to put it. I love the detail that was included this, but I doubt I have the guts to get one so big.

  21. I like what this stands for, but I can’t really say much originality when I see a bunch of cars with it as a bumper sticker.

  22. maybe its not about originality, maybe its about a statement that means so much to this person that they wanted it to be part of them forever. who cares if its on a bumper sticker or part of logo? if it means that much to you and will always hold meaning for you, then you should have it.

  23. I had a bumper sticker that said the same thing well before this person got that tattoo, I still love this tattoo though.

  24. For those of you who like/want the bumper sticker, it can be found at Northern Sun, located in St. Paul, MN. They have a Web site, too. It’s a fabulous left-wing site.

    Nice tattoo, too – with a minor eyebrow raise after knowing it from a bumper sticker :)

  25. They should think of another catchy name where the “C*” and “+” should be pretty close together.

  26. I like. Who gives a shit if it’s on a bumper sticker. Whenever someone gets a tattoo of a comic book character or something, no one goes “how unoriginal” even though it’s obviously not something they thought up themselves. It’s a nice message, and it makes a nice tattoo. If it means something to them, and they like it, good on them.

  27. It doesn’t matter if anyone has seen this before, or if you don’t want to classify sciences as a religion or whatevs! Just appreciate the tattoo for both the physical beauty of it and for the meaning behind it. I, for one, adore this piece and I’ve been trying to think of a way to put the idea behind this into a tattoo form as well.

  28. That even with such a wonderful message, people will find something to nit-pick about it. I love this.

    It doesn’t matter in the least if it’s on bumper stickers or tee-shirts, BME has an entire section JUST for crosses and religious tattoos. Yet how many bumper stickers do you see every single day with crosses or “jesus saves”? Who cares if it’s everywhere, obviously that means the message means something to a lot of people. More power to her.

  29. wow. there are a lot of judgemental body modders out there. i have been a paying member of bme for a long time and have read modblog for over a year… but i have yet to actually participate in any discussions or forums (such as iam) for the fear of being judged by the very people who should be the LEAST judgemental.

    isn’t the point of pursuing body mods to find something that makes you as an individual more “complete?” how any one person can judge the artwork or worthiness of a person’s mods is beyond me. the point should always be whether the wearer enjoys it and gets personal meaning out of it.

    the day all body modders have to look the same to be accepted is the day i cease identifying with this very rich and diverse culture.

  30. wocket: apparently so.

    i guess that also means that since other people have butterfly tattoos, mine is all of a sudden cliche and meaningless, despite the deep personal reasons behind why i got it.

  31. I personally like it, because she’s not saying everyone needs to accept it, she’s saying that she at least has the hope that someday it’ll work out. If you ask me the idea behind #49 is just as unrealistic, because there will never be no religion at all, just as it is as likely that we will never peacefully co-exist. In both cases, the radicals and extremists will make sure of that because they really keep the fire burning maybe even more so than those who just have strong faith/ideals. There is a great passion for every side of this topic, and thats not about to die out any time soon. I’m sorry if this sounds hippy-dippy, but I feel its the truth.

  32. I saw this on a button my friend was wearing and I loved it! it looks much better on skin!! :)

  33. It’s quite hard to co-exist when all religions claim to be the only one true religion, without any sort of evidence or even hint of logic or common sense to back up their claims. It’s even harder when the holy books say it’s quite legitimate to kill the non-believers, not to mention the other ills religion and ‘love of god’ has caused over the years.

  34. Leroy- Not all religions claim to be the one true religion nor do they all justify the legitimate slaughter of the “non-believers”.

    I cannot speak for any other tradition other than my own so I will say this. NO ONE has ever killed anyone in the name of the Buddhist tradition and been able to support it from cannonical evidence. Nor did the Buddha ever claim what he taught was the one true religion.

    Again I cannot speak for the oother traditions represented but any folks out there of other denominations wanna dispell this?

  35. Well surely it would have to the only one that’s right, since you believe it to be correct and it’s different from the others. Two very different religions (say Hinduism and Christianity) can’t both be correct, can they?

  36. But I’ll agree that I can really think of an instance where someone has killed in the name of Buddhism, you’re all hippies, right? :P

    I can’t say the same for the other religions though.

  37. How is it insulting to suggest that people who think scientifically should be able to coexist with people who are religious? It doesn’t say to accept what they believe, just to coexist.

  38. Leroy- Different religions have different religious experiences and for that matter different goals so yes they can both be correct if the end goal is met within the tradition. I would never be as arrogant to say that Buddhism is correct… it is different from other traditions…it is the right or correct tradition for me…not for you necessarily or for him or her.

    I am most definetly not a hippie thank you. Neither am I a war mongering destructive person. Has this example made the extremes’s apparent?

    Do you have any examples of Pagans, Taoist’s or Atheist’s (if this is what e=mc2 is to represent) engaging in such activity’s?

  39. Stephanie, “A” for effort, but how can we coexist (religion wise) when we can’t even coexist on a comment forum? LOL

    I’ll agree, I’ve seen the sticker, and while I’m not into sticking things to my ride, I think the tattoo is beautiful and was a great idea.

    #42 & #46 hit the nail on the head in my opinion.
    Go girl. =)

  40. Stephanie – It’s insulting becasue whilst science has logic, evidence and reason, the religions ignore it. They fly it the face of it and claim blind faith as noble. And claim questions to be herecy. And as soon as they get power they limit science, they discourage it, they try to muscle in their own beliefs, recently as the oxymoron of creation science. Why any freethinker should have to put up with stone-age superstition that limits our freedom, even when they are not practising, is beyond me.

    socialcoma – What do you mean by different goals exactly? If one religion claims that the world was forged by and giant and a cow (norse) and another by a god who appeared out of nowhere and created an entire universe (and possibly multi-verses) for us, becasue he got bored it seems (Abrahamic) then they both can’t be correct can they? They can all be the same in one way, they’re all wrong.

    I know you’re not all hippies, hence the ‘:P’

    Actually I’m pretty sure the pagans would have killed when christianity invaded the UK, after all the church killed them for being heretics, I’m sure they fought back. I always thought Taoism was a philosophy? Not sure how it should be included to be honest – unless you wanted to weave in symbols for libertarianism or post-humanism along with a miriad of others in the tattoo. And as I said above, science and atheism definitely should not be included.

  41. Well, we do all coexist on the same planet. Peacefully coexisting is another issue altogether.

  42. !! I was so planning on getting that tattooed. Damn. Mine wasn’t gonna be as extravagant though, that’s beautiful!

  43. Leroy- Sorry I was unaware of what:p meant. My bad.

    Different Goals: him where to start. I can’t exactly write a paper her on modblog so I’ll try and sum it up. The three traditions Abrahamic in nature all have the same goal of ascending into heaven with the one true God. Many Asian traditions that fall under the collective umbrella’s of Hinduism, Jainism,Buddhism also hold a belief that there is a heaven that one can enter. There is also the belief that heaven is not a permanent state and there is a state beyond this that one can attain to, thus different religious goals.

    Now if you wanna play by the rules of some of the less tolerant followers of the Abrahamic traditions, yes you’re right there is only one correct tradition and if you’re not in you’re out. One could easily attribute all the war we have seen from religion in general from this view.

    An important question to bear in mind is…Are you really sure that you’re right and they’re wrong? Seriously can anyone on either side prove it? It’s doesn’t make them right or wrong in my opinion…just open ended.

    Another huge point I would like to make is that anytime politics gets involved religion declines in it’s set purpose. Only people who don’t understand what a religious journey is turn religion into a force for dominating others. It they did understand then we would be co-existing wouldn’t we? Sorry I couldn’t help it.

  44. socialcoma – But surely if one religions heaven is correct, say the Abrahamic one, the others cannot be? Other ways I’m sure somewhere at the end of the bible someone would have noted *See also: Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism. Maybe that note is missing from the bibles I’ve read?

    I wouldn’t say it’s intolerant, but if any of the religions are correct, only one can be, since they are all so vastly different. Either Brahman created the world, or Yahweh (or whoever) did. It can’t be both.

    “Are you really sure that you’re right and they’re wrong?”

    Yes. That may sound arrogant, but yes, I am. Over the course of human history not one single scrap of evidence has appeard for any god, godess (or anything supernatual). The theological arguements are weak at best and only play to emotions and people’s fear of death and that maybe we are just on a tiny little planet in the middle of the universe and aren’t very special (in a cosmological way). And frankly Pascall’s Wager isn’t gonig to work with me.

    “Seriously can anyone on either side prove it?”

    Either I, or any atheist, agnostic or scientist has NO obligation to provide any evidence for the ‘lack of god’. Evidence for a negative is not really going to happen in the real world, in mathmatics maybe, but not here. The burden of proof lies with those making the claim (there’s is a god, I can fly, fairys exist, smurfs are real, etc) untill someone comes up with evidence for god, it’s not worth even considering. Some people just like the idea of a god, but liking the idea doesn’t make it any more real.

  45. Oh and to add to the part about Burden of proof see also, Russel’s Teapot.

    And what if the Flyig Spagetti Monster is right? It’s got just a good a chance as being correct as any of the others.

  46. whoa you saw the flying spaghetti monster…that mother fucker owes my 12 bucks. If you see him again tell him that I’m going to kick his punk ass all over scarwars3 and rub a cheesesteak in his face.

    At any rate… the questions that i posed that you have quoted can be used by either side of the argument for or against god. Personally I don’t care if there is a god or not. god hasn’t relieved any of the suffering from my life as far as I can tell and until god steps up I’m going to continue to do what I do to relieve it. I do find your views interesting and thank you for sharing them. these sort of discussions always tickle me because to pose an argument against Abrahamic traditions one usually has to swing to the other side which automatically credits them to some extent. Satanist’s are a perfect example. Without the Bible being taken as credible on some level i assume theydon’t a basis for a satanic viewpoint. They need eachother. It’s hard to play baseball with only one team.

    As far as thereonly being one heaven that you can get into by abiding by whatever? Who knows? I’ve never seen that note you speak of in any BiBle i’ve ever read but I didn’t read the fine print or the index. It could be in there with the flying spaghetti monster who deserves a good old fashioned curbing over 12 bucks. my question is bickering by anyone over who created the world or univers even something that matters? What a stupid thing to get all bent out of shape about. it’s only used to propagate a view that I’m right and you’re wrong which is a pointless argument when no one really knows what if anything created the world. I digress…anywho I won’t be able to post on this anymore because I’m moving in about 5 minutes but perhaps we can continue this at a later time when I have access to a computer.

  47. You’re other posts were quite good, shame about this last one. you also seem to be missing the humour in some parts of my post.

    “pose an argument against Abrahamic traditions one usually has to swing to the other side which automatically credits them to some extent”

    I’m only acnkowledging them becasue others believe in them and frankly, they have too large an effect on the lives of non-worshipers. If they kept their beliefs to themselves, I’d have less of a problem.

    “my question is bickering by anyone over who created the world or univers even something that matters?”

    I say it is important yes, again, for the same reason as above. Religions are spreading lies, including to small kids. I see religion as a problem and one to be gotten rid of.

  48. the entire point of this is to show that no matter what religion, or lack of, people should be able to exist together in peace. why would people criticize this? oh yeah, that’s exactly why this idea came up in the first place. because people can’t respect others and BELIEVE that their belief is the only correct one. if someone wants to believe in rainbows and santa clause, fine. let them.. you can’t say that a belief is wrong. it’s about respecting other’s beliefs, which after all is all that religion is. people have the right to believe whatever the hell they want regardless of what others think is “right” or “wrong. this tattoo is clearly symbolic and has more meaning to it than, oh people of all religions should get along with each other. it’s just trying to say everyone should be able to exist in harmony despite their different beliefs, opinions, and views on anything and everything. but for some reason when it comes to belief people feel the need to prove theirs correct, when in reality, there is no proof of anything. even science, just because it’s “science” doesn’t actually mean it’s correct. someone came up with all of these scientific ideas and formulas and facts. as far as we know, yeah, it works. but hey, maybe years from now all our “facts” will be proved wrong. so seriously, even if there is truth behind one certain belief, we’ll probably never know. it’s just sad that hate and war are often spiked because of the human tendency to strongly defend ones beliefs. so, basically, everyone believe what they want. mind your own business and share your thoughts all you want, but don’t force it on others or correct others. it’s comforting to believe in something, whatever your something may be. to each his own. and all of this is my belief, as is whatever anyone else has posted on here. so i’m not saying anyone is wrong nor am i saying that i am right. maybe this tattoo should have some gray, cause this certainly is no a black and white issue.

  49. Man thats retarded! You they should have just slapped a bumper sticker on that white ass ,chicken legged mofo!! IM JUST KIDDING ! Cool tattoo dude!

  50. This tatttoo is incredible, getting a similar version on my foot soon. Way to stand up for what you are passionate about, LOVE IT!!!

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