Rio De Suspensao

João suspends during the 4th Annual Juggling Convention in his hometown of Petrópolis, Brazil.

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Enjoy the video!

12 thoughts on “Rio De Suspensao

  1. This just gave me a big ol’ goofy grin when he got off the table. What an awesome crowd to be in.

  2. Also- Is that Zulueta on his back or just something similar?
    Also- There is no place in the world that I want to visit more than Brazil. Hell, most of South America, too, but god. Since I was a little girl.

  3. The whole mood of this situation was enchanting.
    Being outside and the acordian gave it a gypsie feel.
    Very exciting.

  4. i cant stop watching this, one of the best suspension videos ive seen (but im relativley new so…)
    looks awesome, the juggling tops it.

  5. haha to tell you the truth, i personally think he is one of the most attractive people on IAM to me. everytime he’s on modblog or i see one of his photos in and around bme i just drool. gosh.

  6. Soooo stoked to see someone juggling while suspending.
    I’ve seen Levi Jones, Myko, and myself do it.

    First time I’ve seen it from the knees though. Love this.

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