Count Me?

Tetsuo let Howie (who’s starting to add questionable tattooing to the broad repertoire of body art he provides) design and ink this piece for him while at Metalurgey in Dundee, Scotland… He writes, “I got it ’cause it was freeeeeeee!” In any case, I predict this entry will make Giles even angrier.

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42 thoughts on “Count Me?

  1. i don’t think i get it (i’m assuming it has to do with counting sheep to sleep, and we should count the heart as well?). but at any rate, i love it. it’s adorable.

  2. hah, i actually like it too. it’s not meant to be well drawn or perfect. i think that’s the point of the style. but whatever floats your boat i guess.

  3. i like the scribbly style.. and on that first sheep, it looks a bit like the line round the edge spells ‘ewe’ at the bottom, haha

  4. it’s totally indie/emo/awesome. haha. i like it too. i don’t get it, but i like it. if i ‘got it’ i probably wouldn’t like it though.

  5. w00t, Joe made modblog!

    He’s a mate of mine – I met him for the first time when I recognised his tattoo in a club after seeing it on his iam page!

  6. i think there is a difference between a scribbly style tattoo and a “shit” tattoo. shit tattoos just look.. bad. while this one looks like it was supposed to. i like it. it’s cute. X3

  7. I don’t get it, but I love it :D
    And woo! For Metalurgey! Best piercings/tattoos in Dundee!

  8. maybe to help you get to sleep?? it means something along the lines of don’t count sheep, count the love??

  9. LOL I have no idea what its supposed to mean, you’d need to ask Howie.

    And the writing is supposed to spell Ewe, according to Howie.

  10. I Love this style.. however I dont think it would look great on darker skin(im dark)- I think Il just stick to my blackwork.

  11. That is adorable – I’d seriously consider getting it if it were free.
    I like how I don’t quite ‘get’ it – it strikes me as some sort of layered pun: both about counting sheep and

  12. I feel sorry for the second sheep :o( its not a happy baaaaher. Who would win in a fight between a Stoat and a goat?……The stoat would win weaseley….the goat would lose baaaaaadly…. Oh god….TAXI FOR HALFSPLIT!!! sorry guys…

  13. has anyone else noticed in the first sheep at the bottom it says “ever”?
    gorgeous tattoo though :)

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