It’s almost luminescent

Andro from Haunted Tattoos and Piercing in London, UK sends in this shot of a brand-new white chin tattoo (among other things, he specializes in whitework) — I guess because of the way the flash has illuminated the surface ink, it’s absolutely glowing!

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21 thoughts on “It’s almost luminescent

  1. I really have been enjoying all white work more and more these days. It’s very clean and unusual.

  2. cool design, but i just cant get over that moustache…and the assimetry… or is it just the photo?

  3. it dosnt look very centred because his got his jaw off 2 one side you can tell by the lips

  4. If you look only at the bottom lip / jaw its properly aligned. I think it just looks off because of the way hes jutting his jaw out to show off the tattoo.

    Either way it awesome work.

  5. Nobody’s face is symmetrical 100% so no matter how many times that picture is taken, its never going to look 100% symmetrical.. On another note, it looks good.

  6. if it’s still fresh, he could be a bit swollen… just a guess. I like, but i don’t… hmmmm…

  7. Well.. it’s crooked.
    thank goodness it’s in white and may fade to be a little less noticable.

  8. I can promise you that this tattoo is not crooked!! I was there i saw it being done and i have seen the healed result!! If any of you cannot see that he is pulling his jaw wonky then i really don’t know!!!! And as someone said, no part of the damn body is completely symmetrical!!! Sorry that we do not have any other pictures, as this was done while working in Thailand, otherwise i would of sent in another picture to prove that it is not skew!! Thank you to those who can obviously see that he has a skew expression!!!

  9. Not my favorite, but if he’s happpy, then all is good! :)

    Besides that, I’m VERY interested in white tatoos, but it’s kinda hard to find pictures, and the few I’ve found, are very mixed result… some looks great and some… well, you get my point!!? ;)

    Anyone got pictures of white tatoos?
    Especially some when they’re made and then some when it’s months/years old?

    I really wanna see how they heal or even fade… :)

  10. white ink genereally takes on a very slight creamy/yellowy tinge to after a couple of months being healed…unless its done multiple times

  11. It’s crooked. Look at the top corners. The one on the left touches his lip. The one on the right is a centimeter below his lip. Moving your jaw doesn’t cause your lips to shift position on your face.

  12. is that supposed to be similar to some of the maori facial tattoos or does the pattern have some other significance?

  13. Crooked or not, this is an awesome white-ink design. Dunno if the color stays that brilliant, but motherfuck! Sweet white ink if ever I’ve seen it.

  14. sure the color is bright and wonderful. but i cant help but to hate this more then life itself. if you make the decision to tattoo your face. TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE SURE SHITS STRAIGHT!!

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