Voldemort’s Curse

This isn’t the first Harry Potter scar I’ve seen, and I’m sure it won’t be the last — whether he died in the new book or not… This one is on Princess Anna, by CutThroat in Arizona.

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61 thoughts on “Voldemort’s Curse

  1. Nice! Are there any Death Eater brands floating around out there? JK Rowling really knew her shit when it came to scarification!

  2. This makes me want to get a tattoo in elvish.
    I love book-inspired tattoos…although i’m not too into potter, I still think it looks very good.

  3. Sorry but I also think this is pretty sad. It’s a children’s book, not a cult.

    Insert modblog-correct (and, incidentally, unnecessary) “(she) can do whatever (she) wants with (her) body as long as (she)’s happy with it” caveat statement here, followed with standardized “because there’s a comment area” explanation of negative input.

  4. The only thing that’s sad is the fact that people constantly feel the need to post comments insulting the mods or the person being featured on ModBlog. It’s like an excuse to be an asshole to people and it’s lame.

    And on another note, I love the scar. Princess Anna is one hot mama.

  5. Harry potter dies and then comes back technically lol. I like the scar, it fits her. To the people insulting the books or her scar or her choice to get it, fuck you. Her choice not yours :)

  6. Micah, I understand your point of view completely; post-comments should voice one’s personal opinion, I’ve grown so tired of hearing defensive modblog responses belittling anyone who doesn’t share certain aesthetics.

    Jen & Vance, you’re being absolutely hypocritical when you hate on someone for not posting a recycled Shannon quote; you deny Micah an opinion while preaching freedom of expression.

    As for the scar, its pretty rad.

  7. Qué hermosa es la Princess Anna , si no es un Ángel es perfecta. Quizás no sea la primera cicatriz de Harry Potter pero es la mejor.

  8. Well I am super happy with it. I am happy with how deep it was and how nice it is scaring.

    I understand if you want to make fun of me for it. It is a super nerdy thing to do!

    I am also getting drop dead Fred tattooed on my arm Friday. I am just a huge nerd!

    But thank you for those that like it! It makes me smile every day I see it!

    Also thank you Cut Throat for doing it!

    Thank you Shannon for thinking it is neat enough to put up!

  9. Y’know, I always thought it was in the middle, but then in the movies they went and set it off to the side.
    I would have put it in the middle, and slanted it like on the book covers.

  10. Number one – Don’t use this as an excuse to rip apart other peoples likes and their opinions just because you have zero self esteem.
    Number two – Don’t ruin the ending to Harry Potter for people who might not have finished it yet. Jeepers.
    Number three – Sorry for ranting and this is the cutest thing ever and holy hello she is FLIPPIN’ cute!

  11. ooo.. i want a death eater mod. and then i’m putting the cruciatus curse on princess anna to really put that “princess of pain” thing to the test. ;-P

  12. Um… I like the stars :)
    I can appreciate the scar as a harry potter fan myself but its def. not for me.

  13. You can tell whos a book fan/movie fan. The book has it in the center of his forhead, the movie changed it to the side.

  14. @ 26, Lananaroux: I thought the same thing! I always imagined the scar to be in the center of the forehead, and in the movies his scar is trying to hide next to his ears or something.

  15. That’s so awesome.
    I’ve been wanting to do that for a really long time. I will get it… eventually. Sigh :)

  16. @26: I can’t site the source since I read it awhile ago, but I do recall reading that for the movies, they asked JK Rowling to show them where the scar is, and where they put it is where she said it was.
    Again, it’s been awhile (years) so I don’t even know where to begin on finding the source for that or even how accurate it is.
    I’m not really sure to believe it or not. But it’s not like JKR herself drew all the art for the books or anything, so who knows.

  17. cute, geeky and fangirly… always a good combination.
    Also, I love facial scars and i have one on the forehead that everybody teased me about when it was fresh because it looks a little like Harry Potter, too (but it had more to do with a combination of the words “head” and “wall”)

  18. EH, whatever the people that think it is nerdy have never been mesmerized by those damn books.
    I still want a Harry Potter sleeve.

  19. My brother has a scar down the centre of his forehead, but that’s cause he fell on a rock before Harry Potter. We live in Edinburgh. J.K. got the idea from him*. Woo yay.


  20. I’m personally not a Harry Potter fan but I always love when people are really passionate about something like a book or film and I think it’s cool that she would celebrate her love for Harry Potter this way.

  21. love it! i think it’s cute, but then again i am also a nerd. as for people who don’t like it, they are allowed to express their opinions because as someone said, there IS a comment system! besides, anybody with mods know that in the duration of their life they will be insulted, belittled, questioned, stared at, denied of jobs, etc etc. but getting mods and all that goes hand in hand. when you get mods, you KNOW that people are going to say stuff about them. but on the flipside, you also know that you will get SHOWERS of compliments from people, as well. that is all.

  22. When I was 13,and the books just starting to mkae it big,I was hit on the face with a cricket bat.As a result,I now have an indented silver scar across my forehead. I have now put up with several years of being called Harry Potter,its just not nice,why would you volunteer for that?[Incidently,I hope it does turn out well for you and mkaes you happy,I'm just confused about the reactons youre going to get?]

  23. i love it. =) I have a big Hogwarts crest on my upper back with Dumbledore’s Army in banners around it. And also, I REALLLLLLLLY want to see the Drop Dead Fred tattoo. Please send in a photo? I *love* Drop Dead Fred.

  24. I have one too! Only mine was a branding! Eventually I’ll have pictures up, but I only have one (not so good) up on my IAM page (Bri Bri) which, incidentally is set so that the general public can’t see it, sorry to those who dont have IAM! I’m proud to be a dork, too!! I think JK Rowling is a brilliant writer, and what she created is nothing short of amazing. I dont care what any haters have to say about it either, its my way of paying homage to someone I highly regard and apparently I’m not the only one!

  25. It is in the middle in the books, but that doesn’t automatically mean she likes the movies more … it just means she already had a tattoo there! :)

  26. haha i love it !!! i wish i was bold enough to sport a potter scar for the rest of my life!
    ohh harry potter , i read oder o0f the phoenix in 4 days (for over 700 pages and still having to work thats pretty fast …and envolved alot of reading time lol)

    and whats all this about genital play in the last book number 39!! lmaoo, thats just silly

    and 17. its not a childrens book , the series was intended for all ages ..hence why there was even two sets of covers avalible , so that the cover would even appeal to adults as well as children!

  27. I think this is an awesome idea and I’m really surprised it hasn’t been done before, but…. it looks like an ‘N’! Agh! Poor girl, she has a shitty N.

  28. thats so awesome! i love it.. have you seen the livejournal HP tattoo group? http://community.livejournal.com/hp_tattoos/ they’d love it if you shared your pictures with them there i’m sure.. theres alot of awesome people there who have great pictures of their HP tattoos posted there. again.. i love your scar. best wishes! -kimi

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