Jeff’s Finger Monster

Joy writes,

I’ve enclosed a few photos of a piece I did on Jeff Rondina a couple days ago. This is the beginning of a rib panel. We were calling this a “self-portrait” of jeff. It is a combination of the eyeball monster featured briefly in “Bride of the Re-Animator” and Jeff’s own hand — the features of the original monster have been altered with the tattoos on jeffs fingers, his eye color, and his amputated middle finger.

He was in an accident at work a couple years ago. Due to the accident and the many subsequent surgical and physically therapeutic alterations made to his hand (all very painful and frustrating), his finger was eventually amputated. This wasn’t an elective amputation in the sense that is often used on BME. I know that many people commented on how “cool” it was that he had his finger amputated without even thinking that it may have been something he didn’t want to have done, but rather the lesser of the evils presented to him as a long-term option.

He’s obviously doing much better now and is getting on with his life as the lawsuit bullshit comes to a close with his former employers. I just find it interesting and amazing how he’s taken something that was a horrible accident, toughed through it, has accepted it, laughed at it, and immortalized the transformation on himself permanently.

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13 thoughts on “Jeff’s Finger Monster

  1. Very cool.
    Best of luck to him in the future. Scary stuff. I don’t know if I could be that strong about a loss that significant.

  2. i think thanks to BME if I ever lost a limb or some body part in a freak accident, I would be a lot less upset about it.

  3. that’s a pretty rad tattoo, the best is the incorporation of his amputated middle finger, mostly because i too have an amputated middle finger min was in voluntary though it was ripped off by my quad afew years ago when i got too close to the gears afew days before i started eith grade.anyway this is a rad tattoo i always look forward to the crazy mods on this site.

  4. “I know that many people commented on how “cool” it was that he had his finger amputated without even thinking that it may have been something he didn’t want to have done”

    That’s messed up.

  5. that tattoo creeps me out, lol. But good on him for getting over losing his finger. =)

  6. Reanimator 2 was a messed up film indeed. This finger scene especially.

    I remember having a green glowstick and pretending it was re-animation juice.

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