Eyebrow to Anti-Eyebrow Industrial Piercing

Pete in Australia (The Piercing Urge) wrote me about a silly experiment he did on William, a client of his that always wants the most outrageous piercing possible… Neither of them really expect this to last* (I assume William has facial expressions — I suppose this is most suited to someone with Bell’s Palsy), but it does look kind of funny for now.

All piercings except the bridge are by Pete.

* To be clear, this is basically a play piercing!

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55 thoughts on “Eyebrow to Anti-Eyebrow Industrial Piercing

  1. haha I remember a friend of mine doing something like this at a party a few years ago, it was kinda like prison bars. this looks good but must pull a lot when he smiles!

    - sam

  2. I’m hoping that’s temporary. What would happen if he got surprised and raised his eyebrows?

  3. I’ve got to be honest, I really wish modblog would post more well done, healed pics of piercings, instead of every ridiculous one worth some shock value. Granted you know this probably won’t heal, and I know it won’t heal, but the average reader doesn’t neccesarily know that.

    I think modblog is great, but I constantly get people in my studio who want something done that is not going to work and when I try to tell them that, they say “well this guy/girl had it done on modblog!”

  4. #9

    Shannon can only post what the modders send him. If they only send pics of fresh piercings, what choice does he have? Either you see what they send, or you see nothing.

    And this piercing isn’t very fantastic in any way either.

  5. PS. In John’s defense, he’s right about pictures like this causing a headache for studios who have to deal with the deluge of “can I have this” queries, and he’s not only a super experienced piercer but part of the BME QOD. But I hope people understand this is meant to be temporary; it’s in effect a play piercing so its healability isn’t really relevant.

  6. Ahaah this is very interesting. And I’d rather see interesting entries like this [even though I'm sure it does cause some headaches for piercers] than all the pretty BME girls and boys. [Sorry Shannon!]

  7. i think this stuff is cool to see what people can do with themselves, and so long as its stated that it wont heal i guess peopel should do more than just look at the photos? I love play piercings/jewelery I think it’s great to see photos like this up there, however i totally could understand someone coming in and being like- I WANT A BAR FROM MY EYEBROW TO MY CHEEK! and them having to explain it. I also agree I woudl love to see more HEALED piercings, maybe stories to go with them (i know that the bmezine stuff covers the stories but sometimes even just a short paragraph could be cool).

    and i LOVE the bme boys and girls just as much as this stuff!!

    i hope i get featured on here one day! or at least my work (as i am a photographer, lol)– Shannon you should come to NYC and let me do a whole photoshoot of you!!!!!!!! :-)

  8. i hope he doesnt get surprised anytime soon while wearing that :p hes cute! i diggit

  9. im surprised more people havent mentioned the chin surface piercing, i think it looks really neat, and for such unusual placement, looks really awesome on him!
    as for the eyebrow industrial, whatever floats your boat, and if it werent for weird experimentation, half the mods we all get wouldnt be around!

  10. 10) John, we get the same thing happening and William is one of the worst offenders. With him however we discuss and plan things with both of us knowing what the likely outcome will be. To those wanna bees that come in looking for crazy stuff they see on the internet, the answer is usually NO.

    22) DoomToast. Truer words were never spoken :)

  11. the other piercings are fine…However I’d remove the label of “experiment” and say the eyebrow to anti-eyebrow industrial is just silly….

    You do a lot of consistent work Pete and I do have respect for you as a peer in this business…But you KNEW this wasn’t going to work…So why do it? To be silly? Just because?

    You now have your NAME on this piercing…And in the end all we piercers have, is our names and reputations.

    Did you take it out right after taking the picture? Was that all it was really for? I think my Piercer and Business professional views clash because on one side as a piercer I would not want to charge him for this, since its doomed from the beginning…The business professional in me is saying he BEST have paid for that barbell…And regardless I think the barbell could have been better suited for something that would heal and last.

    I dunno but I’d like to hear more about how this came about to be done and why you felt it was ok to do Pete,etc…Especially after you’ve gone to bat for the Aussie piercers in Courts, to defend proper piecing practice…as well as dealing with health boards,etc.

  12. Warren, William is a very experimental guy that is full of ideas, some good some not so good.
    I talk to him almost weekly and he is always on at me to do things that might or might not be sound ideas.
    This current piercing has been on his list of things to do for a very long time and we have spoken at length about what the likely outcomes are. That said I dont see this as being different to a play piercing session or a temp corset, you really have to understand William before I can answer why I did this for him as it is certainly not something I would do for anyone just walking in off the street.

  13. Pete we ALL have customers/friends/regulars who are like this William you are referring to.

    And their enthusiasm for what we do, and their ideas are what helps us evolve the industry into what it is today…HOWEVER we as professionals need to take into serious consideration of the “some good some not so good” concepts they propose.

    With play piercings and temp corsets they are INSTANTLY removed after the pictures were taken…From the information shannon stated: “Neither of them really expect this to last” I’m assuming that means William is still sporting this piercing, just to see how long he can keep it.

    Experimentation is great, when all avenues have been sorted out BEFORE doing the work….If you can almost guarantee failure, then absolutely consider it temporary and artistic and IMMEDIATELY remove the piercing after its done its job(photos,etc) but definitely make sure a disclaimer is there saying its a temp piercing and was done for photo’s.

    By doing this, 100% for certain, failed piercing and documenting it, and actually allowing William to wear it for days…It does our business a disservice…Again Pete YOUR NAME is on that piercing…

    Consider The government of Australia FINALLY decides to get on the band wagon towards legislation for piercings, or at least the territory…I know that you try to work as close as possible with getting that sorted out, and you DO care about the importance of that…But say the powers that be decide to check up on you and your work (which almost certain nobody can deny governments don’t check BME and Modblog,etc) and come across this picture…Do you think they’ll look down on it?

    Again I’m not saying we can’t have fun and experiment…But after pounding out the possibilities in your head, if you do not think it will have a chance in healing…The client should not be allowed to leave and wait for it to show signs of rejection before taking it out…or having them not take it out and just let it reject out of them.

    and again I ask, like I did before involving the hip star piercing work…At what point do we as piercers start doing work that will almost always fail, on people that we know…Yet we refuse to do on just anyone…Personally I don’t think we should treat friends/people we know any lesser than the average nobody that walks in off the street.

  14. “With play piercings and temp corsets they are INSTANTLY removed after the pictures were taken”

    by that I mean they are either literally removed or usually removed a couple hours later…ie: girl goes to prom with it blah blah blah…comes in later or the very next day and has it removed.

  15. mmm… temporary or not, this guy need to take care of the piercings he already has. check out those keloids.

  16. Personally I couldn’t bear the idea of having a piercing that’d risk ripping if I raised my eyebrows but I guess this guy knows the risks so on his head be it, literally lol.

  17. It wouldn’t look as striking, but that would probably work out with tygon. Can, open… Worms, everywhere… Hahaha

  18. I think he should worry about the health of his other piercings first, then consider a well-planned experimental piercing. How could something like that heal properly when the body has so many others it’s trying to heal, on top of all of the irritation, tension and pulling of the skin caused by the piercing? And I agree with Warren: If they both think its going to fail, why put your body through rejection, possible infection, etc., remove it straight away!! (And maybe worry less about being “outrageous” and focus more on quality, how knowledgeable the artist is and getting informed himself on what will work and what’s just going to harm him.)

  19. beans: yes governments have more concerns on their plate…HOWEVER with someone who is standing in court DEFENDING proper piercing practice and providing PROFESSIONAL insight…Such as Pete is doing…He needs to have a squeeky clean history…

    If I was a lawyer in the defense and I came across this photo…trust me, I’d have a FIELD day with Pete, trying to denounce his “professional” status. And using pictures such as this in my defense.

    Again I respect Pete as a fellow piercer, I’m just playing devils advocate on that one.

    And also how can you consider something that is 100% for certain a failed piercing, an experiment.

    What is the experiment? To see how long it’ll last? To document just how much impact it’ll take?

    Piercers nowadays are slapping the term “Experiment” all over everything…Yet I wonder if they even truly know the meaning of what an experiment is?

    There are no 100% certain guarantee’s Beans? If a proper piercing is performed, with the jewelry and the client fully comprehends how to take care of it…You’re looking at a 95%-100% healed.

    You want a percentage on this? I give it a 0%-5% success rate, especially since there’s complete distortion of tissue on the eyebrow as well as anti-eyebrow…And I’m sure if you ask pretty much every single piercer, they will tell you this.

    Just like that cheek CBR surface piercing which from reliable sources, who have seen it in person, is not doing well at all…Again I ask if you cannot give anywhere from a 75%-100% guarantee on a piercing having any remote chance of survival..It should be treated as temporary and removed either instantly or over the span of a couple hours,etc.

    and yes I’ve been in the industry long enough to see all manners of piercings heal and fail…Even Pete, Shannon, and everyone else in this thread are saying: “It won’t last”

    All this does is give governments more canon fodder when it comes to anything remotely on the side of helping our industry out.

    “If you knew it wouldn’t work, why’d you do it?”

  20. Penny: Really?


    According to the definition of the BME Wiki of Play Piercing, this is NOT considered a play piercing. For those who wish not to check out the link I’ll gladly state its definition here:

    Play piercing is piercing, ususually using hypodermic needles, “for the pure fun of it.” Jewelry is rarely inserted, as the point of play piercing is simply to experience the sensations of being pierced. Often, ribbons are laced between the needles to give a ‘corset’ effect.

    The reasons for engaging in this sort of play are extremely diverse. Some people do it for enlightenment, while others do it for purely sexual reasons (play piercing got started in the BDSM subculture) either on their body or genitally in acts such as CBT. Others use it as a precursor for suspension or pulling, and almost all will agree that it has mind-expanding effects.

    This most certainly is NOT a play piercing, if anything its a temporary piercing…One of which the person who now has to walk around with it…Is going to try to actively heal this piercing and if it fails, it fails…Which it most certainly will.

    We as piercers need to utilize logic and reason…to mesh the technical science of our job, along with the artistic flare it has. However like I said we need to strongly utilize logic and reason on everything we do.

    We want our industry to be treated better? Then we all need to STRIVE to continue produce consistent, high quality results.

  21. If this William was a client of mine, I would have used this as an opportunity to help him learn.
    I would have advised that we heal both an eyebrow piercing and an appropriatley placed anti brow, then we could make up some jewellery that he could wear on occasions.
    Piercing is one thing that just can’t be rushed, wouldn’t this be a good thing for any client to learn??

  22. Simple response for ya Penny: Its his face, but it’s OUR job.

    I want my skeleton coated in the strongest implantable metal around as well as have a freakin laser implanted in my freakin head…But do you think I could find anyone to do it? No of course not.

    #43: If I’m a wanker for pointing out VALID arguments? Than so be it…But I’m not hearing ANY sound valid responses FOR this piercing to have been done.

    For clients as well as piercers(starting out, especially), this is perhaps the BEST advice to be given: You must ALWAYS question EVERYTHING…and sometimes the BEST answer for a piercer to give is: “NO, I’m sorry it cannot be done.”

  23. sorry “cannot” is not the right word, simply because it HAS been done *points at the image* SHOULD NOT is the better term.

  24. My comment has nothing to do with WHAT you were saying, just the way you were saying it. And saying it. And saying it. And saying it. Your point is made. Move on.

  25. WILLIAM IS COOL. he is a weird kid but i still love him.
    as for the peircing, its different and he can still see so get over it. is his body he can do what he wants

  26. wil what the hell is that??
    you gotta come back to kenya with that in…
    and stay outta the mosh pitts!! (insert shudder here) jos

  27. William phoned me today to apologise for all the flak I am getting here on Modblog about his piercing. I was a little sad that he felt that necessary and told him not to worry about it.

    To everyone else attacking Warren.

    Warren is only voicing his opinion as he has a right to do. He is very passionate about the industry (as am I) but obviously we both have different views on what should or shouldnt take place.

    10 days later the piercing is still in and William says it is doing very well. He is coming to see me on Thursday so I can check it out and see for myself. I will take a couple of pictures and post them on my page.

  28. Pete: Absolutely agreed with the opinions paragraph.

    And as always with experiments I’d definitely be into seeling weekly photographic evidence.

    You know how I am…You need to SHOW me that it’s successful (ie: 1 month, 2 month, 6 months, a year)

  29. well pete for what its worth i think its great. i know for a fact that you only do ‘unusual’ piercings on people you believe can heal them and take care of them adequatley.

    inmho i think its better for william to get a piercing that he knows may not last but still wants to give it a crack anyway, but a VERY reputible piercing artist, than do a home job and risk infection etc etc.

  30. its been 2 weeks and i visited pete so he could have a look at the cheebrow/eye-dustrial or whatever name we coined up. with all due respect i can see where warren and similarly helen is coming from. yes i did get the piercings for shits and giggles but it was something i pulled out of my arse around november ’05 that pete and I discussed and joked and ummmmed and ahhhed about for a while and wasn’t something pete just dived into within a fortnight of being one of his clients.

    that aside everyone is entitled to their views and if they are adamant about their point then thats awesome and i’m sure there is nothing anyone else can say or do to change warren’s beliefs . just like how there was nothing anyone could say or do to disuade me into giving this piercing a crack.

    nonsensical rant aside thanks for the feedback of the piercing. my favourite comment by far is easily #13 Rick because it was just blunt/honest/straight to the point/non sugar coated etc. and yes LD i am into metal (music)

  31. Love your work Will. It’s really up to you and Pete and if it’s OK by you guys then who gives a rat’s ass what anyone else says or thinks. Especially that Warren idiot. See ya at uni

  32. Cuuuute, cute cute cute. :) Hey, if he want to do that to his own face and if Pete wants to do it for him, then by all means he should go ahead! Freedom of expression. Personally I admire his balls (I would say something crude here about wanting to, but I won’t. Oh, shoot, I just did.) And for anyone who’s outraged by the fact that baby modders might see it and think it’s viable should actually read the entry, not just give the pictures a cursory glance.

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