Simian Implants

Leg implants by Monky’s Bodymods.

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Apparently the team learnt their trade by watching their adoptive chimpanzee parents open mange tout.

22 thoughts on “Simian Implants

  1. Nobody in the room wore masks or head covers. The only shaved area was near the incision and hands were all over that leg throughout. His pants were only rolled up just above the knee. There wasn’t even a sterile drape over un-scrubbed areas or under his leg (which could lead to serious cross contamination issues. For such an invasive procedure it would be nice to see more surgical aseptic technique being observed.

    I would really like these types of videos to show prep procedures. Good examples so people KNOW what to look for and ask about.

  2. Are these procedures done with any type of anesthesia? Same questions for cuttings and scarification. Or does it maybe not hurt as bad as I think it would?

  3. Same question as Matt, this looks painful as hell!
    I mean, I can take needles, no problem there, but that looks like a deep cut, and that thing making room must hurt. Is there any anesthesia for this kind of procedure?

  4. i couldnt do it. Im fine with piercing needles, but thats about it. i faint when i get blood samples taken at my doctors.

  5. JLo: I would have to agree with everything you on that. For such an invasive procedure, they’re very lacking in the aseptic/sterile techniques…But it’s not like they’re trying to be plastic/cosmetic surgeons or anything, right? 😉

    Torture & Matt: Depending on who is doing the procedure some times anesthetics are used, sometimes they aren’t. For my Transdermal Implant procedure, I didn’t have anesthetic, and it didn’t bother me that much. However some artists will use it to minimize discomfort for the client as well as a way to minimize bleeding….Which of course makes EVERYTHING to do for the most part illegal, since they are not licensed practitioners, able to use scalpels, injectable anesthetics, sutures,etc.

  6. I winced watching her slide that metal thing in (I’m assuming to loosen the skin/make a pocket for the implants to go in)

  7. We don’t even know if the gloves were sterile. To me, it didn’t really look that painful. It also seems a bit odd that the implant went under an unshaven area, and that there were no markings on the skin regarding the position.

    Good luck on not getting an infection.

  8. Oh my god, as a vet, and therefore someone that performs surgery on a daily basis, that “sterile” technique scares me!!! I hope the recipient was on a good dose of antibiotics…

  9. Another person chiming in on the aseptic technique demonstrated. Or lack thereof, really. To do breach the skin barrier without really is inexcusable when the hows and whys of it are not some hoodoo-voodoo mystery and readily available. If you’re going to put yourself out there as a professional performing a legitimate mod then do the responsible thing for everyone involved and educate yourself. Otherwise it’s just backroom butchery.

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