16 thoughts on “This jewelry hurts to insert!

  1. I have jewellery like, but not exactly, that… pain in the ass, the way it has to be inserted, there’s a segment you take out.
    That does look good!

  2. Farmers use something almost identical to that on baby calves that won’t stop nursing their moms.

  3. That looks really cool, but I bet it gets ten times the “Did it hurt?” and other such questions…

  4. you can get those on ebay, the spikes unscrew. looks lovely in a septum though 🙂

  5. You can buy those spike captives almost anywhere now. I have the same size for my lobes. Ive not seen them in a septum before. I like it

  6. Yeah I got the same ring, the spikes unscrew, all of them.
    But it looks really good (^_^)

  7. When I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was those spiked shells from Mario Kart. =P Beautiful jewelry though. Love it.

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