Glans Removal

For many people who do glans removals and partial penectomies, they find that the “stump” is extremely hard during erections, and that little sensitivity is lost. I realize most guys are obsessed with having ever larger genitals, but not everyone feels that way of course, and sex lives of reduced genitals are still plenty of fun.

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57 thoughts on “Glans Removal

  1. ахуеть блять
    нуинахуй мне такой ужос
    ну пиздец

  2. I would be willing to bet that they also did a urethra redirect. Just a guess though.

  3. That would make an interesting blog of its own: “The sex lives of men with reduced genitals.”

  4. Yes, he may still enjoy sex, but do his partners? As an 18 year old who has yet to fall in love and have a sexual relationship based on “personality,” it doesn’t seem like he has much to work with here…

    But nonetheless, perhaps the uniqueness of it is stimulating in itself . It definitely is intriguing – and as long as he enjoys it…

  5. Yah know what’s really annoying?

    Big, floppy penises. Like having a…well…a big floppy penis.

    I guess this would solve that problem.

  6. And of course I meant to say “having sex with big floppy penises” is really annoying. I wouldn’t know about having one myself.

  7. Um re: where does he pee from – think about if you had a pencil and you chopped it off halfway, where would you draw from?

  8. You can see his urethra in the picture… it’s the crease of skin towards the middle bottom of the tip of the stump.

  9. Why? And when I ask why, it’s not from a prudish, non-bod-mod way, I just really want to know what his specific motive was for this specific act.

    It’s like when guys who have their peni removed post pictures of themselves ejaculating, it raises the question of ‘why did you remove your penis if you’re still interested in sexual stimulation?’

  10. I think i’d need to see a picture of him peeing to really understand where it is coming from

  11. I happen to love smaller penises. And I plead ignorance… I assume there would be orgasm for him but no ejaculate… from anywhere? I have a million more questions. I have seen full penectomies (I worked in a hospital) but never a partial, I so wanna touch it. Fucking fascinating.

  12. To all the people complaining about their partners having too-big cocks – send them my way please :)

  13. hahaha, i agree Chaq – this is probably the very first time I’ve ever heard women complain that their partner’s dicks are too big.

    but yeah, i definitely don’t understand this mod one single bit.

  14. OK this might be a stupid question, but does it still get bigger when erect? Or is this a WYSIWYG deal?

  15. What are these women talking about??? It’s always the WOMEN who complain how all men ever want is sex, and how women prefer to focus on feelings and emotions… Men with no dicks should be perfect for them!

  16. #34–

    Hello, sexist stereotyping?

    Also, you know, the vagina can only fit so much before it becomes painful for the woman. Apparently you don’t care, though.

  17. i believe, the cutting- and removal- desires only can understand someone who has the same predisposition. All others would give more or less silly comments. I believe, his pee hole is intact and he can pee and ejaculate and make a wife pregnant, but i think this will not be his desire! And a hard shorty is better than a long softy! what say the wifes?

  18. I don’t understand why it is so scared on the shaft? I know it must be real here on BME, but it almost looks like blurred digital manipulation. Overall looks great though!

  19. I believe, the skin infront over the new tip is the inner cock skin from before, and the scared region on the shaft is the suture, whit which the rest of the outer shaft skin is connectet, healed with the inner old shaft skin. Otherwise the cock rest would slip insides the bellow and would be away totally!

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  21. I’m a 59year old german boy and I’m searching for a doctor, who is willing to cut off my glans in local anaesthecy. The doctor should be from Germany or Austria. Answer please in German. Thank you. glansles

  22. hy glansles; glaube, daß du den doc nicht finden wirst. die habe bestimmt schiß, so was zu machen! denke höchstens ans selber machen: röhrchen rein, abbinden und abfallen lassen. wird schätze ich – 2 wochen dauern, aber in der zwischenzeit hat der abgebundenen stumpf schon begonnen abzuheilen. wenn du dann die resthaut nicht selbst etwas mit nadel und faden zusammen ziehen willst, mußt du es eben über weitere 2-3 wochen verheilen, bzw. vernarben lassen. auf jeden fall ist durch das lange abbinden kein bluten mehr zu befürchten, allerdings auch keine dicke rosa Eichel als andenken mehr übrig, sondern nur ein schwarzes verschrumpeltes etwas!
    Das sind die erfahrungen eines alten selbstschneiders und – vernähers …

  23. The head contains all the sensitivity to trigger the muscles inside to make it orgasm so how can he orgasm

  24. Hy ronre! you are wrong, if you think in a cocks head would be muscles. There are much nervs thats right. and without cockhead it would need much more time to reach the orgasm thats right too. Think, that a man can reach orgasm only by massaging the prostata insides. And the short remainig stumb will be very sensitiv, espaccially in its new front scarskin – so he can milk his little cock to a splashing, i think.
    My new scarskin of my inner splitted cockhalfs sites is very sensitiv! and wonderfull for all contacts and touchings….

  25. I am a guy with the Glansectomy.. and am on my way to taking it all off.., relocationg my urethra and imbeding one of my testicles in the body cavity next to where base of penis is now.. I would like to be completely Smoooooth without any openings except my asshole and peehole just in front of it… What you think?

  26. i think, its a hot way, but do it step by step, not all in one step. so you can see and feel and try, how the new mod does work….
    and sometimes the way is the target too.

  27. this is a neat cut …i’d like to have the same stump some day!!, just waiting to have a girlfriend that really accept it :(
    it is something we gonna share!!!

  28. hy,jack6two, Elastrator ist bestellt, Röhrchen habe ich auch, werde also bald loslegen. Bin ja gespannt, ob die vertrocknete Eichel nach 14 Tagen abfällt. Bilder mache ich auf alle Fälle. LG heinzelmann

  29. Hmmm
    well I wouldn’t do that.

    But id like to see 1. him peeing 2. see it hard

    I also wonder if when he does pee if it still has a nice jet or whether it tends to spray every where ???

    Still wonder what some one would think if they had their hand down his pants and felt that ?? Probably would want you to see it in the flesh to work out what’s going on.

    But each to their own I say..

  30. This such a turn on. I,ve been attempting to numb my glans. I have done it to where i can put a binder clip on it and dont feel a thing.

  31. I am researching and getting set to perform my own Glansectomy at home. I want to remove the entire head of my penis and have a shorter and strong stump. My only fear is that I won’t be able to control the bleeding. Does anyone have any thoughts?

  32. Tonight is the night for my complete glans removal. I have all the blood flow restriction measures worked out and all numbing substances have been procured. This will be an exhilarating experience for me. I have been planning and partially attempting this procedure for three years. I cannot wait to see my new penis after the healing process. I am so excited I can hardly wait to get started tonight. I also am planning a complete castration for my next adventure. I have no need need for my testicles. I crushed each testicle years ago. Each is in the scrotum but are as thin as quarters. Tonight will be my night to finally make the alterations to my genitalia that I have been dreaming.

  33. Last night was a total success. My complete penis glans is removed and in my refrigerator. I am trying to decide what to do with it. Anyway, my frame of mind last night couldn’t have been more on point. First I chilled the base of the glans with ice for thirty minutes. Then I applied 4% lidocaine creme and allowed it to absorb for twenty minutes. The entire glans went numb and then I was ready for the blood restriction application.

    Starting just below the bottom of the glans, I began wrapping a tightly pulled twine around the top of the shaft. I wrapped the twine in consecutive wraps lower and lower down the shaft, After about twenty wraps, I secured the twine with a very tight rubber band. Finally, I applied another layer of lidocaine creme to the cutting site. I then attached a large binder clip over the entire glans and it would provide a straight-edge for a neat cut. I was now finally ready to fulfill a dream that was three years in the making.

    With my penis prepped, free of nearly all blood, and totally numb, I was ready to begin. I used a brand new laser sharpened filet knife with an extremely sharp edge. I played my favorite music and held the knife in one hand and the binder clip in the other. I positioned the knife edge directly in the crease at the the base of the glans. I started with medium pressure and moved the knife edge along the straight edge of the binder clip. I didn’t feel any pain. Then I became very confident and increased the pressure and began a slow and steady even cutting motion back and forth. The knife penetrated the crease and went deeper into my glans. After about three minutes, I was at the urethra and could feel some sensation, but I was determined to finish. I continued the cutting and finally, the binder clip with glans contained was free of the shaft and in my hand. I cried because I completed my task.

    I kept the wrappings and rubber band applied to my shaft for an additional three hours. The I wanted to then cauterize the cut to promote clotting and scabbing. I heated a soldering iron to 600 degrees and applied the tip to the top of my cut shaft. There still was little discomfort. After another two hours, I removed the rubber band and twine wrapping. There was no bleeding at all. The cut end was very straight and made me proud.

    I was able to get a little sleep and this morning my shaft is a little sore, but fully scabbed over and no bleeding. I will take one day at a time as the healing continues. Tonight, I will will most likely prepare my removed glans in a specimen jar of rubbing alcohol for preservation like a trophy. My new penis is beautiful and I am extremely happy with my results. In about a month, I will perform my self castration. I will blog that adventure.

  34. Dumb question, “Where does the pee come out?” Try this… take a garden hose. Take a sharp knife and cut the connection off the end.
    Where does the water come out now? DUH!

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