I told you yesterday I’d be posting this!

I think it’s rather funny MissDuveaux, Lefrog, Christiane, Ilya, Allen (who’s got quite infected on the long ride home), Muffe, Havve, and others decided to brand themselves at the Oslo Suscon BBQ, oldschool style, since they’re all people that should “know better”. But really, sometimes that’s when doing silly things is by far the most fun… Ah, fond memories of watching Surburbia as a kid… TR!

37 thoughts on “I told you yesterday I’d be posting this!

  1. I bet it smelt lovely and BBQ like after it was done aswell 🙂 mwahaha fun times!

  2. When Muffe first said that he brought that thing, my first thought was ‘I am not doing that!’. I got mine on my calf towards the end, when Håvve made “last call for branding”. Hahaha! I can make out the Q so far…kinda

  3. i remember a conversation with muffe about every one ending up with that branding (his wife said that i think)… well that came true haha

  4. haha, that’s fun. The girl right from the center, who has got the branding upside down looks like a clippie of the “Österreichische Bundes Bahn (oebb.at)”. visit http://www.oebb.at to see what i mean!

  5. I swear, I can just hear Sam Rockwell from The Green Mile right now:

    “Barbecue, me and you!”

    Damn it, now I’m hungry.

  6. “What, you thought this was going to be an entry on DIY branding using an inappropriate tool or something? Don’t worry, that’s coming up tomorrow.”

    *snickers* and there it is… Woo. And ouch for the infected… sorry to hear that.

  7. Dang, now I wanna see Suburbia. I don’t even know where my vhs dub is anymore… thanks, Shannon.

    (Netflix to the rescue!)

  8. My BBQ-branding is on my ass, and upside down!! I couldn’t sit for a couple of weeks, haha!

  9. We’re too old and too experienced to do silly things like that, but we were too drunk to give a fuck. It was highly amusing and made us all giggle. My brand kind of looks like a snowman…

  10. I knew it! I knew I was too drunk to give a fuck! I had a hard time remembering that fact the next day…

  11. Oh man, the Southern California BBQ is coming up on Sept. 29th. I sure hope no one gets any ideas. Oh wait… Actually, yes I do.

  12. Like Allen said, I love mine, both of them. Good memorys, hehe, That night was fucking great and a great ending to a great event. Great great great.. haha… My ass do look better in person, though…

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